[FFM] A Saucy Halloween

On Halloween, NV and I were in charge of handing out candy since Hubby was working late, which sucked but also meant NV and I got some much-needed girl time while also handing out candy to like the eight kids that showed up, which has been declining in recent years. NV and I go the distance with Halloween and get all dressed up, even just to hand out candy. This year we brought back our Cheerleader Harley Quinn and Witch Poison Ivy costumes, mine being Harley obvi. We were looking hella cute and got a couple compliments from the neighbours, and a couple hormonal teens likely went home with a new fantasy after seeing us.

However, because of the lack of children, our night of handing out candy ended around 8pm, meaning we had a few hours for playtime while all dressed up. Making out with each other against the door as soon as we closed it and turning off the lights so we wouldn’t be interrupted. We lost most of our clothes in those brief moments while lip locked, but we were just getting started with our saucy night. Grabbing a handful of snack-sized M&M packs and what we have for chocolate sauce in our fridge, NV and I made our way to the shower. This isn’t our first time playing with chocolate sauce on Halloween night, and we’ve learned from many prior mistakes.

Leaving the door open to our bathroom in case Hubby came home early, we hopped into the shower to quickly rinse off any makeup, glitter, fake blood, and anything else that might be unsatisfactory to lick off, although you never get all the glitter off. Anyway, that lasted a quick five minutes, then we both had a clean canvas to work with. Moving from the shower to our bathtub, I went first, dripping some of the chocolate sauce on NV’s upper chest, letting it run down between her breasts. Then licked up from the bottom, saving her neck for last, as I sucked on her skin, leaving a chocolaty hickey behind. She did the same thing when it was her turn, and fun fact, I still have my hickey at the time of writing this. Once we were both marked, the real fun started to kick off. Each of us had three packs of M&Ms, and it was my turn with the sauce. Dripping streaks of it down her breasts and letting it drip off her erect tits, I put a trail of M&Ms down each breast, using the sauce to keep them in place. Then like before, I licked it off, starting from the top and working my way to her tits so I could playfully suck on them and give her a little tease each time. The lusting moans that echoed from her drove me nuts. Then again, we switched, and she told me to lie down in the tub. She straddled me while running three lines of chocolate sauce down my stomach, followed by making a zig-zag pattern with the M&M between the three lines. She made constant eye contact with me while she licked it off before laying on top of me, giving me a kiss, and slipping an M&M into my mouth in the process. She also transferred some of the remaining sauce on me onto her body while doing that.

For round 3, I got her to sit on the side of the tub and made a thick line of chocolate on each of her thighs so that it ran down to the tub wall. Sprinkling a couple M&Ms on them in no particular arrangement, I started licking them off and locked eyes with her as I did it. Working my way to her centre and stopping just shy of her southern lips, but made sure she could feel my breath teasing her since she was glistening. In retaliation, she made me bend over, facing away from her, as she stood up and ran chocolate sauce down the centre of my spine down to the small of my back, making sure to leave a bit on each of my venus dimples. Of course, the M&Ms found a home. Then her tongue followed as I felt her begin from the bottom and worked her way up, hitting one of my erogenous spots in the process. She then went back down to retrieve the M&Ms on my venus dimples then gave me a playful spank to indicate it was my turn.

With lust driving my actions, I turned to her poured chocolate sauce down from her chest onto her stomach, and then smeared it on her, then pressed my body against her so that we were both a mess. I put a few M&Ms in my mouth, then started making out with her. My chocolate-covered hands grabbed her booty, leaving behind a couple of hand prints. Our tongues danced together like a hungry hungry hippos game, stealing M&Ms from each other. Once the M&Ms were gone though, we didn’t stop, and admittedly lost track of time, and in doing so, the chocolate sauce ended up drying on us. It got to the point we were oblivious to when Hubby got home, but he was clearly watching the show as he walked in butt ass naked, fully erect, wanting a piece of his chocolate-covered wives.

Having a single pack of M&Ms left, NV and I mutually agreed, just by looking at each other, that we’d distribute them with Hubby. Each of us took one of his hands, then carried one of the ingredients to our saucy fun in the other and dragged him to the shower. We wanted to make him look like us, as we poured chocolate sauce down his chest, watching it waterfall down his muscles, then soaked his shaft and poured the M&Ms on top. Then NV and I gave him a double blowjob, each of us taking a side of the shaft before getting to the tip and sharing a kiss each time. In seconds our faces were coated in chocolate, and once most of it was off his cock, we started working our way up his body until the three of us were making out. Chocolate hand prints were left on the glass and on each other, then came the obvious shower we all desperately needed.

Thankfully it wasn’t the hardening chocolate, so it came off relatively easy, again learned that the hard way. Having each other’s hands touching each other, inspecting every last spot to make sure there was no stickiness left, was insanely erotic. Only for it to finish with hubby turning the shower off, ordering NV and me to our knees and him giving us a different sort of treat. He gave us a shared facial and called us good girls, letting us lick it off each other before turning the shower back on to rinse off while insisting that we get our costumes back on at some point so we could have some kinky Halloween sex which was sadly put on hold for reasons, not worth sharing here. Overall though, it was a very eventful Halloween, and I’ve been on a sugar high ever since.

NSFW: yes

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