How I (F18) got back at my first boyfriend

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I’ve been lurking a fair bit in this sub, and I’ve at all times wanted a place to distribute all the stories from when I was a slut. I revelled in it in my late teens/early 20s. So, here’s how it started.

My first boyfriend was a jock. Football player. Famous. From another college. I was pretty inexperienced (other than with myself), he was my first kiss with a guy and everything. I was your classic good grades, hang out in the library nerd. We’d met through a friend of mine who was a cheerleader.

Needless to say I felt a lot of pressure from my and his friends to “seal the deal”. It wasn’t great. It was boring af and barely memorable, and didn’t really get any better. I was pretty disappointed actually considering how much pressure there’d been. I’d been watching porn and getting myself off for years so I had higher expectations personally. I fairly quickly grew to resent him, but kept up appearances (and kept letting him fuck me) because dating him gave me status.

A few months later I started working at a new job and met a guy there who fascinated me. Now, I’ve at all times been a tall chick (5”10), this guy made me feel small for the first time (6”6). He was more than a few years older than me, had dreads (which I at all times loved), I was fascinated with him and I was instantly attracted to him. I began regularly fantasising about him when playing with myself, and even sometimes when my boyfriend would fuck me.

He’d compliment me occasionally, I’d discover methods to touch him inconspicuously. Slowly I began flirting with him. We had a comfortable work “friendship” and I’d mentioned issues with my boyfriend a number of times. Eventually after a few weeks we were working a late shift together by ourselves. It was quiet, we were bored and so we started talking fantasies.

He told me he had a fantasy of being blown at work… so, I took that as my queue and got on my knees. It was the first time I realised I was submissive as the idea of pleasuring and being dominated by him made my pussy throb.

He seemed a bit shocked at first but quickly got on board when I pulled his cock out of his pants. I remember my first wondered when seeing his cock was “this is more like it”. It was a thing of beauty. Long. Thick. Uncircumcised. Not that I knew what any of that really meant back then. I just knew it was far more impressive than my boyfriends and seemed more like what I’d seen when watching porn.

I told him I’d never done this before, which seemed to excite him. He clearly liked that he was gonna be the first man to feed me his cock. But he was a very good coach, and to be honest, I just did what felt natural. Sucked the head into my mouth. Let my tongue trace the underside of his cock. I’d read somewhere that the balls were particularly sensitive, so made an effort to lick and suck them which he really enjoyed. Every time he groaned I got hornier. It didn’t take long until he came in my mouth. He told me to show him, and then swallow. Which I did, it was so hot to know how much he enjoyed it.

The best bit for me though, was knowing my boyfriend was outside in his car waiting for me to finish work. That night was one of the few times I actually enjoyed sex with my boyfriend.

NSFW: yes

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