I (F) got help while moving


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In a previous confession, I talked about an interview where I showed a little more after the interview was done, and I was able to enlist help for when I move. Well, I just recently got that help, and it was incredible.

I get everything to the place, and he shows up only after a couple minutes of me arriving. We move my stuff inside, and he’s a great conversationalist. He also keeps checking me out, and looking for too long on purpose. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but by the time we are done I am so ready for it.

We get to talking in the kitchen and I ask if he needs anything to drink. He asks for a water and I bend over to grab one from the bottom of the fridge. That’s when I feel him step behind me and grab me. He pulls me against him and I can feel how excited he is. So I turn around, when he lets me, and unzip him to begin stroking him. His hands pull my top off, he begins kissing and grabbing my tits, and we eventually make our way to the shower. It was a warm day of moving, after all.

In my bathroom, I go to turn on the shower and feel him tugging my jeans off as I’m leaning over. I feel his hard cock on my ass, rubbing against me. We somehow manage to get our clothes off and get into the shower, and then he bends me over and basically shoves it right in. He grabs my hips and starts fucking me good and hard. 10 ish minutes of him railing me in the shower and he finally lets me have it, both of us moaning and cumming. He gives my ass a good spank and we spend the next couple minutes actually getting clean before hopping out and grabbing lunch.

Then we come back to my place to make sure the bed works, too. Best moving helper (and coworker) I’ve had!

NSFW: yes

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