Finger nail polish. (Fantasy)

Here’s some background info on the fantasy,

I was sitting in my living room one night after spending the entire day getting stoned and reading smut. I fingered my self a lot that day and It was a much needed day of self love. I decided to do some more self love got out the stuff to paint my nails, and that’s when I got the bright idea to paint the nails of the fingers I had pushed deep into my pussy earlier that day pink as a reminder of the fun little day of had with myself.

The fantasy is one day I’m at work (I work in a very male dominated Industry) and one of the men that works with me notices my nail polish is different while we are working on a project together. I want him to ask me why my nails on my middle and ring fingers are pink and the rest of nails are purple and I want to tell him because those are the ones that fit the deepest.

the next day he sees me and my pointer finger will be painted pink too, we make eye contact.

NSFW: yes

One Comment

  1. Specialist_Drama8408

    You have a very creative fantasy sex.
    What happens after eye contact?
    Is the naughty girl showing her artwork?

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