It was just another night out with friends. We had been bar hoping and stopping by our usual stops. It was around 1am and we were getting ready to leave the bar when I was approached by a guy, I went to college with many moons ago. We started talking and catching up, and by this point my friends had got annoyed and decided they were going home. The persistently tried to cock block me and get me to leave with them. I assured them I was fine and told them I would call if anything.

So ( we will call him John ) John, and I continued to talk and have a few drinks. Sometime in the night he told me about this swinger’s bar he had drunkingly stumbled across and the hilariously awkward experience he had experienced there. Now I’m an extremely shy girl and talk a good game. But when It comes down to it im usually all talk. But I guess I had just enough to drink to silence my insecurities and make me feel a bit more adventurous.

Mid his story, I blurted out ” We should go! ” he looked at me hesitantly and said ” No, its a weird place and the guys will pester you ” I told him,” it will be fine and if anyone asks me to do anything I’ll tell them I’m with you and I’m not interested ” he reluctantly agreed to go. So off we went.

We arrive at this place and go to take a seat at this booth by the bar to kind of people watch. John leaves me at the booth to grab us some drinks and at this point I wanted to sober up a bit and just asked him to grab me a water. He returns with our drinks and for the next 30 minutes or so we we talk, and people watch. While we’re talking I look over to the bar and see a older women probably in her mid 40’s sitting at the bar with 3 men around her. They were all taking turns kissing her and rubbing their hands all over her body, until she got up and walked to this back room and the 3 men followed. I had never been so turned on by anything in my whole life.

I asked john where they were going and he told me to a back room so they could fuck. I was fascinated that there were places where people can go and just hook up with people they have just met right there. I told him I wanted to watch them. He asked if I was sure, and I told him I was as I let out a giggle. John left and walked up to one of the guys in the group and asked if He and I could come watch. I could see john talking to the man but couldn’t hear what was being said. John came walking back and told me they said it would be alright. John took me by the hand and guided me to the room.

We arrived to this room that was dark room that was only lit by these blue neon light. in the center of the room was this really large bed and a couch in the corner next to a door that I wondered was a closest or Maintenace room. John and I took a seat on the couch and proceeded to watch this woman take dick in every hole. Watching her aggressively suck this mans dick as another man enters her pussy had me fucking soaking wet. Before you knew it, me and John were making out. Mid make out I grab John’s hand and stick it down the front of my pants, forcing him to feel my warm wet pussy.

At this point John now has my pants unbuttoned and is fingering me and sucking on my tits. I’m absolutely loving it. Something about being played with Infront of people had really turned me on. But my craving hadn’t been fulfilled yet. As we are messing around, I see that women go to the door I had originally wondered was a closet, followed by the men which had went from 3 to 5 or 6. But they didn’t go in the door. Instead, they waited outside of it and formed a line. Low and behold there was a hole in the wall where these men began to stick their dicks in, only pulling them out after making loud groans and emptying their balls into this mystery women on the other side.

Thats it, I knew what I wanted. I got up and took john by the hand and dragged him to the door. I knocked on it and asked if I could come in. Suddenly the door opens and the cum covered women looks up and me smiling and says ” it’s all yours ” I turn to john and tell him to get first in line, but after he done to let others try. He looks at me shocked and says nothing. I go into the dark little room closing the door behind me and taking my place on the floor.

It seemed like eternity as I sat there on my knees waiting for john’s Dick to come thru the hole. Wondering if it was too much for him and he was gonna just leave. But just as that wondered was crossing my mind, his cock came thru the hole. I immediately started deep throating it, letting the slobber trail down my mouth. But now I wanted dick in me. I whispered thru the hole ” do you want to feel something different?” John replied ” ok ” I stood up and took my pants off the rest of the way, and to take the big glob of slobber that had accumulated around my mouth and use it to rub on my pussy.

I turned around and bent over, adjusting myself on the wall. I reached in between my legs and grabbed John’s dick and slid it into me. I’ll never forget how he just slid right into me. I had never been so turned on in my life. He continued fucking me though the hole, when I heard his groans increase. Until finally he said, ” I’m about to come” and as he said that I sped up, pounding my ass on his dick, when I heard that final groan and I pressed my pussy further down on his cock. Feeling his warm load and throbbing cock in me, he pulled out of me. Feeling all his warm cum just leak out of me and slap onto the tile floor. AS I turned around noticed another cock had entered the hole. I got right to work on it. Turning right back around and shoving it into my already cum filled pussy.

after the night was done, I had taken 5 loads in total from 4 men I had never really even seen. and to top it off. I’m pregnant now.

NSFW: yes


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