Forcing Him to Watch, Her Perspective. – Part 1 [Long][FMM][40-50s][cuckold][bi][blackmail][cheat][cons nc][Fdom][light humil][creampie][cum eating][NSFW]

This is the same story as ‘Forced To Watch’, but from the wife’s perspective…


It’s confirmed. I found the text evidence on his phone, followed him to a ‘work dinner’, and saw him kissing her. Her, his secretary. Cute, mid-20s, whore.

I’m unsure what I wanted to do with this information, Jeff and I have been married for 20 years. Do I show him out, file for a divorce, and begin the next chapter of my life as a 52-year-old divorcee? That does not sound appealing. Why would he cheat, now? after all these years? Is she that good of a lay?

Our own sex has been, meh, nothing to write about, and getting more and more infrequent. Now, I guess I know why.

What does she have that I don’t have other than youth? I work hard to keep myself in shape. I run, I work out, I play tennis. I even had a boob job years ago to stay attractive to him, and, if I am honest with myself, for the attention I would get from other men.

Our sex life even before, in the earlier days, was what I would describe as, well vanilla. We’d have sex once or twice a week, sometimes more, usually less. I wondered we were fine with that, I wondered it would be enough. I sighed as I looked down at my wedding ring. What do I want? I wondered. Do I want a divorce? Does Jeff?

The pain, the betrayal, hurts every day, as I imagine them together. My husband doing things to her that he is not doing to me. Making her feel special, loved, and exciting. The way he used to make me feel. It makes me want to vomit, cry, and scream all at the same time. I went to the fridge and poured myself a glass of wine.

What do I want, really, I wondered. Do I still love Jeff? Yes..even after this betrayal. Do I want him back? Yes, twenty years is hard to throw away, and we really do get along well. My mind circles back to an imagined image of them, together. Why then is he having an affair? Fucking another woman? Am I not enough? I know there are things that we disagree on when it comes to sex. I love it when he goes down on me, but I don’t really enjoy going down on him. It’s a constant battle between us, and can get ugly sometimes.
Uugh. Ok, I know three things, 1) I want to stay with Jeff, 2) I want him to want me again like he does his little whore, and 3) I need to get even with him before any of that can happen. Yes, the last bit sounds petty, even in my own head, but I know myself, I am an eye for an eye type of person. The sides of the scale need to be even for me to move on.

Now, I need a plan, a way to have all three if executed well, I wondered as I finished the wine.

Two weeks later, I finally have the outline of a plan. I almost threw it all away last week, when Jeff missed my birthday, for a ‘last minute work function’, which I know was really spending time with her, that bitch. That did throw a slightly more malicious bend to my plans, I’m not going to lie. My plan hinged on the attention I started receiving at the gym when I began to dress a bit, well, sluttier than I usually do. The plan started to form when a man, Mike, offered to spot me while I was using the bench press. As I lay there, struggling for my last rep, Mike standing just behind my head, I could clearly see the outline of his massive penis in his shorts. Holy shit.

As the bar slammed into the rack with a clunk, I looked down, to see my breasts pushing the fabric of my top out, my nipples hard from the effort, well maybe that was what had excited Mike. I decided to strike up a conversation with him. We chatted about working out, his recent move to town, and good places to eat and hike. Did I mention Mike was massive all over? He told me he was 6’5″. That made him almost a foot taller than I am. It felt like a lot more when I stood next to him talking. He had an impressive body, obviously taking great care of himself over the years. As we talked, he mentioned he was a few years younger than I.

Mike asked me if I wanted to grab a coffee or dinner sometime. Looking down at my right hand, I realized I had taken my wedding ring off to work out, “Oh, Mike, I’m sorry, I don’t want to lead you on, but I’m married. Well, actually, my husband is a dick, and having an affair, but still married”, I said.

“Well, if that changes, or you want someone to talk to or help you take your mind off of it, I’m available,” he said with a sly grin.

The outline of my plan snapped into place. “Well, Mike, I have a proposal for you, it’s going to sound really weird, and if you are not interested, saying no is fine.” I started talking, “let’s go grab that drink so I can fill you in on what I am looking for”

Now, two weeks later, it was in play. I had just hung up the phone with my husband, yelling at him about his affair with that bitch. I asked him if he wanted to stay together, and he said yes. Well, at least I know the answer, now for the other three criteria, 1) ending the affair, 2) my revenge, and 3) (I did not tell him this one) I want him to want me like he does his admin whore. Jeff was not to come home until after 9 pm, so I could ‘think’. In reality, Mike was coming over at 8 and my plan would start.

Mike showed up promptly at 8. We had gotten to know each other better over the past two weeks, not quite an affair, but a solid new friendship. Mike had even suggested we both get tested for STDs (yuck), so we could go bareback if I wanted. I consented, it was a great idea. So we did, and were clean, solving an problem I didn’t even know to think about after so many monogamous years. I loved his thoughtfulness. If this doesn’t work out with my husband, then maybe I would pursue something more with Mike, time will tell. The sexual tension between us was significant, although we hadn’t let it go anywhere yet. That was gonna change tonight.

“Oh god, Mike, I’m so nervous. I’m glad you are willing to do this with me, help me decide.” I said.

“No problem, Rebecca. Either way, I get to have sex with a beautiful woman, and maybe it becomes more.” he replied.

“I have something here to help”, and he pulled out a weed gummy for me, “take this”, he said, “it will both help relax you, and make the evening feel better, trust me.”

I hadn’t had pot since school, but I do remember how insanely horny it made me. “ok, I trust you” I said, shyly as I gulped it down. No turning back.

“Make yourself at home, there is beer in the fridge, and an open bottle of red on the counter. I need to go get ready. I’ll call you in a few minutes.”, I said over my shoulder as I climbed the stairs.

In my bedroom, I set everything up as I had planned. Candles lit everywhere, lights dimmed, clean sheets artfully turned down, pillows fluffed. A video camera on the dresser (part of my plan).

Now, I just needed to get ready. I stripped out of my clothes, taking a quick shower. Still marveling at how the hot water let run over my now bare pussy. I had decided to go full Brazilian, something I had never done before. Today seemed like the time to pull out all the stops, and try new things, so….

After finishing my shower, I blew dry my shoulder-length hair, put on my sluttiest looking makeup, and pulled on the sheer, see-through bra and panty set my husband had bought for me last Christmas. I took one last look at my ass as I passed the bathroom mirror, Wow, I did look good, and the gummy was kicking in. I started to feel excited, I could feel myself getting wet.

“Mike, you can come up now! and bring the wine up, I need a refill”, I yelled down the stairs.

As Mike entered the bedroom, his eyes locked on mine, and slowly swept down my body. He let out a slow whistle, and a smile graced his face as he saw me in my bra and panties.

“You look amazing,” he said. “I’m really going to enjoy this tonight, no matter how it ends up. You’re beautiful.”

“How do you want me to play this with your husband?” Mike asked.

“How do you mean?” I replied”

“Well, I can be intimidating, or act like your lover, be controlling, humiliate him, or be mostly silent. What do you think would work best for your plans? he said.

“I like intimidating, make him feel small, insignificant like he has made me feel these past few weeks, but not too humiliating unless you see me going there, in control, yes, and if you could, act like you are really into me? Make him really jealous if you can?” I asked shyly.

“Oh, I can do that. Intimidating, controlling, and imposing it is. There will be no hiding that I am into you, so that will not be an issue, you are magnificent.” Mike intoned.

“Come here, let’s warm up a bit before he gets home”, Mike murmured. I walked over to him, and Mike reached down and took me into his embrace, giving me a soft, tentative first kiss. His lips felt fantastic, and my god was he big. His arms completely engulfed my body and made me tingle with the feeling of such a huge man pulling me into him. We continued to kiss for several minutes, his slight stubble rough against my face, his massive hands on my back, sliding down to my ass. the combination of the wine, gummy, and anticipation had me starting to melt. I could feel his erection begin to press into my belly. My husband better get home soon, or this might not go according to plan. My pussy was already dripping from the excitement.

I heard the front door close, and heard Jeff working his way down the hall. Mike heard it too, and grabbed my hand, while putting his massive outstretched hand on the door frame, blocking entry.

As we wiped the grins off our faces, the door opened, revealing my husband standing there with his jaw hanging open.

“Jeff, I would like you to meet my new friend, Mike. He and I have been chatting at the gym these past couple of weeks, and I thought he could help me with our situation. Now before you get angry, remember what you’ve done, and what I told you. If you want any chance to stay together, I need to get closure, and that means getting even. Mike has agreed to help with that”

I could almost see the wheels spinning in my husband’s brain. His mouth opened and closed a few times as he processed the scene, his eyes drifting down my body to my hand, and then up to Mike’s face.

“Jeff, Rebecca has explained your affair with your secretary and asked me to be a safe outlet for her rage. If this is going to be a problem, that’s between you two.”, Mike growled. He was doing great with the intimidation.

“It’s not going to be a problem is it Jeff? ” I cooed. “if you want to get back together again, that is”.

Jeff continued to stare at Mike, taking in his intimidating stature. Finally, in a low voice, he asked, “Do you want me to leave?”

“Of course not. That wouldn’t give me payback for what you’ve done. For the past few weeks, I’ve had to imagine you fucking her every day, and I think that’s worse than anything I could do to you. This is the way I plan to get parity with your indiscretion, and closure for me. I put a chair in the corner, go sit there until I tell you otherwise”, I said in my most commanding voice.

Mike removed his arm from the door frame and allowed him to enter. My husband walked over to the chair I had placed in the corner, facing the bed, and framed it perfectly for my video camera and sat down. I don’t think I had ever seen him look so defeated before. I’m not going to lie, I was enjoying this way more than I should.

‘Now, Jeff. My payback is you are gonna sit there, and watch Mike and I have sex, no, you are gonna watch us fuck, so you can see and feel what it is like to learn your spouse has been enjoying someone else. If you get out of the chair, do anything to stop us, or take your eyes off us at any time, you and I are over, do you find out?” I stated. He nodded pathetically. “This is your last chance. After this minute, there is no turning back. You can call this all off, and we will divorce, or you can sit there and watch Mike and I enjoy each other. Which is it?” I said. “And no simple yes or no, I want you to be specific so there is no misunderstanding”. I demanded.

“I’ll watch, and do what you tell me. I want us to stay together”, my husband said in a whisper almost too quiet to hear.

If he looked defeated before, now, after hearing what was gonna happen, he looked completely crushed, good, that’s what I wanted. Now I just needed to have the courage to see this through.

With my husband’s eyes now locked on me, I turned to Mike, stood on my toes, and kissed him again. I turned my head to look at Jeff again, and said “Remember, this is what you want. This is your doing, I’m just getting my fair share”. I could see Mike out of the corner of my eye, begin to smile, and say “Are you ready, Jeff?”. My husband nodded, as he continued, “Good. Now I am going to fuck your wife, and you will watch me do it.”

The power with which Mike said those words made my excitement begin to peak, my pussy was so wet, I could feel the wetness begin to drip down my thighs. Oh my god, the excitement is killing me.

I could feel Mike’s strong hand slide down from the back of my head, towards my breast, His fingers sliding over the sheer fabric of my bra. He stopped and gave my hard nipple a tweak between his strong fingers, not enough to hurt, but enough to let me know who was in control. A moan escaped my lips, as my body arched to push my nipple towards him.

His hands continued their journey down my body, sliding across my flat tummy, over my sheer thong panties, gliding lightly over my hard clit, sending a wave of pleasure through me. I pushed my pussy against his hand, wanting more. I wanted him to touch me more, I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him to make me cum, I wanted him to do everything. I almost forgot my husband was in the corner watching. Mike slid his hand into my panties, and slid one of his large fingers between the folds of my pussy, rubbing my clit. Waves of ecstasy began to pulse through me. He suddenly withdrew his hand, and in one swift motion yanked my panties to the floor.

I could see my husband notice my bare pussy, the confusion there. Score! not only does it feel amazing bare, but seeing him process that I did it for Mike was priceless. He actually licked his lips while his eyes were glued to my dripping slit.

I pushed back from Mike and turned to look him in the eyes again, “Mike, this is the first time I have been naked in front of a man besides my husband in more than 20 years, I hope I’m not a disappointment” I whispered loud enough for my husband to hear.

“You look amazing. Any twenty-year-old can look good naked, but you’ve put a lot of effort and hard work into your body. I’ve watched you at the gym, and it shows. That is the definition of sexy to me. It’s a shame your husband doesn’t value you as much as he should” Mike expressed, looking directly at Jeff.

Oh, god. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear those words. Mike knows more about what buttons to push on me in 3 weeks than my husband has learned in 20 years. I have worked really hard to stay in shape, not only for me but for my husband. I wanted to at all times look good for him. Now, I wanted to look good for Mike.

“But, I d…” Jeff started, “Shut. Up.” Mike and I said in unison, “You don’t talk unless we ask you a question, do you understand?” I said as Jeff nodded. “This is my time, for me, not for you to tell me things that are obviously not true. If I want your opinion, I will ask. Another outburst and this is over, and so are we”, I said forcefully.

“Since I’m naked, and you’ll be the first new naked man I have seen in a long time, I want to look at every inch of you,” I said to Mike with a wink. I turned back to Mike and gripped his shirt, slowly pulling it over his torso and head, standing on my toes with my arms stretched tall to get it all the way off. He was a tall man, where does he buy clothes? I wondered. Focus Rebecca. Focus.

Wow, Mike was impressive. I had seen him workout, but never without a shirt, and mmmmm…momma likes. Just the right amount of chest hair, well-defined but not overly bulky, that vein down his bicep that drives me wild. A dark line of hair ran from his belly button to…oh my god. As my eyes drifted lower, I could see the outline of his massive…no huge, cock straining against the fabric of his boxers. What have I gotten myself into? I took a step back to take in the view, wow. just wow.

“Wow, the gym gossip was true,” I said, unable to keep the grin off of my face.

I slowly ran my fingers along the band of his boxers, from the side of his waist where that cute muscle stuck out, toward that line of curly fuzz leading down to his dick, I slipped my fingers inside the band, pulled the front out and slid them down, freeing his impressive manhood.

I was speechless, his cock was gorgeous, it was the biggest dick I had ever seen, in porn or real life. I have never been a ‘size matters girl’, but this was a work of art. I was fascinated. I stepped forward again and reached out, wrapping my hands around the shaft. I stacked my hands on top of each other to cover as much of his dick as I could. I also wanted to measure my hands later, I just had to know the real size of this thing. For science…Focus…I was shocked to feel that my fingers couldn’t wrap the whole way around his shaft. Amazing.

I was amazed, intrigued, turned on, and scared of this thing. That’s so massive, it’s gotta hurt. I hope it doesn’t hurt, I want my revenge to be sweet, not painful..snapping back from my thoughts, I slowly stroked it up and down.

“Mike, you have the biggest cock I have ever seen or felt. It’s amazing. Hard, velvety, and huge, all at the same time”, I told him.

As I stroked him, I noticed that his skin pulled up over the head, oh, foreskin. He isn’t circumcised, another first for me.

“Oooh, my first uncut cock also. Since this is the first one besides my husband’s I have seen in over 20 years, I want to get a closer look” I said as I dropped to my knees to worship this thing. I studied every inch of it, every bulging vein, his massive balls, the tightly trimmed curly black hairs on his flat stomach, and his scrotum.

“God, it’s magnificent. I never thought it would matter to me, but this is so exciting. It’s like a new toy. Mike, you are going to have to be gentle with me. I’ve never had something this size before, so you will need to take it slow at first.” I said with audible awe in my voice.

“Don’t worry kitten, I have plenty of practice helping women accommodate my size. From now on, you will always think of me, our time together, and how my dick makes you feel. I’m who you will picture when you masturbate, when you fuck your husband, and in your dreams” Mike said with a knowing smile as he looked her in the eyes. His confidence and words seemed to make her inhibitions melt away.

Oh, that was a nice add. The pet name, the ‘my image will be in your head forever’…perfect. Mike you’re doing well…

I turned my head to look at my husband, sitting slumped in the chair, “Jeff, I can’t wait to feel this huge dick inside me, I’ve never wanted something so badly in my life. How does that feel, to know your wife lusts for another man so deeply she is dripping wet in anticipation? Is this how you feel with what’s her name?”. I said with as much venom as I could.

The emotions I could see flirting across his face were worth every minute of planning I had done. Wondering if this all was starting to have the intended effect, I looked lower, and yes, there it was, the telltale sign of an erection in my husband’s pants.

“Well, it looks like this is turning you on more than I expected. Are you getting hard watching your wife stroke another man’s cock?” I said seductively. His face flushed red with embarrassment, as he nodded.

“That’s what I thought,” I whispered.

“Since you seem to be enjoying this, do you want to see me suck Mike’s massive dick?” I asked, and he nodded again. I turned back to Mike’s prick, and slowly licked his cock from base to tip while cupping his massive sack in my hand. I could feel his precum wet my tongue as I crossed the tip. I turned us slightly to the side, so Jeff could see every inch of this massive cock slide into my mouth. Oh, this is gonna be more difficult than I wondered. My jaw was hurting already trying to get this monster in my mouth. Working more in, I was able to get almost 1/3 of the way down before I started to gag, and had to back off a bit. My mouth was watering so much, I let the saliva slip down his shaft, and used it to lube him, so I could stroke the parts I couldn’t reach with my mouth.

Mike was letting out a low moan of appreciation, he was enjoying my work, not pushing my head, not asking or begging me for anything. He was just enjoying it. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to watch, Mike and his obvious enjoyment, or my husband, who had started to rub his dick through his pants. So I kept sucking the head of this magnificent dick, while I stroked his wet shaft, all the while looking between the two men I had complete control over.

Mike’s voice broke through the sounds I was making with his cock, “Rebecca I think we should let your husband take his dick out. I’m curious to see what you are used to. Maybe let him stroke it a little to see what he’s missing?” I nodded as well as I could with him in my mouth. I removed my mouth from his head and let it go for a second, and it was so hard and long, it let out an audible slap against his stomach.

I decided now was the opportunity to begin a bit of the humiliation I knew I wanted. The first part of my getting even. “Yes, take out your penis, Jeff, and show us. I’ll only call your’s a penis from now on. After seeing and holding Mike, this is my new meaning for a Cock, you’re not small, so don’t get all hung up and bitchy, but this is something special, an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Mike’s right, I will be thinking of this massive cock every time I play with myself, every time I fuck, every sexy dream I ever have. Mike and his dick are something special to me. How does that make you feel my husband? Does your admin have something special? A flat stomach, perky tits, tight pussy? Something to have made it worthwhile? Explainable even?”

This may have been a bit too much as I saw the crushed look cross his face, and I may have to pay for that later dealing with his insecurity, but fuck him. He has built me feel incredibly insecure these past few months. Fuck him, I wondered again, as I turned back to Mike’s cock, and stuffed it in my mouth.

I could hear him taking off his clothes, and then Mike’s voice, “Not as bad as I would have expected”, said Mike as stared at my naked husband. “At least you have not been suffering all these years. But tonight you will see what a big dick feels like” I smiled up at Mike thinking “perfect phrasing again”.

I could now see my husband’s erection in the candlelight, the only dick I had had for the past twenty years, It wasn’t small…It was average, and he was as horny as I had ever seen him. The 40mg of Cialis I had blended in his smoothie this morning obviously working its magic. Thank you online pharmacy!

All of these thoughts were swirling through my head, while I was sucking and stroking Mike’s cock, I could feel myself dripping onto the carpet. My pussy was so wet. I could see my husband wrap his hand around his hard penis, and begin to stroke it. I had caught him masturbating a few times over the years, never letting him know. Usually, I slowly backed out of the room before he knew I was there. I had not really been interested in intruding on his ‘me time’. This was different though, there was something raw about his hand on his dick now. The precum was streaming down his shaft (thank you Pygeum, zinc, and lecithin I had been blending into those same smoothies for the past two weeks, I’m a planner). I was actually excited to watch him. This was exciting. I was sucking a massive cock, while my husband jerked off to me…me…sucking that cock. I felt so dirty, slutty. My pussy dripped even more.

I could see his hand begin to speed up, his breath quicken, and his back arch a bit, he thrust against the empty air. All telltale signs he was gonna cum.

“You’re not allowed to cum, at least not until I say so if I ever do. Tonight I am in charge. I will decide when and where you cum, and how you cum. So stop touching your dick right now and watch me take as much of Mike’s dick in my mouth as I can. Do you find out what I am telling you?” I barked at him as I slid my mouth off of Mike.

“Yes, baby. I will do whatever you want me to do.” He replied, removing his hand.

Satisfied he was not about to cum too fast and ruin the first part of my plan, I decided to turn up the heat a bit.

“Don’t call me baby!, not tonight, and maybe not ever again, tonight that’s what I will be calling Mike. You don’t deserve a pet name. Now, since you didn’t care about my feelings while you screwed your admin, I shouldn’t care about yours…but I think it might be sweeter for my revenge to make sure you find out everything I am gonna do to Mike tonight, things I have never done with you, and most likely will not be doing with you ever.” Now to twist the knife, “So, my husband, do you want me to suck Mike’s cock and let him cum in my mouth? I said with as much maliciousness as I could muster. I almost never allowed my husband to cum in my mouth, and never ‘on purpose’.

“Answer me!”. I yelled, staring straight into my husband’s eyes.

“Y..yes”, he stammered

I turned back to Mike’s cock, and slowly started to engulf his massive dick in my mouth. I looked up into his face and gave him a quick wink. Letting him know we were getting serious. I pushed more and more of Mike’s dick into my mouth, until at about ½ way, I could feel myself starting to gag. That’s my limit. I grabbed his balls with my right hand, slowly rolling them, tugging them down as I sucked his gorgeous prick. I could taste his precum sliding onto my tongue. I’m not normally a cum sort of girl, in fact, I do not swallow, ever, but he tasted sweet. Maybe I’ll change my mind with Mike. That would blow Jeff’s mind! I could feel Mike place his hands on the back of my head. His face searched mine for permission, and I winked back. His hands began to guide me into a rhythm.

Sucking this massive dick, for another man, in front of my husband was so exciting. I was putting on such a good show. Mike was obviously enjoying it, and the fact that he asked me for permission to hold my head meant he appreciated my effort. I was so horny, my other hand drifted down to my pussy, oh god that feels good. My clit was so hard, it was sticking out! I was so wet. I wanted to flick my hard clit, pulling my lips aside with my finger while I rubbed my clit….Oh god, I was sooo close. I had to stop for a minute, I wanted to stay on the edge, not cum so fast. I pulled my hand away, and took Mike’s cock out of my mouth.

“Sucking your cock turns me on so much, I am so close to cumming right now. I want to wait for you, Mike. Please cum in my mouth, I want it so badly, more than I have ever wanted cum before in my life, give it to me, give me all of it” I begged him. I returned to work on his cock, now using both hands to pump his shaft, as my mouth returned to engulf his head.

Again, I could see the shock flash across my husband’s face. Yeah, asshole, I never say that to you, do I. But I really did want Mike to shoot his load into my mouth, feel those heavy balls empty for me. Feel his release, I was so turned on, I might swallow for him.

Mike broke the silence, “Jeff, I think I get to lay a few ground rules tonight too. Your beautiful wife has been slaving away at home to provide a clean, beautiful, comfortable home for you, while you were out fucking your whore of a secretary. So, I don’t think it would be fair for her to have to clean up the mess we make tonight, do you?”

“uh, no, I guess not.” Jeff mumbled. “I can clean the bedroom after you’re done, I guess.”

Mike gave a deep laugh, “While that’s what you will be doing later, that’s not what I had in mind. You will clean up any mess tonight that Rebecca does not want to take care of herself, do you understand?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Rebecca, will decide, won’t you?”

“Mmmmhmmm” I mumbled around the girth of his cock.

I swept my gaze over to my husband and glared at him. I could feel Mike slightly relax, and begin a rhythm with me, my strokes, my sucking, his guidance from his hands on my head. His pace began to quicken, his strokes faster and harder, all the signs I knew meant he was getting ready to cum. I was so excited. I actually wanted him to cum in my mouth, especially now that I knew what I was gonna do after, so much better than what I had planned. I pulled my head back slightly, just keeping his head in my mouth. I didn’t want him to surprise me with a shot down my throat. I wanted it all in my mouth. I placed my hand on his balls as leverage against his increasing tempo and animal instinct to shove it all the way in. I increased the speed of my hand on his shaft, stroking faster and faster.

I could feel his cock beginning to swell even more, getting close, so close. I increased my tempo. I could see my husband lean forward slightly to get a better view of the action, his dick dripping precum, oh he must be so tortured, good!

My eyes snapped back to Mike as I heard him say “I’m close. I’m going to fill your wife’s mouth with my load while you watch. Tell me you want me to shoot it in her mouth. She needs to hear it, Now!”

Jeff didn’t answer, and I could feel Mike slipping over the edge, almost there, I wondered, pulling my head back slightly.

Mike bellowed “Now!”, My husband replied, “please cum in my wife’s mouth, that’s what she wants, so that’s what I want”.

“Good” grunted Mike as he gave a final push and looked down at me. I pulled my mouth back, to just the glans, feeling Mike’s impending orgasm. I heard Mike grunt, as I felt his balls lift up, I pulled my mouth off of his cock to give my husband a good view. I locked my eyes with my husband as I felt the first huge spurt from Mike shoot into the back of my mouth. Closing my throat, I kept his cum there, while spurt after spurt shot into my mouth. After almost a dozen thick spurts, Mike’s orgasm finally subsided. I flicked my tongue out to lick the last drop off of his cock. I could taste his cum in my mouth, the thick creamy texture, the slight sweetness over the salt. It was good…I quickly swallowed a tiny bit…oh god….I’m so dirty. No one saw that, did they? I slowly stood up, maintaining eye contact with my husband, I’ll bet he is thinking I am gonna run to the bathroom and spit it out. Not tonight my dear.

Keeping my mouth open, and balancing all the massive load Mike had given me there, I walked over to Jeff, and showed him my overflowing mouth, I reached down, grabbed his chin, and kissed him on the lips, pulling his mouth open, I pushed Mike’s hot load into my husband’s open mouth, he started to choke and gag, but I didn’t care. My anger over him missing my birthday to fuck that whore flashed into my thoughts. I swished my tongue in his mouth to complete the transaction. I pulled away from him, and whispered in his ear, “I don’t want to clean that up, so swallow it”

My husband struggled, a horrified look on his face as it sunk in that he had my boyfriends cum in his mouth.

“You either swallow his cum, every last drop, and do everything else I tell you tonight, or we are through. Your choice. But either way, you will be swallowing this load now, as payback for spending my birthday with that bitch.” I whispered again in his ear.

His eyes watering, searching mine for a way out, I pushed his jaw shut, tilted his head back, and pinched his nose shut, he struggled, and finally, I saw him swallow Mike’s massive load for me. I felt so powerful, so in control. I had gotten out of hand, and let my revenge take over. That was a nasty thing to do to Jeff. Something I had not done until tonight myself, and I only swallowed a tiny bit. I forced him to swallow the largest load I had ever seen. But, amazingly, looking down at my husband’s dick, I could see not only was it still hard, but it was also practically drooling precum. He enjoyed it, wow. I never wondered he had a gay bone in his body, but he obviously did. Something to keep in mind. I felt better about forcing him now, maybe this should be part of the plan. Me, in control totally, a bit of humiliation, and breaking his will completely.

“How was it?” asked Mike. “I wondered it would be your gorgeous wife swallowing my load, so I ate lots of pineapple today. I didn’t know it would be wasted on you, but I’m not going to lie, it was hot watching you swallow my load.”

Ah, that explains the sweetness, I wondered. “Oh, it was not wasted,” I said. “Look at his penis, it’s harder than ever, and leaking as much precum as he usually produces in a load.”

Continued in Part 2…

NSFW: yes

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