I can’t believe I[31F] let him[M20] cum inside.

First time poster but long time lurker.

I’ve done a bad thing. Maybe not bad as in trouble because I knew exactly what I was doing, but more bad as in if my fiancé finds out what I did he is not going to be happy.

Let me tell you a little about me before I get to deep into this story. I’m 31, 5’10” blonde with a body from what serval of my partners have told is very fuckable. I have 34 C cup breast and long legs that lead up to my fairly round ass. I love sex. I lost my virginity to my neighbor when I was 15 and I’ve been quite sexually explorative since that first time. I live wild for the next 15 years until I meet my current guy and fiancé. Since him I’ve really slowed down. During the quarantine my husband works out of state and has to stay where he is for the time being.

I try and get my fiancé to FaceTime with me for some sexy fun and he at all times makes an excuse as to why he can’t make it. I go on Facebook only to see him being tagged in coworkers photos out and having fun. Here I am quarantining like a good girl and he’s partying it up with his beautiful coworkers. A mix of rage, jealousy and hormones overwhelm me. I grab my favorite toy and turn it on. I slide it down my body and fantasize about him cheating on me with one of those girls. It drive me wild to think about how backed up he is and desperate to cum that he just cums inside of them.

I forget my curtains are open and I can see into the house next door. My neighbor is standing there staring at me, cock in hand. I panic at first and goto shut the window but he waves at me and tugs on himself. We don’t really interact with our neighbors but they are these school hunks who are at all times with different girls. I’ve caught them peeping at me before, mostly sunbathing. I’ve at all times found it flattering but never wondered of it as anything more than boys being boys. We will call him “Adam”.

Adam is ripped. Like I’ve never been with a guy with such a sexy physique. I forget I’m naked and caught his eyes drifting. I drop the bedsheet and wave back to him. Adam motions that’s he’s coming over and disappears from the window. Within a few minutes there’s a knock at the door. I’m really panicked at this point. I’m mad and horny and I want this to happen. I forgo my robe and open the door.

Adam asks where my husband is and I tell him and he says, “good”. He asks if it’s okay if he kisses me and I climb on top of him. We kiss hard. It’s more passion than I’ve felt in months and I’m soaked. I begin to grind against his erection and he laughs, “whoa you really need fucked?” I look at him biting my lip and nod. “Well then I’m gonna give you what you deserve”. He picks me up and lays me on the bed, he takes off his pants and i finally see him up close and personal. His cock is beautiful and I tell him as much with my lips. I kiss it and play with it and lick up any cum dripping from the tip. He tells me I’m a good girl but I know I’m not.

Adam says he’s about to cum and I tell him not without me. I crawl onto my hands and offer him to take me from behind. He grabs my ass and I moan. “I always wanted to touch your ass ms D. I jerk off to it a lot”, “oh yeah? You want to fuck me and touch it? I want you to grab it and hold on to it and fuck me as hard as you want!” I demand back. Adam mounts me and I slide his cock into me with little resistance. “Wow you are really wet” he says and I push back into him as he enters me.

“Mmmm now touch my ass and fuck me” I beg and he does it and well. I can’t remember the last time sex felt this free. I remember he isn’t wearing a condom and I don’t care, I want his hot young cum inside me. He tells me he can’t handle it anymore and wants to know where to cum and I push hard into him and tell him inside me. He looks a scared and I tell him how bad I want it. Adam admits he’s at all times pulled out or worn and condom with women, to which I tell him “not with me”. I wrap my legs around him and he gets into it. I feel him tense up and it takes me to where I was wanting to got too.

Right after I felt him begin to shoot inside of me I lost it and came too. I slide off of him and collapsed inside his muscular arms. We laugh because this is the most time we’ve spent together. Adam lays there hard still and I can’t stop touching him. I clean him up with a blowjob that he promptly shoots into my mouth. He calls me a good girl again for everything but I know the truth. I just hope my fiancé is having as much fun.

PMs are very welcomed, I’m very lonely still and just laying here thinking about this encounter has me feeling bad again. 😉

NSFW: yes

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