Happy Ending True Story

My massage ended in a happy ending, this happened when I was age 28. An Asian woman in her early 40s with long nipples teased and slightly rubbed my dick during my massage. I got aroused and it was poking through the small towel over my waist. The masseuse points at my dick and says “that too?”. I say yes and she removes my towel exposing my big erection. I’m a thick 7 1/2”, she says in her broken English “your snake wants to bite me”. I’m holding a very hard erection that hurt in pleasure. Since I enjoyed working out at the time I was taking pro hormones and nitric oxide. She oils my dick and starts to play with my balls. She starts with rubbing the head and then stroking it. It felt amazing, I’m so turned on I pull her blouse down to see her breasts. She had small breasts with these sexy long nipples that I’ve never experienced. I’m going crazy sucking on them while she giggles and tells me to keep it down. She then tells me “omg you strong, you got a nice handgun.” I’m enjoying every bit, I’m trying to convince her to allow me to fuck her for a good tip. She laughs and says “no I can’t”. I Wasn’t cumming so she kept changing hands saying “wow”. After 30 minutes I shoot a big load all over her hands, my stomach, and bed sheets. I squirmed moving my legs and hip in excitement not caring how erotic I looked. She’s shocked by how hard and long I lasted getting jerked off. I give her a good tip and go home to my gf and pretend I was at work. I jump straight in the shower and right after my sore dick was rubbing on my underwear getting me aroused again. Didn’t go for sex that night because I didn’t want my gf to see my dick sore and looking stretched. It’s been years but I still love jerking to that experience.

NSFW: yes

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