Husband face-fucked my sister and she kept going

I was home earlier than usual and after opening the front door i heard noises coming from upstairs, My husband should have been home as his car was outside in the parking lot, i headed upstairs cautiously and followed the noise. Our bathroom door door was half open and noticed thats where the noises were coming from, i snuck over to see my sister getting face fucked by my husband, saliva all over her, make up washed and messy bearly able to breathe, already covered in cum from what i gathered.

My husband had his back to the door and neither could see me, my husband is about 7 inches and she was taking it all which i have struggled with, his dick was vanishing inside her throat as she barfed and agreed but kept her mouth balls deep even playing with his balls using her tongue. My sister ended p seeing me but didnt say anything and just looked back at him and kept going. shes 40 and i had no idea she was still such a whore like she was from high college, school and pretty much every age

NSFW: yes


  1. MD7001

    Boy she better be as beautiful and built as well as you otherwise he’s beyond being an idiot!

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