Gagging on cum

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Those of you who have been here for a while know I pride myself on only ever gagging one time. Tonight, I gagged again.

There is a guy whose been trying to hook up with me for a while. Honestly, I wanted it too but it just never panned out. I decided to make it a bet. If he went three weeks without cumming I’d drop everything and drop to my knees for him. Otherwise, it would just have to wait till it finally happens.

He did it, he claimed he went three weeks and although I didn’t quite believe him, I made time and went to see him. I walked in and got right to work sucking his cock. He has a nice cock, 6” but thick. To me thick overrules length every time. He sat back on the couch as I went to work. His cock in my mouth I was rubbing my hands all over his balls legs and chest. I spent time licking his taint and teasing him. I know we’ve both wanted this so I made it last.

After a while he announced he was gonna cum. I took his whole cock in my mouth as I wanted an oral cream pie. At this point, I realized he didn’t lie. He came with such force and volume I actually gagged on his cum. I took him out of my mouth and continued to jerk him off and finish the job as I choked on his cum. It was so fucking hot to taste it then see it oozing out of my mouth onto my hands and tits. I then sucked it back off of my hands and ate every last drop before making sure I sucked all of the cum out of him. It was amazing. I think I love gagging.

NSFW: yes