I ate her ass to convince her into anal


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During sex I’ve asked her to let me put in her ass, she at all times said no. One day we talked about it and she said she’s never tried it and is just scared. Self conscience about her ass. She was at all times shy, even when we had sex. One day I met her at home from work, after a long day, I was helping her come inside. She went up the stairs before me and on the last step I grabbed her by the hips and said “let me eat your pussy” she said “let me shower” I pulled her pants down she nervously said “baby” I pushed her back to bend her over, she did, I licked her pussy right up to her ass “baby I need to shower” I said “it’s ok your not dirty” and shoved my face in her ass, she started to moan and relax, she reached her arm back and spread her ass for me. I ate her ass right there in her backyard going up the stairs, we went inside. She went to wash her hands at the kitchen sink, I went up behind her and pulled her pants down and slid right in her pussy, she said “put it in my ass, be gentle. Please” I ate her ass made sure it was wet, then slowly put it in. She loved it.

NSFW: yes

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