I (F29) had never told my boyfriend (M24) about and today he did it while we were cuddling. It was great, I’m still over the moon about it

I had been fantasizing about getting my boobs sucked for a while now but I never told that to my boyfriend ’cause I have small breasts and I’m kinda ashamed about it. Today we were cuddling with his head resting on my chest and he started rubbing his face on my boobs over my clothes. Then he started kissing them and when I started caressing his hair and pressing his face on them he lifted my t-shirt and started sucking. I was honestly felt like I was in heaven lol

The way he alternated between the two of them and sucked like his life depended on it was so hot and kinda of comforting. When I happened to tug a little on his hair and get my boobs out of his mouth he instantly started going at it again with the most adorable expression ever. Having my breasts all over his face while holding and caressing him was one of the most intimate moments we ever had.

NSFW: yes

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  1. koolp0rn

    This is awesome. It just goes to show you that you can have all your wildest sexual fantasies a part of your ongoing sex life if you just talk about them with your partner. Life is too short to not get the sex life you want and deserve. The older generations never talked about their sex life with their partner, which always then led to them being in sexless relationships. But if you’re constantly talking about your sex life with your partner, you can keep your sex life thriving by trying new things often.

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