I [28M, Bangalore] groped a Woman in Green Chudidar in City Bus

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I had quite an experience on the BMTC Volvo the other day. It was 7 PM and I had to go to Majestic Bus stand after work and was waiting for a crowded bus to board.

Since it’s the day before Elections, most city buses are packed as people are heading back to their hometowns from Bangalore to vote. I managed to get on the front side of a Volvo bus, but it was so jam-packed that I found myself squeezed between a few young women.

Suddenly, I felt my hand brush against the soft fabric of a woman’s green cotton chudidar. My heart skipped a beat as I looked over and saw that she didn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she was leaning towards me, almost invitingly.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Was this gorgeous woman actually open to some fun on a crowded bus? I couldn’t withstand the temptation. I felt the energy between us begin to create. There was a palpable energy between us, and the thrill of being intimate with a stranger in public made it all the more exciting.

Our bodies pressed together in the crush of the crowded bus. She could feel my breath on her neck. I moved my hands over her butt cheeks and planted them in the perfect spot (her ass cleavage).

She was savoring every moment and moved closer to me.

I continued to stroke her inner thighs with a feather-light touch, and I could feel her skin erupting with goosebumps. She opened her legs slightly, allowing me access to her pussy over her cotton leggings. I was so hard by then and pre-cum was building.

She used her pink dupatta to shield the view from the passenger sitting next to her, so I could freely caress her thighs and pussy without anyone else noticing.

She was having an incredible time and wanted me to do more, but then Majestic arrived and everyone on the bus got up and rushed to the exit. I kept touching her and walked with her to the exit, all the while rubbing her pussy through her cotton leggings and caressing her buttocks with my hard on.

She exited the bus and gave me a timid yet gentle smile. It was almost as if a feeling of awkwardness had overcome her, making it impossible to begin a conversation. Before I knew it, her bus to Mangalore had arrived and she quickly got on and departed.

I’m so overjoyed by the events of that evening and will never forget the thrilling bus ride with her.

Have you ever been groped on a bus? If so, I’d love to hear about it! DM me with your story!

NSFW: yes