I drove 5 hours to give a girl head and drive back home all in the same day.

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NSFW: yes

I (47) met a girl (25) online and after we talked for awhile she invited me and I, of course, obliged. On my next day off, I drove to the next state and rented a room (her choice) so we could have privacy. I sent her the address and room number. At this point I wasn’t sure if she would actually show up but after like an hour sure enough she knocked. After I let her in and we hugged and said the usual initial greetings we sat down and just talked.
I wanted her to feel comfortable before anything. We just talked for awhile, which I am perfectly ok doing if that was what happened but I digress she leaned in for a kiss and I kissed back. I was very gentle with her and reassured her it was her night and what she wanted. I didn’t care if she just wanted to cuddle I’m a great cuddler lol
She told me keep going so I pulled her bra off and from there I just pleasured her for the next 20 minutes or so. She told me no guy has ever made her arch her back like that so it was very successful. After we cuddled and talked for awhile I had to go back home (she knew I couldn’t stay) so I kissed her goodbye and drove back. The 5 hours helped kill the blue balls haha

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  1. androen71

    Finally a great true story. You’re feeling so great about it that you had to share it with us. Thanks for that. And well done!

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