Alia Bhatt and MC Stan – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

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This is a art of fiction. Not trying to hurt anyone feeling.

Alia Bhatt, a stunning and talented debutant at the age of 19, had been making waves in the industry following her recent hit film, ‘Highway’. MC Stan, a rising rapper who gained immense fame after winning Bigg Boss, was the talk of the town. Both of them found themselves attending the prestigious GQ Style Awards. Alia, donning an elegant black dress that accentuated her milky white complexion, looked breathtakingly gorgeous. MC Stan, dressed impeccably with attention-grabbing glasses, exuded charisma. The media swarmed around Stan, seeking photos and eagerly asking about his upcoming projects, until Alia made her grand entrance.

As Alia finished interacting with the media, she made her way towards the event stage. Curious about the person who had left without acknowledging her presence, she turned to her manager and inquired, “Who was that guy? He left when I arrived, without even a glance in my direction.”

Her manager informed her, “That was MC Stan, a highly popular rapper who has been receiving significant media attention lately. He’s in high demand and everyone seems to want a piece of him.”

Alia remarked, “So, he’s so famous that he won’t even look back. That’s arrogance.”

Her manager replied, “Well, he’s young and famous, and sometimes fame can lead to such behavior. But it’s mainly because he’s constantly in the spotlight.”

Satisfied with the explanation, Alia asked, “Alright, where am I seated?” as they reached their designated spots at the event. She settled into her seat, which was part of a long row of chairs with a short distance between them.

The function began, and amidst the excitement, an award was presented to MC Stan. Alia, having heard his name being announced, glanced around to catch a glimpse of him. He was seated a couple of rows behind her, and the thunderous cheers enveloped the venue. She eagerly anticipated the opportunity to observe him closely. As MC Stan took the stage with undeniable swag and delivered his speech, Alia couldn’t help but wonder about his initial aloofness. However, as she listened to the crowd’s enthusiastic response, she began to comprehend the reason behind his seemingly arrogant demeanor. When he finished and made his way back, their eyes met, capturing a moment of mutual intrigue.

Later on, Alia also received a Style award, as expected. During her acceptance speech, she playfully remarked, “When I walked the red carpet, Stan walked away without even turning back. I guess I need to step up my style game.” Her statement elicited laughter and applause from the audience, both for MC Stan and Alia. Unbeknownst to her, Stan was left awestruck by her allure and the fact that she recognized him. The intensity of the moment caused him some discomfort, evident by his physical reaction.

After the event, all the winners participated in a photoshoot together or separately. MC Stan, finished with his obligations, joined Alia in waiting to leave. Standing beside her, he felt a mixture of nervousness and awe. Summoning his courage, he initiated a conversation.

“Hello, ma’am,” Stan stammered, “I wasn’t ignoring you earlier. I… I didn’t even realize you were there. I was lost in my thoughts.”

Alia smiled warmly, reassuring him, “No worries at all. It’s absolutely fine. How are you doing?”

“F-fine,” Stan replied, struggling to discover his words. “Just waiting for my car.”

“Me too,” Alia expressed, looking around in frustration. “Where are these people?”

Stan, captivated by her presence, couldn’t take his eyes off her. “They’ll be

here soon,” he assured her.

Just then, Alia’s manager hurriedly approached them with news, “Alia, there’s a fire that broke out on the street near the gates of Film City. The road is blocked, and we’ll have to wait here for a while.”

Surprised, Alia exclaimed, “What? How long will we have to wait?”

Curious about the situation, Stan interjected, “Yeah, when and for how long?”

The manager responded, “It’ll be a little while longer. In the meantime, both of you can carry on with your work and relax in your respective vans.”

“I don’t have a vanity van. I came in my car,” Stan explained.

Alia turned to him, a glimmer of kindness in her eyes. “No problem. You can wait in my vanity van.”

“Why not?” her manager chimed in, convinced that it was a good idea.

With a hint of hesitation but drawn by the prospect of spending more time with Alia, Stan finally acquiesced. He followed her as they walked towards her vanity van.

Once inside, they sat in silence for a while. Alia, growing increasingly annoyed by the situation, and Stan, feeling like he was in heaven merely by being in her presence.