Fingered a straight girl to get her to shut up.

I don’t tell this story often because of how much I kind of dislike the other person involved, but I ran into said person at the mall the other day and it was SO awkward. So I might as well get this off my chest finally, haha.

I wanna say it happened about three years ago? I was still in school but on summer break and during the last week before classes started, I was hanging out at my best friend’s place where she was having a small party. It was fun, we were all catching up and having drinks. Then *she* showed up, and my mood instantly dropped.

I don’t really know how to describe this girl. She was a friend of my friend who all the time looked so… tightly wound up. Sleek, pin-straight hair, bragged about the internships she had lined up after graduation, all the time wanted to have the last word so she’d control the conversation. Just annoying. But *most* annoying of all, was that she was all the time, all the time complaining about her boyfriend. He didn’t dress right, he was selfish, he was inconsiderate, all according to her. And whenever one of the other girls would tell her to just break up with him then, she’d go “But we’re in LOVE!” Ugh.

And it, amazingly, gets worse. I’d say more than half of our female friend group were queer in some way, and when she’d complain about her boyfriend she’d hang off one of us (usually me), and loudly go “I wish I was a lesbian too,” (I’m bi, but whatever), “you guys have it so easy! I hate dealing with men.”

I don’t know how any of my friends put up with that, but I never did. “So date girls then,” I’d say, to which she, of course, would respond with: “What? I’m not gay though?”

Girl, okay then.

Anyways, the same thing happened that night of the party. I was having a good time with my friends, sipping wine that went straight to my clit, just vibing. Then *that* girl plopped herself next to me on the couch. She was at least a little buzzed; her hair was all messed up and her cheeks were pink. I had to cover my ears when she screeched my name and awkwardly hugged me like we were besties. “I haven’t seen in forever! You look so fucking good, girl.”

“Haha, I know,” I said, trying to detach myself from this mess of a person while my friends just snickered to themselves. “Same with you, I guess?” She has a pretty face, I will admit; she has this little dimple under her mouth that I’m a complete sucker for. It was just a shame I hated almost everything else about her.

“You guess, oh my God, you’re so funny,” she slapped me on the arm and I *almost* punched hers back. “How’re you doing these days? Still dating that one girl?”

“Um, that random girl I hooked up with during spring break? No. I don’t really ‘date’ people,” I said, already dreading where this was heading. “I’m just, you know, kinda fucking around seeing where life takes me.”

“Oh wow,” she whispered, like casual sex was this other-worldly concept to her (it probably was), “that’s so crazy… you see, this is why I wish I was a lesbian, you guys are just so drama-free and-”

“Alright I’m going to the bathroom,” I said, and got up to leave. I was so tired of hearing her voice at that point, and I was so annoyed that she killed the buzz I had going on earlier.

Instead of the bathroom, I actually went to the guest room my friend said I could have for the night. I flopped onto the bed and regretted not bringing a wine bottle in with me.

When I heard the door open and close, I wondered it was my best friend coming to apologize for not pulling out a defensive maneuver to keep that girl ten feet away from me always. But nope, it was *her*, the bitch in question.

I sat up, ready to tell her that I really needed time to myself, but before I could even open my mouth she was already crawling on top of me and trying to kiss me.

It was weird. Her mouth kept missing mine, our noses bumped, and by the time she actually made contact, she just sort of… pursed her lips and pressed them against mine, like how preteens think kissing works.

I let it happen for a minute, kinda stunned, kinda weirded out, before I finally had the sense to grab her by the shoulders and push her back.

“What… in the *fuck* do you think you’re doing?” I said.

I wondered she was full on drunk, hence the awkward moves, but her eyes were clear and I couldn’t smell any alcohol on her.

“Please fuck me,” she said. The ‘fuck’ part was sort of whispered, like she was ashamed of saying it.


“Fuck. Me.” She tried to lean in again, and her I put my hand over her mouth so I wouldn’t have to endure whatever the hell she just did again.

“Okay first of all, never do that again,” I said, “secondly, I’m gonna need a lot more info than that. What about your boyfriend?”

She pulled my hand off her mouth and looked down. “We broke up okay! A week before summer break, he told me I was ‘kind of a lot’ or something. Like what does that even mean?” I saw where he was coming from. “And I don’t know. I feel weird. Sad, but also not? I don’t know. Can you just fuck me?”

I had a headache. How’d this girl go from having a boyfriend, to him dumping her, to wanting me of all people to fuck her? I was going to call out to one of our friends to come collect this messy bitch so I could pass out for the night. She looked me right in the eyes and pulled up her thick blouse then; she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were pretty too. And perky.

I probably still had a little wine in my system because my clit was still throbbing. Fuck it, I told myself.

Next thing I knew, I was pushing her shoulder until she got the hint and our positions were switched with me on top of her. I wasted no time and started sucking one of her pink nipples. She flinched and gasped, one of her hands clutching at the sheets. I flicked my tongue against the bud, watching the way her skin started going red while I pinched and tugged at the other nipple. Her tits were cute; they weren’t the biggest, but there was enough to cup with my hands. There was a mole right in the center of her chest, and I nuzzled against it while I had two perfect cupfuls in my hands.

She was gasping and making little panting noises, her voice getting higher in pitch the more I played with her sensitive nipples. This was probably mean of me in hindsight, but I took the bottom of her blouse and stuffed it into her mouth and told her to bite down on it for me.

Surprisingly, she obliged without complaining. I flipped her skirt up; she was wearing pink, little silk panties with a bow on them.

“Oh no,” I said, pressing a finger against the growing wet spot on them, “you got your pretty panties all messy.” Her body jolted at that, and the stain only got bigger when I traced the outline of her lips with my finger.

I think she wanted me to take them off, because she let out a little whining sound when I only pulled her panties apart. I blew air directly onto her pussy, and if I hadn’t moved back immediately she probably would’ve tried thrusting it onto my face.

“Sorry to tell you this,” I said, “but if I’m being honest, I don’t think we’re close enough for that yet.” She looked at me like the world just ended. “I can do something else for you though.” I smirked and brought two fingers into my mouth, making a show out of licking and sucking on them while she watched. I don’t think she even blinked.

I slowly inserted my fingers inside of her then, gasping at how fucking *wet* she was. Her walls were so silky and soft; I wondered she’d be too tight to penetrate, but she was so slick, both my fingers made it all the way in without any resistance.

It was then that she suddenly convulsed; her thighs shook, and she let out a muffled scream around the cloth in her mouth as her walls constricted around me and let out a gush of slick.

“Holy shit,” I whispered, “did you just come? Already?”

Her eyes were teary, mascara slightly smudged as she looked down at me and nodded. I couldn’t help but laugh. I pulled my fingers out, and her little hole was twitching at the sudden loss.

I climbed up leaned over her again. I propped myself up on one elbow and stared into her eyes as I licked my juices off my fingers. “I guess I know why you’re not that sad about breaking up with your boyfriend,” I said.

She made a needy little noise and squirmed, her thighs pressing together.

“Oh?” I said. I moved my hand down and pressed my fingers against her entrance. She was *dripping* everywhere. “Does this pretty little pussy still need attention?”

She let her blouse fall from her mouth, her lipgloss smeared all over her mouth. “Yes, please.”

“Well, since you said ‘please,'” I thrusted my fingers in and, since I knew she’d scream again, I shut her up by kissing her *properly* this time. She laid there and took it, moving her hips as I put in a third finger and rubbed at her hard clit with the palm of my hand. I rubbed my own pussy on her bare thigh, making a mess as I tried to get as much contact on my clit as feasible. Despite however I felt about this girl, I couldn’t lie; the wondered of making a pillow princess out of her was driving me insane.

Finally, she grabbed my shoulder and let out a moan against my lips as she shuddered and tightened around my fingers, soaking them with her juices. She was still shaking against me when I groaned and grabbed her hand; before she could even ask what was happening, I used her hand to rub my pussy until I came. When I looked up, my breathing all heavy, she was still staring at me. Again, I don’t think she blinked.

It was sort of blurry after that. Her hands were sort of trembling while she was pulling her blouse and skirt back down. I fell asleep and woke up to my friend yelling at me to wash her sheets.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I’m back in my hometown for the holidays and went to the mall, as you do during this season. Never did I think I’d into *her* in front of Burlington Coat Factory. It was so awkward making small talk with this girl I finger-fucked years ago, but I pulled through. Next thing you know, this woman is approaching and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. I barely have time to register all this before the woman is like “Who’s this babe? Friend of yours?”

It was then that I finally saw the *matching rings* they both had on. Oh my God.

Made more idle chit-chat, then speedwalked away to text all my friends about it. Now that I’m typing all this out, I’m realizing why she kept clinging to me back then lol. Good for her!

NSFW: yes


  1. DaddySapphicThey

    Well done, both of y’all 😉 past you and future her/the smart lesbian she is today, lol
    and congratulations to her

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