Her husband still doesn’t know…[M18][F35]

I was 18 and had lost my Virginity about a month prior to this happening. Some backstory on this, I was involved in sports and I injured my shoulder pretty severely. I’m by no means storybook handsome, but I’m funny and charismatic. I’m 5’5, about 120 at the time, and very well defined. Regardless a woman who I had known for about 2 years from tutoring her kids worked in physical therapy.

It started off innocent. She’d see me shirtless and I’d catch her staring. We ended up getting close and talking more and we genuinely developed a nice friendship. I worked alongside her husband and he and I were on fairly good terms. Regardless, I’m home alone one night and I’m texting her. I’m expressing how hungry I am and then she offers to bring me food. She comes over and we’re talking.

Shes got on these new glasses which I discover very sexy and this green shirt that is hugging her just right. She’s a BBW, about 5’4 and 250 but shes built nicely. She’s soft in all the right places. I can see how her shirt is hugging her giant boobs and I can not help but stare. She notices me staring and notices that I’m hard in all the right places. This is a mother of three, a leader in her church, and someone I know intimately as a friend and I cannot do anything but imagine myself buried inside her. We end up having a little playfight which ends with my face an inch from hers as she lay on her back on the floor. We’re breathing heavy, and I’m firmly pressed against her. Before I know it our tongues are intertwined. She’s kissing me like I’ve never been kissed before. It’s hot and passionate and she’s grabbing me and pulling me into her.
We stand up, and I grab her by the throat. She lets a moan escape. I push her into my bedroom. She rips her shirt over her head to reveal her perfect tits held back by her bra. I unclip it and grope her, trying to feel every inch of her perfect tits. She’s moaning and telling me how good it feels to be touched like this. She peels my shirt off, and unbuckles my pants.

She reaches down and firmly wraps her fingers around my hard dick. Her hands are soft, and the way she guides me to the bed, my dick in her hand, was so seductive I could hardly contain myself. She sits me down, and drops onto her knees. She pulls her hair back and licks from the base of my shaft to the tip. In one move she’s taken me fully inside her mouth and is servicing every inch of my shaft with her tongue. She’s insatiable. She looks up at me and we make eye contact as she works her way up and down. She stops and grabs my hand. “Put your hand on the back of my head”. I do it and she continues. I’m so distracted by her licking and sucking that I put my hands back and she grabs it roughly. “Put your hand on my head, because I want you to fuck my throat.” Oh, Yes Maam. I grab her by the back of her head, stand up, and bury my dick in her throat. I fuck her until her titties are covered in spit and shes choking on her own saliva. I can feel it swelling inside of me and as I go to slow down she grabs me firmly by the shaft and takes me past the point of no return. I explode in her mouth, and she swallows it all without missing a drop.

She gets on the bed, and I tell her it’s my turn. I bury my face in her mound. It’s gorgeous. I quickly discover her clit and wrap my lips around it. As i’m sucking her clit I can hear her moaning. She grabs the back of my head and buries my face in her. I get rougher sucking and licking. I’m doing my absolute best to change her life tonight. I can hear her moans get louder as she grabs me by my neck and yells “I’M CUMMING”. By the time I finish she’s literally dripping off of my chin. I laid down next to her, shocked by what we just did together.

She tells me how good it was and how she hasn’t cum like that in years. “It took him years to make me cum, and you did it in ten minutes.” The statement turns me back on. She reaches over and begins to stroke me. I lay her down, and lift her legs. I can see her titties fall firmly against her face. I lay my chest on hers, and get in her face close enough to where she can smell her cum fresh on my lips. I put the tip of my dick on her pussy and rub the outside. She squirms and moans. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I ask. “This is wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this” She says with the taste of my cum still on her tongue. She doesn’t move. “Do you want this?” I ask again firmly. “Please fuck me”.

I split her with my dick. I bury myself in her and she’s soaked. You can hear it as I enter that she’s wetter than she’s ever been. She lets out a sharp moan and grabs my ass cheeks pulling me as deep as feasible. I slowly pull out and take my time, stroking with absolute care, groping and massaging with my hands as I slowly penetrate and massage the parts of her she desperately needed touched. Her moans are more frequent. I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me between them. I lean down and kiss her. “Look me in my eyes while you cum”. I can feel her pussy pulsate and she lets out a deep moan while she grabs me and pulls me deep. “I NEED THIS” she yelled as she came on me. A month ago she was trying to set me up with her daughter. Tonight she came all over my dick.

I’m not done yet. I flip her over on all fours. I smack her asscheek and call her a slut. I can feel her legs trembling as I position myself behind her. “Please I need it” she says. I plant myself in her and fuck her from behind. I can hear her titties clapping as they swing beneath her. Her moans are drowned out by me aggressively slapping her asscheeks. I grab her by her hair and pull tight. Her back straightens and I can feel the deepest parts of her pussy. I feel her pushing her body back harder with each thrust. She falls into my rhythm. “WHOS PUSSY IS THIS?” I yell at her. “ITS YOURS BABY” she yells between moans. I feel myself swelling in preparation. “Oh fuck…. I’m about to cum” she says between breaths. She’s begging me not to stop. I fuck her harder and faster, building to climax. She lets out a loud yell and squeezes while I bury myself deeply into her. I can feel every ounce of me empty into her, spurt by spurt.

I leave myself in her for minutes, intertwined with her, ensuring my cum is deep enough to make it home. I pull out and we lay next to each other. I cannot believe it. This woman, who I had the utmost respect for a day ago now has my cum buried in the deepest part of her. I’m covered in the smell of her pussy, sweat, and our mixed juices. We lay together for what feels like a night, but only was a half hour. She stands and I can see my cum beginning to drip down her leg. As shes getting dressed I watch her, trying to remember every detail of this moment. As she moves to leave I slap her on the ass. She turns around, and smiles. We kiss, exchanging the taste of each other one last time. She goes home and gets in bed with her husband, full of my cum. We never speak of it again.

NSFW: yes


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