[F24] My parents sex routine

So on Saturday mornings, my parents usually have sex. It’s their routine. I know it’s wrong, but I enjoy watching from time to time. It feels so naughty, and I usually cannot blame myself for watching.

This morning, after hearing them begin, I sneaked over and opened the door just enough to see through. I was wearing only a shirt and panties and was on my hands and knees so they wouldn’t notice me. My mom was sucking my dad for a while before getting on top of him and doing him.

I took my undies off and began fingering myself. If I tried to stand up, my shirt was long enough to cover me. As I was about to cum, my older brother snuck up behind me. He absolutely frightened me to death. I was prepared for him to reveal me, but instead he whispered, pulled out his dick from his boxers, and started jerking it.

It was strange at first watching our parents fuck while pleasuring ourselves, but as we went on, it got nasty. A few moments later, he pushed my hand away from my pussy, then got down on his knees behind me and inserted his dick. “YEESS!!!” I groaned, then he shushed me and began to fuck me harder. While doing so,  I decided to continue to pay attention on my parents.

My mom was still on top of my dad, and she was just holding there while my dad overpowered her. I realized he was cumming in her. I started cumming immediately after they finished, and then my brother started cumming in me. When I realized I could feel his hot stuffs in me, I came twice and squirt a little at the same time.

Just as we done having an orgasm, I realised my mom’s approaching the door, and we dashed over to the couch, where we hid under a blanket.  When she came out, we tried to appear unconcerned. She had dressed a little, but not much (Leggings and a tank). We sat next to each other and watched a show together. I was sitting with my shirt under my buttocks the entire time, and I could feel my brother’s cum running down and getting my shirt wet.

After the show, she went to took a shower while my dad stayed in bed. My brother and I quickly did fuck again on the couch. We were both extremely horny. He pulled my top to show my tits and fuck me until he came in once more.

NSFW: yes

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