My sexuality started with my older girl cousin. Part #2

Read Part #1 before reading this one.

After we left my cousins house, on the ride back home. I was staring outside the window quiet and just trying find out what had happened. What my cousin wanted? Why me? Was that sex? (I never knew what sex was). My parents noticed I was really quiet, so my dad asks me… did you guys fight (which usually happens when visiting other kids). I said no, I was just tired.

Then this encounter happened a few more times (over the next couple years) with that same cousin. Never got to sex, just fondling each other and her giving me oral.

(When I got older a bit where it’s safe to stay home alone, I stopped visiting with my parents)

Skip 10 years….

One day…. I (22) hear my mom talking on the phone with my cousins mom. Saying congratulations, we are so happy for her. My mom gets off the phone after 30 mins or so. I asked her, what happened. She told me that she (my cousin) is getting married. (The guy lives outside of Canada, back home and is coming to Canada to marry my cousin). My cousins mom asked if I can help with the preparations for the wedding, help my cousin with anything she needs help with and drive her to shopping malls as I had my own car but she didn’t. My mom said of course, my son can help with anything. (My mom didn’t know what was about to unfold from all this “Helping”).

A few days later, I get a call from an unknown number (my cousin). I pick up, and she tells me if I’m free to take her to a mall an hour away from my city. I tell her ok, I drive to her place. I wait till she comes out wearing a short black skirt with a crop top that reveals her busty 36 DD (she really grew into a sexy model figure). ( I instantly felt my cock (8″ Long, 2.25″ thick) get massive in my pants. I tried to hide my boner with my t-shirt before she gets to my car.

She gets in, kisses me on my cheek. I try not to stare at her cleavage that is literally busting out of her shirt. I kept my eyes on the road while I tried to keep small talk. After we arrive, she leans in and lays her head on my shoulders. I take a look at her (for the first time) and her right nipple is popping out of her top (seeing this gave me a quick flashback when we were younger and how she wanted me to suck on her nipples) and I noticed her skirt was pushed back towards her hips, where I got a glimpse at her glistening freshly shaved pussy (I cannot believe she wasn’t wearing panties especially with such a short skirt). My cock was literally about to explode.

I then tell her, that her top is falling. She straightens herself and notices her boob was pretty much falling out completely. She looks at me with those sexy green eyes and tells me I pulled it down on purpose to get you to look. (The parking lot at the mall was packed, so I was parked far from the entrance). She deliberately opens her sexy long legs wide and says I miss you. (My face goes red) She kisses me on the lips and tells me that she loves me. That she wants to live the rest of her life with me. I close her legs and tell her you are getting married in a few months. What are you talking about. She tells me, I don’t love that guy, I want you and only you. I tell her she is nuts, I begin the car and was about to drive her back home. Then she puts it back in park. She says, I don’t want him. I want you! She pushes her top down and reveals her rack. Then pulls up her skirt to her waist and reveals her fucking beautiful pussy. ( I forgot that I’m parked at a busy mall). People were walking past my car this entire time. (Thank God I had limo tint on my car, I did notice a couple smiling when walking past from the front of the car towards the mall).

Stay tuned for Part #3

NSFW: yes

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