I [F] like being touched in public [22F]

I like getting touched in public. It was the first time someone had touched me in broad daylight in front of so many people, and it happened to me when I was on a public bus. The conductor pretended it was an accident. I remained silent and even gave the signal with a grin. The bus then got quite full, and I had to stand right next to the door with the conductor sitting just behind me. The conductor was holding the pipe, and my boobs were mashed up against it. Then, holding my boobs in an unobservable manner, he begins. He put his hand under my shirt while my dupatta was covering me and caressed my boobs indignantly with his rough hands. Although my dupatta concealed everything, I was having a great time. This went on for almost 20 minutes until the bus got less full and I was able to sit down.
I miss being rough-shod in public by someone. I also urgently want to humiliate someone, have my pussy fingered, and expose my nude body to someone.

NSFW: yes

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