i can not stop touching myself (f)


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i’m typically a pretty horny and sexual person and i love to masturbate. but i recently discovered that i can squirt! it’s amazing! since then, which was about 2 days ago, i’ve been consistently horny and just waiting till i can get home and cum again and again. yesterday, i played and toyed with my pussy for over an hour again and letting it create and create until i had the most satisfying and sexy squirting session. i seriously made quite the mess and was relishing in it. i recorded myself probably for a total of 45 minutes. which i don’t usually do. i’m stepping out of my realm and it’s wonderful and thrilling! i couldn’t stop, it felt so good. i fingered myself over and over, pussy gushing with all the good stuff, sitting in a puddle of my mess which turned me on even more🤤 ive rewatched some of the videos i took and i never knew watching me finger myself and squirt would make me so horny. i wish i could attach a gif on this sub! i had posted one on my page last night but felt weird about it and deleted it…maybe i will repost it?

but now i’m at work, my pussy is soaking and pulsing, ready to be played with. i can’t wait to get home!

NSFW: yes


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