Blackmailed Sissy Line Writing Hell Ch. 09 – Fetish

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Saturday morning, I woke up struggling to open my eyes. At first I just wondered it was because I’d been up until 3am writing, but then I moaned upon realising it was the dried cum covering my face. I rubbed at it futilely and stood up to see it was 7am. I didn’t care. Only 41 hours left to finish my lines and I fully planned to use every second.

I pranced across to my pages, wincing at how coated I’d gotten yesterday during my infinite bukkake session, and saw a message waiting for me on my laptop.

Good morning Piggy!

Hope you had fun being such a slut yesterday. Sorry we didn’t say hello last night but we decided we were having too much fun at the bar and didn’t care XD Awwww, and all your new piggy friends had to leave to go to their maid jobs – how sad! Don’t worry Piggy, I’m confident you’ll see them all again soon. I bet you were delighted when Susan text you and told you you needed to lick all their chastity cages clean before locking them back up. That must have been so fun – I’m super jelly!

Anyway, before you begin your lines today, Susan and I think you need to work on your singing. Turn on your cam, begin recording, and perform ‘i’m a Little Teapot’ until Susan and I log on to say hi. Have fun. Toodles!

I whimpered and briefly considered disobeying. I could go back to sleep for a little while and pretend I never saw this message. The waves of shame from being a disobedient swine carried my subby little trotters to the laptop. I watched myself load my camera and press ‘record’. Why don’t you sing it aloud with me to get the full pathetic piggy experience?

“I’m a little teapot short and stout – oink oink!”

“Here is my handle, here is my snout – oink oink!”

“When I get all steamed up, hear me shout – oink oink!”

“Tip me over, and pour me out – oink oink!”

“I’m a special teapot, yes it’s true – oink oink!”

“Here’s an example of what I can do – oink oink!”

“I can turn my handle into a snout – oink oink!”

“Tip me over and pour me out – oink oink!”

I finished my little song and immediately started over, praying my Goddesses would be awake soon. Doing this ridiculous little teapot dance in the hot sun in my cum-coated outfit, my soaked diaper, and my basically-completely-depleted dignity was absolute torture. Every time I performed it seemed to be worse, as I imagined all the lines I was falling behind on. I whimpered and sang until my throat was hoarse.

Finally, at around lunchtime, Goddess Tamara logged on, yawning.

“Awwww, a singing piggy, Louder!”

“I’m a little teapot short and stout – oink oink!”

“Here is my handle, here is my snout – oink oink!”

Susan laughed. “I actually can’t believe how pathetic you are, cumdump.”

“Thank you Superior Susan, oink oink!”

“Keep singing, freak!”

“When I get all steamed up, hear me shout – oink oink!”

“Tip me over, and pour me out – oink oink!”

I kept singing as Tamara and Susan made out. They slowly caressed each other’s gorgeous bodies, deliberately drawing this out. They wanted me to feel the contrast between their lives and my horrible piggy one. I’d be lucky if anyone ever touched me again.

“OK, that’s enough now, piggy,” said Goddess Tamara. “You have lines to write. Gosh, not long left to write them now.”

“We’re sending over Skunk Piggy,” said Susan, giggling. “They’re going to count your lines in the corner to see how close you are, while you fail to write enough.”

“Now now, Susan, don’t be such a meanie-weenie,” said Goddess Tamara, kissing her on the cheek. “I think Line Piggy has got this. That’s why we’re gonna make it a little more challenging for them today, just for funsies.”

I didn’t like the sound of that at all. I curtsied and said “thank you Goddess Tamara, oink oink.”

“Skunk piggy is going to bring over some rainbow coloured pens. You will write the first letter of each word in red, the second in yellow, the third in green, the fourth in blue, the fifth in purple, the sixth in piggy pink! Then you’ll start with red again. Understood piggy?”

My jaw dropped, causing Susan and Tamara to collapse into a giggling fit. “Awww, I think Line Piggy understands.”

There was a knock at the front door. Wiping away tears, I went to answer it.

I’d wondered my outfit was ridiculous, but I had nothing on Skunk Piggy. They were wearing a black and white leotard and a white diaper over the top of it. They had a gigantic skunk tail on their bum that went up so high it was over their head. A big black and white bonnet which said STINKY SKUNK in big glittery letters. A piggy snout on their blushing face. They were holding the packet of rainbow pens that were gonna make my lines more tedious than ever.

“May I please come inside, oink oink?”

The flash of a camera made me jump. I saw my neighbour from across the street grin at me and wave as she put away her phone. Clearly word of my sissy exploits had spread across the neighbourhood and she hadn’t wanted to miss the chance to get permanent evidence of what a stupid piggy pervert I was. I whimpered and shut the door, wondering how I could bribe them for that photo back once I was free from this awful week.

IF I got free from this awful week.

Skunk Piggy and I pranced back into the conservatory. Goddess Tamara clapped happily.

“Hiiiii Skunk Piggy! It’s been a long time since I made you dress up for me hasn’t it?”

“Yes Goddess Tamara, oink oink,” said Skunk Piggy, its bottom lip trembling.

“Your wife took you back after you promised to stop playing with me, didn’t she?” said Goddess Tamara cheerfully.

“Yes Goddess Tamara, oink oink.”

“Awwww, but as soon as I messaged you this morning, you couldn’t resist getting skunked up could you?”

“No Goddess Tamara, oink oink.”

“What do you think will happen when you return home tonight all stinky?”

“She’ll leave me for good this time, Goddess Tamara. Oink oink.”

“That’s for the best, Skunky. What do you say?”

“Thank you Goddess Tamara, oink oink.”

“You’re welcome, Skunky! Don’t forget to send whatever you get in the divorce to me to show how grateful you are.”

“Yes Goddess Tamara, oink oink.”

I snorted in confusion. Skunk Piggy didn’t smell at all right now, and surely they could hide a messy diaper from their wife.

“OK piggies, Susan and I have a double date today – Line Piggy, I’ll send you the bill later – so you two get to work. Skunky, make sure you give Line Piggy their surprise first. Bye losers!”

Tamara hung up. I looked nervously at Skunk Piggy as they walked up to me.

“I’m really sorry, oink oink,” said Skunk Piggy. “Hold still, oink oink.”

Skunk Piggy reached up and pressed something on its tail. Suddenly the tip was spraying us with something. I squealed. The smell was revolting. I’d never encountered anything like it. I was coughing, tears in my eyes.

“It’s genuine skunk spray, oink oink” said Skunk Piggy. “It’ll linger for weeks, if not months, oink oink. I really am sorry, oink oink.”

And with that they waddled over to the corner to begin counting my lines. Whimpering in the fog of my new skunky stench, I opened the packet of pens and started on the day’s lines.


I put down the red pen and picked up the yellow one.


I put down the yellow and picked up the green


I put down the green and picked up the blue


I put down blue, picked up purple


Put down purple, picked up pink


Put down pink, picked up red again, and sobbed. This was gonna take forever. But what else could I do. I resigned myself to my stinky humiliating day and got back to writing my awful lines, slower than ever, as my deadline got closer and closer.

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