The ‘Yes, Sir’ Group – Fantasy Fest 03 – Fetish

Saturday was our last day at Fantasy Fest.

We ate lunch at the Denny’s with everyone in a happy mood.

The men decided we should leave a little later to get to Duval Street because the parades would fill the afternoon and early evening by going out to see the island and eating a light meal.

The ‘slaves’ all decided to go with paint, so we took no costumes. We wore loose shorts and tank tops and carried our Fantasy Fest tees, and flashy sandals would be easy to walk. Of course, we each had our makeup bags.

Once we arrived at the Fest, the men gave us instructions for the night. They said the crowds would be more significant than on previous nights and intended to hang closer than the other two nights.

All the ladies started together, but within a few minutes, I was walking with Judy alone. Her body paint was of two palm trees covering her breasts with her nipples highlighted. As I’ve previously mentioned, Judy has upturned nipples that all the time seem erect.

I painted my upper body to appear to have two large hibiscus blooms and the third bloom on my groin.

We were standing to the side of the parade route and in a mass of humanity. It was impossible to stand without someone brushing you constantly.

I was standing with Judy to my right and attractive older women to my left. The lady commented on the large crowd, and we began to converse about how long each of us at been in Key West. She would turn to me as she spoke, and her full boobs would rub against mine each time. After a few moments, she smiled and said, “if we chat much longer, I’m going to have an orgasm.”

I laughed and told her we appeared to be battling with our tits. She introduced herself as Macie, and I told her my name. She seemed to be in her early 50s but had maintained her body wonderfully. She wasn’t wearing paint but had nipple shields held on by pieced nipple spears. HOT!

“Sue, can I touch you?” Macie asked. Instead of responding, I raised my right hand and gently pulled on her right nipple. She kissed me on the lips and then sought my response, and I returned the kiss to show I was amendable.

We turned to each other, and the kissing continued. I moved my hand to Macie’s covered pubes and slid her thong to the side. Her shaved mound allowed her labia lips to be available. I spread the wet flaps and moved my finger to her clitoris.

“Oh, yes,” Macie whispered. “Don’t stop.” She raised her hand to my left nipple and pulled it with a twist. I enjoyed her touch.

Judy leaned into me and asked if I wanted ‘cover.’ I nodded, and she moved to shield Macie and me. I continued to work on Macie’s love button. She kissed me with more pressure.

Judy’s body was hiding our actions perfectly. I lowered myself to Macie’s mound and waited as she spread her legs slightly. I licked the juices she had dispelled and placed the tip of my tongue in her flaps.

“YES, please, yes,” Macie moaned. I was now rubbing my mound and entering a finger into my pussy. Over the next several minutes, we emerged from our sexual fun.

I came first and had to move my face away from Macie’s body to catch my breath. She reacted by holding my head and forcing me to continue. A moment later, she came with several shutters of her body.

I stood and received a deep, probing kiss. Once we broke, Macie told me she was so excited to have me pleasure her; she would never forget what we did.

I turned to see if Tom had been able to watch, and I couldn’t discover him. Sorry!

Judy handed me her beer, which I drained to get the pussy taste out of my mouth. I must have consumed a quart of juice from Macie.

Macie said her husband wanted to move on. We parted with a light kiss.

“Damn, that was hot!” Judy commented. “I fingered myself for an instant.”

“Now, we need to get you some action. Do you see anything promising?” I asked.

Judy looked around and said, “let’s try to find the men. I might want to borrow some of Dee’s lube. I am feeling nasty tonight.”

I won’t say I was startled, but quite surprised.

Judy took me by my hand to keep us from being separated, and we walked until we found the guys.

Tom looked at me and saw the remains of Macie’s juices around my mouth. “Have you been busy?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, and Tom nodded his approval. Judy asked Phil for permission to have anal sex, and I saw her say, “Yes, Sir,” and then move to Clay for the lube.

Kathy and Connie walked up, with Vince and Bill following. I didn’t hear their conversations, but Vince smiled as he related something to the other men. Connie had chosen to have a corset painted on her body with her boobs exposed.

Judy, Connie, and I walked away through the mob of people. We bumped, slid, and wedged our way to Sloppy Joe’s. Clay was there with Dee, and Clay purchased each of us a beer and asked if we were having fun.

Judy spoke first. “Yes, Sir,” she replied. I saw Judy nod at Dee and signal for her to move to her. She must have told Dee she had her lube and to come with her, if feasible. Dee smiled and agreed.

Dee’s augmented boobs were drawing the usual attention, and I could see her flirting with a dark-skinned man. The fellow was wearing a loin cloth that hardly concealed his vast member. Dee paint emphasizes her augmented breasts by showing them in a leather bra and leather thong.

Dee turned to Clay, and he nodded, giving her his approval for her desire.

The other men of each of the slaves assembled had gathered. Dee moved over to her target. She raised his left hand and placed it on her right boob. The man smiled. Dee moved close and said something to him as she rubbed his penis. I could see her grip on his dick like she was holding the barrel of a ball bat.

Judy moved to the couple. A moment later, the three started moving to our private loading dock. I followed, knowing Tom was close.

As we walked, I watched Judy as she surveyed the men. She stopped and chatted with one man and then moved on. Her next stop caused her to kiss and allow the man to manipulate her boobs, and I stood back to watch her seduction of the guy. In a few minutes, Judy was walking in an attempt to catch up with Dee.

I strolled and said to Tom, “Sir, let’s give them a few minutes to start their sex.”

“Are you going to participate?” Tom asked me.

Knowing to do so, I told him, “Yes, Sir,”

Tom and I got to the loading dock to see Dee sucking her man’s cock, and her mouth appeared stretched to its limit.

Dee was whispering to her ‘mark’ and pulling on his tool. She had him hard. I watched as she pulled the tube of lube from her clutch and handed it to the man.

Tom touched my arm to tell me I was without a partner. I nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

I moved away to discover a restroom or porta-potty. I found a water fountain attached to a porta-potty and washed my face with my hands. I visited the potty, and after peeing, I applied makeup as well as feasible.

Stepping out, I saw a young man standing in line to use the facility. I caught his eye and smiled, and he returned the gesture.

I walked up to him and said he looked like someone I needed. The young man, not older than thirty, said, “how do you mean?”

I told him my name, and he furnished his.

“Ronnie, seeing all these men flaunting their cocks, I am horny. Do you think you could help me with my horniness?”

Ronnie smiled and said he was sure he could.

“Go ahead and do your business. I have a place we can do our fun.”

As I waited for Ronnie, I turned to Tom, who was 20 feet away. I nodded.

Ronnie came out and walked directly to me. “Honey, I am so turned on, I’ll let you choose. Do you like anal?”

I could have told him I was giving him a new car, and I don’t think he would have been more pleased. “Yes, I would like that. Are you serious?”

“I think you will like my tight ass,” I said to get him more excited. “I’m not too experienced, but tonight, I’m ready.”

I took Ronnie’s hand and made our way to the secret place.

Tom intercepted us to hand me the lube, and the tube was almost empty.

We turned the corner of the hotel, causing us to see Dee and her partner first. Dee had one leg raised on a stoop to give her man access to her butt. She was murmuring ‘yes, yes, yes as we approached.

“Ronnie, these women are friends of mine. We came to the party, so everything is OK.”

“Sure. Do I need to use a rubber? I have one.” Ronnie told me.

“Baby, that’s up to you. Either way is fine.” I told Ronnie.

I began to spread the lube on my anus and smiled at Ronnie. “You will be gentle, won’t you? Once I relax, everything will be good.”

Tom was standing back 15 feet or more. I looked at him and saw his nod of approval.

I was inserting two, then three, fingers in my butt. Soon I was rotating my hand without displeasure.

Ronnie was pulling on his cock. Thank goodness he was average in size. I knew it would still be uncomfortable, but I wanted to please my Master.

As I turned to lean on the wall, I heard Judy’s man starting to cum. I glanced in her direction and saw her bracing herself to receive his sperm, and she appeared to be enjoying her pounding.

I spread my legs, and I was able to discover a brick to put my left foot on to allow me to open my legs further. Ronnie placed the tip of his penis on my opening. I reached back and grasped him to position the head to align with my anus.

“Go slow, Honey. I’ll let you know when I’m relaxed. We have all the time we need.” I told Ronnie.

My young sex aide began to move forward to enter me. He was gentle and hesitant. “Go ahead and give me a little more,” I urged.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw Dee watching. I attempted to smile, but I was unsure she saw me.

I accepted Ronnies hard penis with slight displeasure. I was surprised since it had been weeks since my last anal.

“OK, Baby, you’re good to go. Slide it all in and out slowly. If I say stop, STOP!” I said to Ronnie.

The young man did as told. After a minute or two, I was ready to receive his thrusts. To show Ronnie I was ready, I began to meet his movements with my own.

I found myself proud of my behavior. Tom was seeing me used, and Dee, I’m sure, was happy I was finally opening my butt to sex.

“Harder,” I heard myself say. I was enjoying the full feeling I was receiving.

I reached down with my left hand to rub my clitoris but quickly lost my balance. I put both my forearms and hands on the wall to brace myself.

Ronnie was quicking his thrust. I knew he wouldn’t last long.

As Ronnie came, I pushed back against him to catch all his sperm.

I continued to lean on the wall as Ronnie moved away. Finally, I turned and kissed him. “Thank you, and you cured my horniness.”

“Any time.” was his response. I watched him pull up his shorts and walk away.

I stood and looked at Dee, Judy, and their Masters. All were smiling in approval.

We slaves all had cum running down our legs. Judy spoke first.

“We need to clean up, big time.”

Tom moved forward to hug me. I don’t remember him ever doing so after a ‘Yes, Sir activity.

“I’m very proud of you,” Tom allowed.

“Yes, Sir,” I said. I felt he truly appreciated my servitude as his slave.

Dee. Judy and I left to discover somewhere to clean up. We found a potty with a fountain attached, and Dee got two handfuls of paper towels somewhere. We covered for each other to clean ourselves.

We returned to our Master. The six of us walked to an outdoor bar, and Tom purchased our drinks.

Dee moved to me and whispered, “Damn, girl, you looked like you enjoyed that.”

Smiling, I said, “I did. He wasn’t too large, so I took him rather easily.”

As we stood to finish our drinks, Kathy, Connie and Beth walked up.

Tom again bought drinks for the slaves.

Kathy said we looked happy. Dee told her we had just finished an anal threesome.

“No way!” said Connie.”All I am doing is hand jobs.”

Kathy added she gave a couple of blow jobs as Beth and Connie covered for her. “Vince was standing behind me, watching.”

Beth smiled and said she got screwed at a portal bar and had ‘seconds.’

It was approaching midnight. The men conferred and told us we could call it a night.

James produced our tee shirts; We all walked to the SUVs in a group.

Clay called the event over. Everyone, again, could talk.

I leaned against the SUV and hugged Tom. “Did you enjoy these three nights?”

He turned to me and kissed me. “I’m so proud of you, and I’ll keep you.”

I slugged him on his shoulder.

I knew I had done my best to please him. And I had no reservations about the weekend. The sex had been raw but wanted by the Masters.

Once back at our motel, I showered with Tom. As I rubbed his penis, he grew hard. I stooped to lick him. The water turned cool as I finished taking his load in my mouth.

Later in bed, he insisted on knowing what had occurred when he lost touch with me.

I pulled his semi-hard cock as I told him about my pleasure with the older lady.

“Good for you,” Tom said.

I fell asleep with Tom’s arm around me.

We had the best weekend of our lives.

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