How I licked my gf‘s bestfriend while she was asleep..

One night my gf and her bestfriend were hangin out at my appartment i just got home from the gym i went showering and my gf asked if its fine for her friend to stay the night i didnt mind so when my gf headed to bed her friend also tried to sleep in the living room after a while i went to the living room and asked her if its cool i chilled here and she said sure i already was only in my boxers and a shirt since i just showered

I was just chillin on my phone when she turned around and like stuck her arse out of the blanket but kept sleeping it looked super hot.. perfect scenario it was like a movie.. she wore super toght leggins and no panties i could clearly see.. i started to get horny since i all the time kinda had a thing for her.. i started to rub my dick through my pants kind off hesitant but the harder got the more i got tempted so i took of my boxers stroking my dick full of precum i went closer to her and started to touch her arse and rub it while i keep masturbating she didnt notice.. i think.. so i kept going but i wanted more so i started to rub her pussy she started to moan very quietly but never turned around or said anything it was super hot so i went down and started to eat her through her wet leggins she moved alot and i kept going while stroking my dick at some poing i felt her cllinching her legs and her leggins go socking wet she came all over my tongue it was so hot.. i got up to her head and cummed i came on her face.. she never said anything my gf doesnt know and we never talked about it i still masturbate to this wondered almost everyday..

NSFW: yes

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