[FM] The fat nerd, and the sexy barmaid

We are speaking of about 20 years ago, I was a straight, single, obese, bearded nerd with low/middle income, living with my divorced mother in a small flat in the town center afflicted with a powerful sex drive, but very few occasions to put it in practice. At the time me and my group of friends, a mixed bag of couples and singles of both sexes, were loyal patrons of a at the time famous cocktail bar: we gravitated there after work on Friday evenings, started to drink – my poison of choice was the Martini cocktail – smoke and chat until everyone was starved, then we went for a pizza or some low cost trattoria, then everyone for himself: couples, I presume, at home to fuck, we singles around alone to discover someone to fuck with, or in group drinking and talking into the early morning. Standard provincial life.

The bar was run by a two gay guys that were, and were not a couple depending on the success of the most handsome and famous of the two. Alcohol flowed at this venue, along with some other recreative chemical compound – although not among us – and a palpable sexual tensions: people were making out, and something more, on the small sofas close to the bar, and in the “no smoking room”, which was a side room furnished with carpets and cushions only which we actually mainly used for smoking in peace. All of this was the established Friday standard, each Friday more or less the same.

One Friday night I arrived at the venue and SBAM! Behind the counter there was a stunning girl instead of the usual slim and a bit effeminate guy. Short wavy dirty blond hairs, big gray eyes, a wide mouth, tanned, tonic body. She was wearing something like an Indian tanktop and low rise jeans, leaving her belly naked and showing an angel tattoo that was hinting to an hidden paradise under her pants. WHAT A FUCINKG NEWS. I proceeded to order my first Martini, and introduced myself. Form her accent she was from the north, and her name was Tania. While drinking I made some light conversation, then my friends started to arrive and I detached myself from my stool. During the evening I had some other quick work while I refilled. As far as I remember I was around the 4th or 5th Martini when I wondered: “OK, I am a fat loser, she is a fucking bomb, ma fuck it: I ask her number, at worst she will give me a fake”. Well, she gave me her number.

Fast forward one week. I did not called her, because of shyness mostly, when Friday night arrived again. I arrived at the bar and I was greeted by a “Hey, you did not called” and a Martini. After that same procedure: I divided my time at the bar between my friends and some conversation with her, all lubricated by a river of gin. At the end of the night I knew something more: she actually was from the north, she was some year younger than me, she had a daughter very young, she never finished high college, all the time worked in bars, discos, etc. She was currently working there on weekends, and as a cleaner in a cinema during the week. I also obtained a vague promise to go have dinner together in the future.

Next Monday, about lunchtime, I called her. She seemed quite happy to go out for dinner next week’s Wednesday. Before was impossible: she had to leave her daughter with a friend, and had that was not simple. I passed a week of numbness, with some mastubatory intermission. I was in doubt: she was going out with me only to have a free dinner. Well in her shoes I would do the same. She was making fun of me. Well fuck it, will it change anything for me? No. She would have invented an excuse at the last time. The I would be alone, as usual, and had to masturbate or pay a professional. What a change. Anyway I booked a table in a new quite posh restaurant, they introduced sushi in our small town, before it was everywhere and cheap. She was from the big city, she should be used to it. I wasn’t, only had it few times abroad. The weekend I was away, so I did not met her. Monday I called her, told her when and where to meet.

The great night arrived, we met, she lightly kissed me on my cheek to greet and we went to the restaurant. She was really stunning in a greed dress, with high heel sandals, I think it was the most gorgeous girl that I ever dated, I mean for free. The dinner was awkward and funny: I, the fat provincial nerd, was teaching her, the girl from the metropolis, to eat sushi and to use chopsticks: it came out she never had sushi. We were drinking vodka, after a bit she was quite drunk, out of the blue she told me “Raw fish tastes and feels a bit like pussy”. From there the conversation became sexual, and she told me she had some experiences with women, quite a few, but liked men most. This aroused me a fucking lot, still I could not believe that she was interest in me in that way. We laughed a lot, and talked quite freely about ourselves, like sometimes you do with complete strangers. After dinner she was quite wobbly in her heels, and the streets in the old town are cobbled, so she leaned on me not to fall. I noticed that she was wearing no bra, and her left breast brushed on mi side from time to time. After few hundred meters, fortified by liquid courage, I wondered “OK cowboy, it’s now or never: at the worst you will change watering hole” and I leaned to kiss her. To my surprise she kissed back, and hard. Her body after few secondo was wrapped around mine, I moved her back to a wall and slid a hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy over her thin panties. After some moment she was wet. She detached her lips from mine, looked around and dropped on her knees, unzipped my jeans and took my erect cock in her mouth. After a moment of bewilderment I pressed her head on it, started to fuck her mouth and came too quickly. She swallowed the load, got up and with a wry smile told me “Good, but way too short. Let’s see in the future”. Kissed me – yes I tasted my own semen, first time – and went away giggling. I went home, masturbated in my room, and slept. The morning after I called her, but no reply. Sent an SMS. No reply. OK, she was drunk, I was a divertissement.

Friday at work I wasn’t able to concentrate: go to the same bar or not? Well, in the end I went, same routine: warm welcome, a Martini, some conversation. But, maybe it was my imagination, she had a glint in her eyes. I was ordering my third drink while she leaned on the bar, and whispered in my hear “Slow down, I need you functional tonight”. I immediately got hard, and the urge for alcohol went away. I went for dinner with the old friends, came back around midnight. When she saw me she told one of the owners that she was going, kissed me, appended herself to my right arm, light up a cigarette and on we went to her micro apartment nearby. Her daughter was staying at a schoolmate house, se we were free for the night. I kissed her hard as soon as we entered the apartment, and went straight to her pussy. She moaned, disentangled herself from me and went to shower. I was actually very embarrassed: she never saw me naked, and I was around 6ftx290lbs, not exactly ashamed by my body, but not proud of it. Anyway I choose to undress and lay down: the erection was more evident in that pose.

She came out of the bathroom stark naked, I was mesmerized by the angel tattoo that started from just around her labia, her pussy was completely shaved. And for what I saw well swollen by excitation. I put on a condom just in time for her to climb on top of me and impale herself on my cock in her effortlessly. It was a wild ride: while she bounced on my cock and belly we kissed and I squeezed her boobs hard. I was trying hard not to come. When she came loudly I moved her so to begin fucking her doggy, after a few strokes I came myself. I went for a shower, and got back to bed to cuddle. She told me about her past in some details, and well she did not had a good life at all. Then she started to recount some experience with some girls, in GREAT details, and this aroused me visibly, so visibly that she started making fun of me “Eheeh mama’s guy is excited by lesbians? LOL”. At that I attacked her with tickling, which I discovered was a killer for Tania: she became unable to retaliate, suffocating with laughter. Tickling became fingering, and she started blowing me. This time was slower, but somewhat kinkier: she retaliate my tickling by starting to play with my anus, and sliding a finger inside. I felt obliged to do the same, switching to fingering her ass and eating her at the same time. She take from a drawer some massage oil and gave it to me, wich led to a good lubrication of her anus, and me fucking it from her side and cumming all over her. She went to shower again telling me “we met next Friday, go home mama boy”.

NSFW: yes

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