Going to try to wear anal beads while doing house work today

Gonna try to wear my anal beads for the next few hours around the house

I’ve been trying to get myself use to anal again recently and I’ve decided today is the day I’m going to try to wear my anal beads while getting around the house.

I’m curious to see how long I will be able to keep them in, and if I make it obvious that I have something up there. I am actually sort of excited because I’ve never got around with a toy inside before, the closest I’ve gotten was walking from my room to the bathroom across the hall. I’m excited to see how many I can fit inside after so long and I’m excited to try to get back into anal!

I don’t really have anywhere/anyone to express how excited I am to try this so I wondered I would make a post here. I might make a update later to distribute my experience doing this and how long I was able to keep it in. If I forgot shoot me a message or even if you have any questions I’m free to answer

I would love some advice on leaving toys in for long periods of time if anyone has any!

NSFW: yes


  1. nofilter007

    I just want to let you know that there’s a potential here for you to make more of a mess than there was when you started cleaning the house

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