I (24F) got my boyfriend to agree to distribute me. Now he’s a cuck.

We got drunk one night and I brought it up. Here we are a few weeks later and I’ve been fucked by 3 other men. I have no idea if he’ll be into this for long or if he’ll let me fuck girls too. I’m new to it, but watching him stroke after he knew I got fucked. Seeing him throb hearing me tell him how good it was is the hottest thing I’ve ever done.

I think my favorite was this weekend. He got to watch an old co worker fuck me via his security cameras. He didn’t get the sloppy blow job my co worker did. I loved knowing he watched me enjoy being used by another cock more. Seeing my panties around my ankles and my ass in the air taking a bigger cock. My cuck literally came stroking in bed when I was telling him how I need other loads in me soon and I want him to see.

NSFW: yes

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  1. chochotho

    this is the best. I love jerking or getting a hand job while wife tells me all about what she did. One time she came back from a date and was like “I need you to fuck me right now” she rode me like a slut in heat and told me all the details. While we were making out I could still smell the scent of cum on her breath.

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