I 18 (M) made my virgin childhood bestfriend 18 (F) Squirt for hours

Yesterday I decided to invite my best friend ( Lea) who I hadn’t seen in over a year to dinner at a fancy restaurant, this one was special as we at all times dreamt of going there when we were younger.

8pm we meet I see her coming with a gorgeous red dress that accentuates her thighs. Lea comes towards me and leans in for a hug, the sweet perfume of her got into my nose as we are huging I gently moved my leg towards her crotch feeling it ,she pushed her tights toward me, she leans back and with a gorgeous smile on her face asked me to go eat.

We started to have dinner , at the start we talked about ordinary things like life and studies, but then the discussion went more and more into sex. Lea asked me if I still see Samantha (a girl I used to fuck from time to time) I told her it was just a passing thing then I asked her if she finally got a boyfriend. Lea said no looking me straight in the eyes while biting her lips. I followed up by asking if she was still a virgin, I saw her face redden, she shyly nodded yes. We agreed prior to meet at my place by the end of the ” meeting ” to smoke some weed and watch Netflix.

Finally at my place we started cuddling while watching Netflix then she got closer, put her ass on my dick as soon as I felt It my dick stood up and got hard. I started kissing her neck took off her dress. She had gorgeous pink nipples I was sucking them so hard that she started moaning I kept going down on her while kissing her belly and tight . Her pussy was soaking wet I put her feet way in the air and started eating her out She started moaning so loudly it shocked me since she has at all times been a calm shy girl, She tried to push my head away from her pussy. I grabbed her hands with one hand and pinned them to the bed and started choking her with my other hand. The moans were getting louder when suddenly I see her legs starting to shake, she came all over my face.

I stood up and grabbed a towel to wipe my face , she was Tetanized laying in the wet bed , I pulled out my cock and started teasing her rubbing it against her pussy, I put my finger in her tight asshole , I hear her moaning again she begged me to fuck her and said that she wants to feel me inside her. I put my cock into her pussy it was tight and moist I picked her up and started fucking her Wildly while sucking on her tits. her tight pussy was grabbing me and pulling me deeper into I felt weakened I was cumming into her legs started shaking and she squirted all over my chest. I came in her ass twice and three times in her pussy

Lea laying on the bed looked at me with a wild smile and Sayed that it was the best night she ever had.

NSFW: yes

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