Guy was nice to me when i was fat , now i let him fuck me all he wants (F18)

during my younger years i was a little overweight and so i was bullied by guys and girls in my college , but this one guy (we’ll call him j) was nice to me and would sometimes sit with me on lunch breaks . now i’ve lost the weight and i repayed him by becoming his fwb . he wasn’t a virgin but he only had sex one time before me , i feel like its so hot that i became his free use slut .

we also have this one bj rule , where he can request a blowjob once a day , anytime and anywhere . we live in the same building so i just tell my mom that im ‘visiting’ a friend . he once requested it during exams , so i had to sneak out without my mom finding out and blow him quickly to come back home .

NSFW: yes

One Comment

  1. AltAltAltMe

    I love the blowjob rule. I need to find a fwb in my building and put up that rule. I’d clearly get blown once a day 😂

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