he was shy, so I sucked him off… basically(19f)


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I met a shy boy who caught my eye. He had a slight bulge on his pants, but I didn’t mind. I was intrigued by it. As I approached him, I could feel my heart racing and my palms sweaty. I offered to help him remove the bulge, and he agreed, his voice soft and gentle. As I knelt to blow him, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of intimacy between us. The warmth of my hands on his cock, the tenderness of each stroke, it was all so sensual and exciting.

As I finished sucking his cock, I suggested we grab a bite to eat. I knew of a place that served the most delicious deep-dish cream pies, and I could already imagine the flavors dancing on our tongues. He agreed, and we set off toward the bakery. The walk was filled with a comfortable silence, broken only by the occasional giggle or soft laugh.

As we arrived at the bakery, I could feel my heart beating faster. The scent of the cream was intoxicating, and I could only imagine how it would taste. We ordered a large deep dish with extra cream, and I watched as he took his first bite. His eyes closed in pleasure, and I couldn’t help but feel satisfied. It was a magical moment, one that I will never forget.

NSFW: yes

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