Fucked friends ex wife while in the military.


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(M29) We were on deployment and I had never met his wife other than video calls and stuff like that. He let me borrow his iPod and for music and also had some porn in it. I’m scrolling through all the videos and I discover one of his wife playing with herself and god it turned me on so much, nice enormous tits, pretty tight pussy. I had to stroke my cock. I don’t know if he even had a idea about it being on there. Fast forward some months and we’re back from deployment and we finally meet but she has no idea about what I’ve seen. One day soon after getting back they decided to have a party at their house. Everyone was drinking and one by one everyone either left or passed out. It’s just me and his wife left drinking and playing cards in the dining room, to my surprise she starts rubbing my cock with her foot under the table until I’m rock hard. I knew he was cheating on her but she had no clue. She reaches out and grabs it, I can’t help myself I haven’t had pussy in months. She takes me in the guest bathroom downstairs we’re getting each other naked and she’s wet as fuck. I bend her over, put my cock in her and god it was the best pussy I have ever had. I make her get on her knees and shove my cock in her mouth. Gave her a big fat load to swallow. We fucked on multiple other occasions and she confessed to me that I got her into sucking cock and swallowing. They ended up divorced short after and I have seen her one time years later where I fingered her in my car. We live in different states so I don’t see her but god she will forever be my little nasty cum slut.

NSFW: yes

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