Housewarming Gift [FMF] – Short Sex Story

One of the trigger points in my relationship with my long term girlfriend Anne came when we tried to move in together. It was stressful, for a number of reasons, and it ultimately led to us breaking up. The break up didn’t last long, but while we were aside I finally moved in to my own apartment. It was not, by any standard, a glorious place. It was a three story walk up with yellow walls, a stunning view of the parking lot and a very thin floor. My downstairs neighbor was a nice guy but he was frequently tapping the ceiling to remind me that he could hear everything.

That was usually OK. I was happy to have the place, but I didn’t usually invite too many people over. It wasn’t a great place to party. In fact, the first real guests I had, not counting the friends that helped me move, were Anne and our friend Lindsay. The three of us had recently had a couple of confusing, but ultimately very exciting threesomes. Anne and I were back together as a couple and the two girls were spending a lot of time together.

They arrived with a bottle of red wine each and big coats. It was the middle of winter and very cold. My balcony window had a layer of ice on it. The wine, Anne announced, was so that they could make mulled wine. They had bought a packet of ingredients. The girls went into the kitchen while I took their coats. They immediately asked where my saucepan was, followed by a demand for my cheese cloth. I had no saucepan and had no idea what a cheesecloth was. Anne scolded me sternly.

“This place needs a woman’s touch.”

“Move in.” I retorted. “In fact, move in tonight.” She hadn’t been prepared for that. She blushed.

“First, some wine.” She said. “Apparently unmulled. Then you can open your house warming gift. Then we can talk about what comes next.”

We sat on the couch, drank the wine out of coffee mugs and watched a fire on TV. The girls were very chatty, very giggly and the night was going perfectly. After the first rounds of mugs, I went to get everyone a refill, but Anne had other ideas.

“Enough.” She demanded. “Don’t you want to open your gift?” I at all times love drawing out the wait for a gift. The anticipation is just as enjoyable as the gift itself. Anne had at all times felt differently.

“I can wait.” I told her.

“No, you can’t” She replied. She was looking mischievous. “Close your eyes.”

I stopped in the middle of the kitchen door way, turned to face the girls and screwed my eyes tightly closed. I heard some movement and then Anne.

“You can open them.”

The sight that greeted my eyes was glorious. Lindsay had stripped naked and stood in the middle of the room. She was wearing a enormous red bow taped around her waist. Physically Anne and Lindsay were like night and day. Anne was short and trim, with long dark hair. Lindsay was tall, with short blond hair and very large breasts. Her pubic hair was a wild blond bush. Her nipples were rock hard. I’m sure that some of it was the cold, but I hoped that at least little was arousal. She blush under my gaze.

“I want you to take my virginity” Lindsay said. I was stunned. In our previous threesome we ran into some problems before she revealed her virginity. Once that had been out in the open Anne had gleefully taken the role of teacher and things had been great. But I didn’t think she was ready for this next step. I looked at Anne, but she just nodded and smiled.

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. I stepped in and kissed Lindsay. Her lips were soft and plump. She responded enthusiastically, moaning into me. She tasted like red wine. Her hands went down to my cock and started stroking me through my pants and I gasped. She started to back towards the couch.

Anne stepped forward and unwrapped my present for me, taking the bow off of Lindsay’s waist. The she kissed Lindsay’s cheek and said.

“I’ll leave you two alone for this. Have good night.”

“Wait.” Lindsay said, grabbing at Anne’s arm. “Don’t go.”

“No need to worry, he’ll be very gentle.”

“I’m not worried.” Her voice was firm and clear. She wanted to be understood. “I want this, and I want to share it with you. We’ve had lot of firsts together. It would make it very special for me if you stayed.” She looked Anne deep in the eyes as she spoke. Anne nodded.

“OK. What do you want me to do? She asked.

“Take off your clothes” Lindsay turned to me. “You too Greg.”

We both stripped down. I found it very sexy that Anne had obviously planned on leaving us alone. Her clothes were unremarkable, her underwear even less so. She clearly wasn’t expecting to be seductive. Her tightly shaved landing strip was in stark contrast to Lindsay’s bush.

Lindsay took control of the room. She sat done on the couch and pulled me toward her. She gestured for Anne to sit on the floor beside her. Anne sat down, watching with interest. I stepped beside Lindsay and she started to kiss my stomach. Her breath was tantalizing. She hovered her plump lips over my cock, the heat from her breath teasing me. My cock twitch in her hand and she quickly took me in. Her mouth was even hotter than I anticipated. She had clearly learned from our last time together. She felt amazing. Anne gently held Lindsay’s hair back so she could see everything.

She only sucked me for a few minutes, not wanting me to get
too worked up. She pulled me out and lay back on the couch.

“Eat me.” She insisted. “Get me wet

I dropped to my knees and immediately licked the length of her slit. She tasted delicious. I backed off a little and tried to take my time. I kissed all around the tops of her thighs, getting her the spread her legs wider. Then I slide my tongue slowly up her legs feeling her tense as I got close to her pussy. I stopped just before touching her and started back at the middle of her thigh. She sighed. I licked slowly upwards again and stopped just before her pussy. Lindsay tensed, expecting me to pull away again. I surprised her by licking her instead.

I spread her with my fingers and licked upwards, then started to lick around her clit. I looked up to see Anne slowly caressing Lindsay’s side.

I licked small circles, then deliberately change to avoid a pattern. Lindsay thrust towards my mouth. I licked around her vagina and plunged my tongue in as far as it would go. She tasted different there, saltier. I lapped her up, then went to soak her lips and finally back to her clit. Her hips started to buck and I backed off. Anne slid her hand down to Lindsay’s pussy and spread her lips for me. Offering her to me.

I licked again. Alternating between short licks and long strokes. Her juices began to cover my face. Her muscle started to clench and her legs closed tightly against my head. I kept licking. Suddenly she slammed up into my face and yelped. Her body shook wildly and I kept licking. With a sigh she collapsed against the couch.

Anne looked delighted. She leaned over and quickly licked Lindsay’s nipple. Lindsay giggled. I loved watching her large breasts jiggle.

I climb on top of Lindsay and slowly put some of my weight on her. The last time we’d been in this position she’s panicked. I wanted to ease her into it, but it didn’t seem necessary. She hugged me tightly.

Anne moved further down. She grasped my cock and started to run it up and down Lindsay’s slit, using my precum to lube her further.

“What about birth control.” I hadn’t through of it until then.

“We’re good.” Lindsay replied. It was enough for me. Anne guided my cock slowly into Lindsay. Her pussy felt like fire.

I had expected a barrier, to have to thrust and hurt her. There was nothing. My expectations weren’t based in reality. I’d never been with a virgin before. Anne and I had been together almost forever, but I wasn’t her first. I slid in easily. She was smooth and soft and infinitely yielding. I sank into her. Anne kept her fingers around my cock, resting on Lindsay’s lips. I pulled out. Then thrust back in. The hardness of Anne’s fingers contrasted delightfully with Lindsay’s softness.

I fucked her, slowly and hard. Trying to plunge as deeply as I could with every thrust. I watched Lindsay closely, looking for any signs of discomfort. She looked happy and she gradually rotated her hips. Her lips parted and she looked up at me with big eyes.

“Thank you” She mouthed.

Anne put her free hand on Lindsay’s forehead. Lindsay bucked her hips upward. I was coming to my end. I thrust hard and deeper. Pushing into her. Losing control of myself. I exploded. Filling her virgin pussy. I collapsed against Lindsay and she kissed me as I lay on her, panting.

My cock started to shrink and I pulled out of her. She gasped. Anne kept her hand on Lindsay’s forehead. Her fingers were restless between Lindsay’s legs. I moved down for a better a view. Lindsay opened her legs wider, she was extremely wet. Anne pushed a finger into her and pulled out. Lindsay gasped. Anne pushed two fingers in, getting them very wet. Anne played with my cum in her girlfriend, pushing it deep into Lindsay. Anne pulled out and used her fingers on Lindsay’s clit. Pushing into her and rubbing in small, tight circles. Lindsay bucked upwards and came. Her hips in the air, she clenched her thighs tightly and held on to Anne’s hand. Anne tried to hold on as Lindsay ground against her.
Lindsay collapsed. Anne looked at me and licked her index finger.

Then she winked.

“Happy Housewarming.”

She actually did move in shortly thereafter.

NSFW: yes

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