I 20F finally fucked a married 52M met on Reddit.

I 20F finally fucked a married 52M met on Reddit.

A few months ago I posted some stories about my affairs with a friends uncle and my cheating neighbor. Mr. G messaged me privately after some talking he bought me a ticket and I flew me out to Michigan to meet him. When we got to our hotel room he had set up a video camera.

I sat on the bed facing the camera and Mr.G naked, he would then take his phone out and begin a zoom call with other people, walking over without waiting for Mr. G to grab my feet put heels on me and stood me up, he would then get on his knees and began sucking on my clit, I moaned standing in front of the bed holding Mr.G’s head grinding my clit against his tongue as I would look over at the camera, faintly hearing others on the other side of the screen moaning as they touched themselves to our little show.

I came 2 times my legs shaking and my knees wanting to buckle under me before he stood up and turned me around he moved me to bend over the side of the bed for a full view, grabbing something from a bag on the floor, I moaned feeling as his cock suddenly rammed in to my pussy, stretching It as It slipped in easily from how wet I was. As he pumped his cock into my pussy I arched my back moaning into the bed sheets, I moaned again feeling as he spit down onto my asshole rubbing his finger against it, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me up suddenly forcing me onto my knees and his cock deeper in him, I felt chills all over me as I began to have a cold sweat as I felt my asshole suddenly start to stretch as he shoved a enormous dildo into my ass while continuing to ram my pussy, the dildo filling my ass as he continued to pound my pussy.

Cumming again and again, I laid on the bed a few hours later exhausted Mr, G would sit on a chair next to the bed as I laid back on the edge, my legs hanging over the edge of the bed, leaning over Mr. G would put my legs over his shoulders as he would start sucking on my clit again, twisting my nipples and using his fingers to fuck my gapped asshole. Making me cum again, Mr. G would end the zoom meeting, after making me stand in front of the camera while in the shower, he lastly demanded that I sit on the edge of the tub and piss, after I was done he ended the zoom call and helped me clean up before headed home for the night, leaving me alone in the hotel room till the next day.


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