The beginning Part 1


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This is based of true event names all have been changed

As the day goes by, Larua thinks about how the innocent sitting on her father in laws lap and being tickled has turned into her wanting and needing his cock. There was over an 20 years age difference, but he pleased her better than any man has so far and even her husband. She really didn’t have a father figure growing up, and when one day they were at their inlaws and there was no place to sit. Matt, her father inlaw slaped his legs,” You can sit here, little one.” Laura was hesitant at first, and her mother inlaw Nan told her it was ok.
Laura sat down, and after a couple of minutes, just talking with everyone and moving her ass she felt something hard against her ass. She froze for a moment and wanted to make sure that it was his hard cock she was feeling “I’d everything ok father inlaw” she ask in a funny tone. “Yes sweetheart, I’m great” he answers she lifts up a little and reposition herself, when she sits his hard cock fit between her ass cheeks. Laura hears a soft fuck yes out of Matt and feels his cock throb against her ass and very bottom of her entance to her pussy which is starting to get very wet.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Matt asks. “No I like my seat” Laura responds knowing that she should of gotten up instead of letting his hands begin to tickle her. With the movement of her hips, she was getting wetter rubbing against his cock and her breathing had changed. Fuck she wondered if he keeps this up she was gonna cum, she bit her lips not to moan out as she couldn’t hold it back when he grabbed her tit and her pussy just released her orgasm as she laid back against him. “Glad you enjoyed that,” he whispers in her ear as he removes his hands. ” I need to clean up to,” he tells her. She had made him cum when she was, her panties were soaked and her outside pants were getting wet. “Take yoir panties off and leave them in the bathroom for me. I will bebin right after you,” Matt tells her.

Laura gets up and starts to hurry into the house before anyone notices her wet spot. Her husband tells her to come see him, and she’s says “Shortly” When she closes the bathroom door, she locks it and looks in the mirror, she thinks to herself how hot that was and starts to pullboff her pants and panties
Her black panties are coved in her cum and she brings them to her nose and smells them and takes a lick. Her hand touches her pussy and it sends electric shock through her body she is so turned on she grabs the hairbrush that is on the counter and starts to fuckbher needy pussy it didn’t take long and she was coming again. Knock knock, she hears wakes her out of her bliss and yells, “Be right out” she pulls the hairbrush out of her pussy licks herself off of it takes her black panties and wipes her pussy clean, washes her hands and opens the door. Sure enough, Matt was standing there. ” Here is your present.” She hands the panties to him. smiles and walks to her husband

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