I came too fast… – Short Sex Story

Me (m19) her (f19) the other night I went on a third date with a girl I have liked for a long time, funny, cute, nice ass and small tits. Anyway date goes smoothly and I’m at her place, we’re just dipping into foreplay (making out, I’m kind of stroking her pussy over her jeans).

I fingered her and ate her out a little this made her so wet like dripping then she pulls my trousers down to blow me.

She starts blowing me on the sofa and I’m fully bricked up hornier than ever and she’s looking up at me with puppy dog eyes as she just fully deepthroats my dick like 10/10 blowjob and I’m about to cum so I stop her and give myself a chance cool down for a sec and I mean literally a sec next thing i know I’m balls deep in her (cowgirl) and maybe like 10 pumps in just blow my load in the condom. She seemed a bit disappointed however I’m meeting for a 4th date soon.

NSFW: yes

One Comment

  1. CloneClem

    Really? Sounds like it all worked out well.
    What was she expecting?

    Maybe eat her out more, fingers on her gspot.
    Then see what happens

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