Coitus Among Thieves – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Not sure what I was expecting, but this late September evening is no different than most others. A light breeze carries the promise of cooler weather to come as I stand atop one of the many buildings that litter the Manhattan skyline. I peer down onto the busy street, the sound of honks and people yelling and laughing giving it life, along with the many lights of the city piercing the dark sky as night descends upon the Big Apple like a blanket; truly the city that never sleeps. Even under my mask, the smell of this part of town fills my nostrils and makes me crinkle my nose under the fabric.

As much as I’d love to be lounging on the couch catching up on the latest Netflix binge, I’ve got a job to do. Well… job is a bit of an exaggeration. The museum below me houses a priceless artifact; a jewel rumored to have extraordinary power, though I don’t believe in all that hocus pocus. What I do know is that jewel would fetch me a pretty penny, and I could definitely use the money as I’m quite deep in the shitter funds-wise. They say to never live beyond your means, and to that I say bullshit.

This isn’t exactly my first rodeo as I’ve been doing this for a few years now, but only when I’m not exactly liquid with cash. Hey, I’m no Boy Scout but I’m definitely not a villain! Anyway, it was an old friend who kinda got me into this company. She’s perfected the craft, but I’m no slouch either as I’ve learned a few tricks over the years.

I tap the screen on my wrist and it comes to life, showing me the movement of museum security through their hacked cameras as I plan my perfect time to strike. Security is light throughout the night, and the night guard will be relieving the daytime security pretty soon; my perfect moment. I’ve been planning this job for a few weeks, monitoring the shifts of security and when they end/start, placement of cameras and efficient points of entry. I found a storage room that seems to be the path of least resistance for my prize.

Leaving my perch atop the museum, I start making my way down the far side of the building, taking caution to avoid any prying eyes. These gripping gloves and shoes keep me tethered to the wall, just like Spider-Man. Technology is a hell of a thing! I crawl my way to the window of the storage room, taking my laser cutter out of my belt to cut an entrance for myself through the window. I grip the glass cutout to keep it from falling as I sneak through the entry point I’ve just made and discover my footing. I carefully place the glass flat onto the floor before disengaging the grip on my gloves to release it.

Not much excitement in here; only a few tall bookshelves lined with old books and knickknacks throughout the room, dimly illuminated by the 3 hanging lights from the tall ceiling along with a few boxes scattered here and there, but otherwise the room is pretty organized. I take a few steps towards the door before I hear a voice from above me.

“What’s a fine piece like you doing in a place like this?”

The sudden noise almost makes me jump out of my skin, and I look up to see a dark mass slowly floating down towards me. She lands gracefully on her feet and she’s completely clad in all black, save for a pink heart outlining her large bust. Her silhouette is outlined by the lights from the city outside the window, highlighting her large ears and her outstretched wings. I take in her small form as she puts all of her weight on one leg, one hand confidently on her hip as she speaks up again.

“I asked you something.” She teases.

“I could ask you the same thing, stranger.” I finally discover my voice, sounding a bit more giddy than I intended.

“It has been a while, hasn’t it handsome?” She lightly laughs as she steps towards me with the grace of a cat… but she’s a bat.

She saunters until she’s standing directly in front of me, her large chest almost pressing into my stomach. She removes her mask and I see that gorgeous face once again; white fur adorning her head and those big, cute ears. Her lashes are immaculate as is her eyeshadow that I see every time she blinks. Those large, emerald eyes feel like they peer into my soul, and the light of the room glints off of one of her fangs as she gives me a big smile.

“Too long. I thought you might have retired.” This pulls a laugh from her.

“Oh please. I was made for this life. Every beautiful gem belongs to me; I just haven’t collected them all yet.” She winks at me and it almost makes me melt.

“But seriously… it’s good to see you.” She says with sincerity as she places a hand on my chest.

“It’s good to see you too, Rouge. But what are you here for? Museums were never really your style from what I can remember.”

Her hand leaves my chest to cross her arms. “Same thing as you, I’m assuming. Green gem, rumored to be super powerful, yada yada?”

“That’s the one.” I trail off as the crossing of her arms enhances her bust through her suit, and I’m becoming entranced.

“Hey hot shot. My eyes are up here.” Her giggle snaps me out of my trance and I’m so thankful for my mask to hide my blushing face in this moment.

I scramble to check the screen on my wrist in an attempt to retain some of my dignity, but the smirk on her face tells me she sees right through that.

“Well, uh… That might be a bit of a problem since we’re, uh… after the same thing.” Stammering to get the words out of my mouth.

“That’s very true. So how are we going to remedy this, John?” She inquires.

We’ve had a bit of a checkered past, to put it lightly. An apt description of our relationship when we first met would be best put as “frenemies.” We were rivals in the truest sense of the word, but we’ve come to respect each other over the years, and she kinda took me under her (literal) wing. She taught me a lot of tricks and how to fight, of course with a lot of flirting in between in the usual Rouge way. That didn’t mean we wouldn’t still occasionally run off with the prize while leaving the other high and dry fighting off security and the police; we are thieves after all.

It seemed as if Rouge had all but disappeared one day. I had begun to see her as a good friend, and I was worried that something might have happened to her. I did what I could to investigate into her whereabouts. I figured I’d discover something because let’s be honest, she doesn’t my exactly blend into a crowd, but my efforts were fruitless. I checked the news everyday to see if the infamous Rouge the Bat had finally been arrested, but nothing on that end either. It truly felt like mourning the loss of a friend after exhausting all of my options. But here she was; in the beautiful flesh, safe and sound.

With my previous statement of being in the shitter, I really needed a win on this job. But seeing her after all this time has lifted a weight off of my shoulders I didn’t know I was carrying and I’m feeling generous. But then again… this might be a ploy of hers to get me in this exact mindset. I think of a solution that may advantage both of us.

“How about this: we split the profit. How’s that? Half of that should set you up for a while. What do ya say?” I shrug as I pitch the idea to her.

Rouge taps a finger thoughtfully against her chin as she slowly paces around me. “Hmmm.” She circles me like a shark and after two laps she stops front and center again.

“That is an idea… but what if I want to keep it? Although I could really use the money.” After a few more thoughtful taps to her chin, she places her hands back on her hips.

“Alright, here’s my counteroffer: 60/40 split. After all… it has been a while since I’ve ran a job. Seems fair to me. Don’t you think, sugar?” Bargaining with a pleading look in her eyes.

Damn this bat. She knows the effect that look has on me, and I’m trying so hard to fight the forming boner in my suit to not give me away. I’ve already made my decision, but I ponder in fake wondered to keep her on edge. I’m definitely not looking for a fight tonight, and I can sense that she isn’t either. The anticipation is apparent on her face as I notice one of her eyebrows are raised, and I milk the moment for all it’s worth before I finally speak.

“Deal.” I say with mock disgust as I raise my hand to shake on the agreement.

Her small hand fills mine as we shake, but I see her shift her body to look behind me; her eyes widening in horror. I turn around and I’m met with the night guard and three other police officers armed with pistols aimed right at us. Fuck.

“Freeze!!” An officer yells, but not before Rouge and I spring into action and bolt for the window.

They open fire on us, but I serpentine to the best of my ability as Rouge flies through the window, smashing the glass and positioning herself with arms outstretched to carry me. “Come on!” She yells out to me. I narrowly avoid the gunfire and grasp her forearms as her strong wings give us the lift we need to avoid the cops. My heart is racing so fast in my chest.

“Holy shit, you got so heavy!” She complains as she carries me to safety.

“It’s all muscle, baby!” I lied.

She flies us to a secluded alley a few blocks away, miraculously not being seen by a single soul. At least I hope so. She gently places me down as she lands next to me, both of us out of breath. “Holy shit… that was close.” She pants.

“No argument there.” I softly chuckle, looking around to make sure nobody sees us. I feel her hand grab mine as she urges me to follow her.

“Come on, my place isn’t far. Follow me.”

We keep to the shadows as we carefully make our way through a few streets. She’s been holding my hand the entire time, and I have to admit it’s kinda cute. Turning down a darker alley, she stops to look up at the fire escape above us. Her gaze returns to me as she holds out her other hand and I grab it as she lifts me up to fly to what I hope is her apartment. We’re about three floors up before she places me down, landing next to me as she gently lifts the window up before stepping inside. I follow suit, making sure to shut the window back behind me as I make my way into her place.

“Sorry about the mess, but make yourself at home.” She calls to me while walking to the bathroom.

An off white color coats the walls, complimented by an accent wall of exposed brick for “aesthetic” purposes if I had to guess. There isn’t much here except for some random clothes littered about here and there with some scarce furniture and a T.V. in the living room. I see a large bag on the floor not yet fully unpacked; a telltale sign of someone who isn’t in one place for very long. That’s gotta be tough. I notice one strand of string lights lazily placed above the couch, adding her own personal flare to the otherwise dull apartment. A hint of lavender hits my nose, although it’s a losing battle against the smell of the city outside. After taking in her quaint little place I get my shoes off and place them by the door as a gesture of respect to my gracious host before heavily dropping onto the couch. I take off my mask and squeeze the bridge of my nose as I reflect on tonight’s events. Things haven’t gone south like that in a long time.

My thoughts are interrupted by Rouge tapping my head. I open my eyes and she’s holding a plastic cup in front of my face.

“Thirsty?” She offers and I grab the drink from her hand. I take a few large gulps, relishing the liquid as I didn’t realize how thirsty I was.

“Thanks.” I hand the cup back to her and she drinks down the rest. Guess she doesn’t care about cooties.

She walks to the kitchen to place the cup in the sink before returning to stand in the middle of her living room. “That could have gone better.” She says as she slowly paces the room, and I notice she’s still clad in her stealth suit.

“My thoughts exactly. I guess we weren’t exactly subtle with our reunion.”

“You’ve got a point there. A shame. I really could have used some of that money right now.” A disappointed sigh emphasizing her frustration.

I’m not sure how to respond, but I try to change the subject to get her mind off of that.

“Are you hurt at all? Maybe you should uh… take off that suit so we can check for any bullet wounds or anything, you know?” Smooth, John.

“Oh, how sweet.” She says sarcastically and topping it off with an eye roll. “Help me with this, will ya?” She turns her back to me and I see the zipper on her suit.

I get up to help my damsel in need, and I stand behind her as I fiddle with the zipper. After messing with it for a few seconds it finally gives and the suit parts like the Red Sea, revealing her smooth, tan skin trapped underneath. How the hell did she even put this on? We struggle to get her wings through, and after a few minutes of tugging and laughing her wings are finally freed.

She turns around as she peels the rest of the suit that’s molded to her delicious figure and her outfit underneath is revealed. Not sure why, but there’s another pair of spandex pants underneath her suit, and my God, the heart shaped chest plate covering her enormous chest. My eyes are locked onto her deep cleavage, and she seems to intentionally jiggle her chest as she catches me again.

“Much better.” She says with a sultry tone, taking a deep breath and dropping the suit on the floor.

“Now let’s get you comfy too.” I barely hear her say as I ogle her chest.

She works at the zipper with her deft little fingers before unzipping the front of my suit. I remove the top portion along with my gloves and toss them on the couch next to where I was sitting, and she drops to her knees to work on my utility belt. My first instinct is to grab at her hands to stop her advances, though I’m not exactly sure why.

“Rouge?” I ask a bit worriedly.

“Like I said, you need to be comfy too.” Looking up at me with a wink.

God, that wink. She fiddles with my belt before ripping it off and throwing it on top of my jacket. My pants immediately follow as they slide smoothly off of my legs and I step out of them to add to the clothes pile. Even with the black color of my tights underneath, the bulge in my pants is quite apparent. She returns to her feet before having a squeeze of my package.

“Oops.” She says quietly before returning to sit. That last touch puts me at full mast.

We make our way back to the couch, plopping down as the wooden frame creaks from the sudden weight dropping onto it all at once. She removes her boots and socks, tossing them to the door. “That’s the stuff.” She sighs as she props her cute feet up on the coffee table. My feet join hers and we sit in comfortable silence for a little while.

I feel her soft hand start exploring my facial hair. “This is new. It looks good on you, John.” I appreciate the compliment, and so does my cock as I feel it throb in my pants from her touch. I’m focusing so hard to will it away and I can only respond with a smile. After a few seconds she removes her hand as her nails start softly caressing my arm and sending a chill through my body. I slightly shift to look at her, and those emerald eyes are sizing me up like a meal.

“Anything you wanna watch on T.V.?” She asks innocently but the look on her face tells a different story.

“Nothing in particular.” I say meekly, trying so hard to hold her gaze.

She has a wicked smile now as she turns further into me. “Anything you wanna do?” The words oozing with sex making my cock throb at her tone.

The signs are all here, but my smooth brain is still attempting to diffuse the sexual tension. “I’m kinda hungry.” I shrug, not entirely lying.

There’s a twinkle in her eye as I say this, and she plops her small body onto my lap which squishes my hard cock. Oh Lord.

“That’s a perfect idea.” Her hungry eyes bore into mine as she reaches behind her.

I hear two latches snap, and the pink heart guarding her chest slowly falls away as if in slow motion. My jaw is to the floor as her enormous, tan tits are exposed to my gaze as they jiggle to freedom. They’re perfect. They look so heavy and full, but seem to defy gravity despite their size and her dark nipples seem to go erect under my gaze. I’m slightly drooling as I watch the heavy globes rise and fall with her breathing. She’s beautiful.

“Like what you see?” Her tone flirtatious, giving her chest a shake as I watch her hypnotizing balloons dance.

Fuck yeah.” I breathe and take her jugs in my hands. Despite her small body, her tits are enormous as they threaten to overflow my grip.

“Oh!” She squeaks at my handling of her tits as I squish and smoosh the weights on her chest before lowering my head to bring a nipple to my waiting mouth. “Oh shit.” I hear her gasp as I start sucking on the erect nub and lashing at it with my tongue. I feel it become stiff as I trace every bump of her areola, and it just spurs me to suck harder. Her skin is so warm from being trapped under all that clothing and I taste a little bit of sweat. I love it. My hand remains on the tit I’m servicing as I squeeze her ass with the other. Her hands tangle themselves in my hair, massaging my scalp as I moan into her tit.

“Oh fuck, John. That feels so good.” Rouge groans and tosses her head back in pleasure.

I switch to her other nipple and her hands pull me into her chest, tit flesh squishing out all around my face. I start suckling a bit harder, pulling her nipple towards the back of my mouth as I taste it: a sweet flavor hits my tongue, followed by a few more wonderful drops and coating my taste buds. Holy fuck, it’s delicious.

“You have milk?” I ask as my mouth pops off of her tit.

“It’s… kind of a long story. But you said you were hungry, right? It’s all yours.” She says before drawing me back towards her chest.

I have no complaints as I resume my suckling. I hear her sigh, signaling her letdown as I’m rewarded with a flow of her creamy essence. There’s so much and it’s so tasty. I steadily gulp down her ambrosia as she massages my scalp, making me whimper into the copious tit flesh. She softly moans as she coos encouragement into my ear, and I feel her slightly rubbing against the bulge in my pants. Fuck, this moment is so hot. This is definitely not where I wondered the night was going but I’m so thankful it is.

“I love your mouth on my tits, baby. Suck the other one.” She whispers as she pops me off of her orb and offers the left one. I happily take it into my mouth, making her groan as the other tit releases it’s thick bounty.

My hand leaves her ass as I trail up her back, lightly scraping my nails across the smooth skin between her wings. She gasps and I feel her shiver against me at my touch, and I inquisitively explore one of her wings. So strange… but so cool at the same time. The wing flexes at my touch as my fingers explore the membranous surface, tracing the hint of veins that line each section. I wonder how this feels for her?

I leave her wing alone for the time being, once again caressing the smooth skin of her back as I continue feasting on what her body offers to me. My sucking becomes needy while her hips gradually rock harder and harder against my trapped cock. I can tell this intimate act is getting her worked up just as much as I am.

“You’re drinking so much from me, baby. It’s so good, but I think we need to turn it up a bit.” Trying to pry me off of her boob.

I suck for a few more seconds, not wanting to give up her heavenly elixir but I finally relent. My brown eyes meet her emeralds, feeling slightly intoxicated having drunk so much from her. She laughs, leaning down to give me a soft kiss.

“You can have these back in a minute.” She says as her thumb wipes a bit of milk from the side of my mouth.

Her warm body leaves mine as she crawls to the floor, hooking her fingers into the waistband of my briefs and spandex. I lift my hips to assist her as she pulls them down my legs before adding them to the pile next to me and my erect cock springs to action.

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