Helping out a Friend – Chapter 14 [femdom][bondage][pegging][forced-bi](Novel length)


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“First though, we can get you in that cage. Would you go and get it? After that, you can tell me about that dildo looking thing I briefly saw as you were first getting the cage…” she said…

Nate’s eyes widened at both things. First, she wanted him to put the cage on. It wasn’t unexpected, but he hadn’t expected it so soon. And then she would be holding the key and controlling it. But she had noticed the dildo in his box of things when he had been moving stuff around to discover the cage. Not just a dildo, but a strapon dildo. It wasn’t something that they had discussed, but they probably should since it was a common kink within femdom dynamics. He just wished they could have discussed it without her knowing that he actually had one, because that was pretty embarrassing. It had never been used, but there had been a time where he was obsessed with getting a femdom relationship and wanted to touch and feel the things that he wanted to be a part of it.

He didn’t fear that she would suggest using it. Well, he DID, he couldn’t help it, but surely that would be way over any line? So he didn’t think she would request it. Still, it was gonna be bad enough being honest about it while she knew it was sitting there in the box.

He got the cage. He wasn’t completely flaccid at the moment, but soft enough that he should be able to be stuffed into it. He carried it back out, red faced.

Kim was excited about the caging, and then having Nate talk about the dildo. Why would he have one? She supposed it could be used on a girlfriend, but they usually bought their own. She had no idea as of yet about the strapon use and ability of it. When Nate came back out she said, “Could you stand in front of me as you put it on? I want to see exactly how it works.”

Nate colored some more, but did as bid, awkwardly working his testicles through the ring one at a time, and then stuffing his cock through it as well. The key with the little lock was in his hand as he then took the tube section and carefully slid his cock inside of it. It immediately started to compress it to be shorter and he hadn’t even gotten it fully on yet. It took him some effort to get all of his cock and the loose skin fully tucked inside and snapping the cage portion into place.

Holding it with one hand, he opened the first on his other that contained the key and the slide lock when Kim suddenly held her hand out, palm up. “Can I see it please?” she asked and nate awkwardly handed it to her.

The whole process of putting the cage on had been fascinating for her to watch. It was amazing how little space there was for his cock in that cage, and yet have it still be safe and comfortable enough to wear at all times. The ring that had gone around his testicles caused them to look a little larger and more swollen.

She examined the key with the little lock that presumably slid into the side of the cage. “So this just gets inserted, turned, and then pulled out, leaving the locking mechanism behind?” she asked, looking up at Nate.

“Y-yes,” Nate replied simply.

“Can you come a little closer and turn so that I can see it?” she asked and without a word he did, though she could practically taste his embarrassment as he got his caged clock closer to her on command. She was then able to see the hole that the tumblr would slide into. The tube portion of the cage slid into the ring portion, and the tumblr would lock them together.

She couldn’t withstand trying it herself, despite Nate’s gasp as she brought the key up and started to slide it in, her hand so close to touching him. It slid in with a minimal effort, and then biting her bottom lip while she looked up into Nate’s eyes, Kim gently turned the key and slowly slid it out, leaving the lock behind. His cock was now locked by her and she held the key and the power on when, or even if, he would be released.

“I will need to find a safe place to hide the key,” she mused, “where do Domme’s typically put them?” she asked, finally breaking his gaze and turning the key over in her fingers. She was thrilled that he had agreed to this and felt like she had so much control over him.

“Oh um…it can vary. I guess some just put it in a jewelry box, or something else. Some lock it while others just hide it somewhere it will be safe. Um…sometimes, some Dommes will even put it on a necklace that they wear so that it is always near to hand if needed. It…if she wears the necklace where he can see it, it can kind of be like a tease and reminder of the power she has…” Nate replied, trailing off at the end.

“Oh! I LOVE that!” Kim explained and immediately reached behind her neck for the clasp on her necklace. It had belonged to her grandmother before she passed and Kim wore it pretty much every day. Gran was sometimes surprising in her unorthodox and outspoken way, she Kim liked to think she wouldn’t mind this either. She threaded the key on and then clasped it back around her neck. She looked down, seeing the key just above her breasts and smiled.

So did Nate. He could already feel the restriction of the cage and how much control Kim now had. He felt such more submissive feelings wash over him, stronger than they had been. He wanted to whimper. This was only pretend! He couldn’t imagine how much worse it would be if she was actually dominating him.

“Thank you Nate, I will keep the key safe and close to my heart. This is so much fun and I am learning so much from you. Thank you very much for agreeing to help me explore this stuff. It was nothing like I thought, but in a really good way…” she said, smiling up at him and it made his knees feel weak. He found himself longing to just do anything that would keep that smile on her face.

“I…I am happy to do it,” Nate said bashfully, understating what was going on with him internally, and sitting down on the couch next to her. Her happiness had further affected him, making him just want to submit more.

“So tell me about that dildo I saw?” Kim prompted, sensing that Nate was at least a little off balance and enjoying the confidence it gave her.

“I…it…well, let me back up a little. One thing that is sometimes done in a femdom relationship is…the Domme wearing a strap on dildo and using it to penetrate the submissive…” Nate said by way of explanation, but he felt like he said both too much and not enough.

Kim prompted, “and that one that I saw is a..a strapon?” she asked, startled by the explanation and then her mind went coursing through all of the possibilities and details. In a femdom relationship, that would mean penetrating the male submissive anally. She knew gay men did that together, she wasn’t completely naive, but had no idea it was something women did with men.

“It…it is. It has never been used though,” Nate replied not feeling any more comfortable with the discussion.

So, he had a strapon, presumably to be used on him, but had never found someone to do so. But it meant he wanted to be penetrated and fucked. Fuck, that was hot.

“Forgive my ignorance Nate, but does that mean that you have homosexual desires?” she asked, curious.

“NO,” Nate replied emphatically, “it is still a man and a woman engaging in sex with each other, it has nothing to do with wanting sex with a man. It…it is again about the power exchange and changing the typical roles. The woman becomes the penetrator and there is kind of an inherent power with that…”

Kim understood and padded Nate’s knee, worried she might have upset him. “I’m sorry, I just don’t have any experience with this type of thing. I didn’t mean anything by it. The way you describe it though makes perfect sense. I…I could see how that could really emphasize the power shift from one to the other. What…what positions would you normally use for it?” she asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. A lot of people who are new to it think that but it is very much not the case. Positions? Really any one that would be used for regular intercourse, but often with bondage added,” Nate replied.

In a soft voice Kim asked, “Is there any position you think of first for it?”

Nate couldn’t even look up. She wasn’t gonna suggest trying this was she? He re-focussed on her question though and answered, “yes…for some reason I often think of spread eagle on the bed like we have already done, but face down on it. Um…maybe with a pillow under the hips.”

“Well, this is all really interesting. Let’s go back to the bedroom and see what that position looks like, shall we?” Kim said, and it wasn’t a question…

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