I (21m) fucked a (21F).

So as a white guy. I all the time wondered I would only date and fuck white girls. That changed when I was at my female friends party. It was your any other party of people my age. However. The whole night I had this beautiful petite Pakistani all over me. (We went to the same college together so I knew her beforehand). Anyway. We both started getting touchy with each other and decided to grab a hotel. At first I was hesitant because those types of girls aren’t my type. However I decided to do it. When we got to the hotel. She started light Raceplay talk. Stuff like “I love white cock” and as the night progresses she gets more into it. “I’m your filthy paki slut. Love your superior white cock”. And I have never been more turned on in my life. I of course gave it back in full and ended being one of the best nights of my life. And developed a gigantic Raceplay fetish

NSFW: yes

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