F[23] Got caught while my bf fucked me next to our friends

First of all I have to admit that I´ve all the time been a very naive girl. I´ve ran into way too many embarassing situations already and I sort of got tricked into some ‚stuff‘ by friends several times which I guess I will have to explain in some later stories. Am sorry in advance for my daftness (and for typos I guess, lol).

So it happened when I was over at my bfs place back then. It was kind of a one-room-flat, bedroom, living room and kitchen were mostly the same room. He´d invite some friends of us, a couple and another dude, because we were hanging out every week to watch a certain show together. This time he brought them over too early though, because I was just done showering when they arrived. He slipped into the bathroom, helped me get mostly dry and then suggested I´d simply take a quick go to the bed and get comfy underneath the blanket. So I walked out of the bathroom nude, covered up my boobs and pussy with my hands and took a quick run to the bed while they were laughing and cheering me (using the towel didn´t even come to my mind because my bf kept holding onto it and suggested the other way, yes, like I said, I´m dumb). I hid underneath the blanket and quickly realized that I would have to stay there throughout the whole time because all of my clothes were out of reach and my bf didn´t bother handing me any of them.

The show started soon after that and we were watching TV together. I was laying on my belly and constantly tried to hide my boobs behind my crossed arms since the blanket only covered my back and the most part of my legs. Only a few minutes into the show my bf decided to give me some business and slipped under the blanket too. At first I though he would lay down beside me, but he moved around and placed himself right above me. He had me spread my legs a bit to fit there with his and he nestled on my back, resting on his ellbows so I wouldn´t feel his weight. It felt romantic and kinda protective, but then I felt how he pulled down his pants and poked my butt with his dick. I blushed and looked back at him in surprise. He just whispered that it would be okay and that there´d be nothing wrong with a bit of secret fun. By his voice sounding all gentle and calming I believed him and let him go on. I wondered it would be nothing more than some romantic treating, but after he gave me some sensual rubs with the tip of his dick against my pussy, he entered me right away and stuffed me with his entire length. Caught by the surprise I tried to somehow keep a poker face infront of our friends and stared at the TV, but I couldn´t possibly focus on the show anymore. My bf took his sweet time pulling out entirely each time before giving me another full length thrust and it felt so hot I had to bite my lip to keep my mouth shut. Apparentally it felt that good to him too, because after a short time I could feel him pumping a hot load raw inside me. It was so hot it shook me with a small orgasm aswell.

Instead of calling it a day though he went on. He moved his hands underneatd my boobs without leaving his elbow rest and started to grope them while he continued to fuck me. I was still very oversensative and I twichted around a lot and spread my legs so much they were reaching out of the blanket more sideways than normally. The couch was standing at an oblique angle so the couple sitting on it could look at us as easy as at the TV. By now they certainly had noticed our movements, but kept silent about it. I was so nervous I was constantly plucking and pulling at the blanket to cover up my front and the gap between his body and mine, but that absolutely backfired. My feet had been rather cold for a while, but now despite the sexual heat it suddenly felt waay cooler around my whole lower body. Turned out my constant pulling along with my bfs stronger moving had made the blanket to full slip down from his back to the side, so our friends could see everything! The couple instantly turned their heads and stared at us with surprised laughter which ofcourse also made the other guy turn around. They even muted the TV! I was looking at them in complete shame and shock and desperately tried to throw the blanket back over us, which didn´d work out at all. My bf was too much beyond the point of no return by now to really care about it and he gave me several more thrusts before emptying a second load inside me. For a second I was just glad it was over, but as my bf backed down … my pussy was overflown and all sticky with his cum, so when he slowly pulled out his dick it gave a slimy, slippery sound loud enough to be clearly heard by everyone! That was so unbelievably embarassing and lewd that it made me orgasm hard. I tried to hold it back so much I got tears running down my face, but it didn´t help a bit, I was laying there and my legs and whole lower body were uncontrollably shaking and trembling. Hearing our friends laughing and woohoo-ing at us only made it more extreme and it took me like several minutes until I could think halfway straight again.

After all that, nobody cared about the show anymore and we kept talking and laughing about the silly naughty things each of them would have done already. I don´t know if my bf had expected them to respond so openminded, probably he didn´t care in the first place. For me I was very reliefed to see they took it that humorously, but that didn´t make it much less embarassing for me and I spent the next weeks constantly remembering their astonished faces watching my bf fucking and cumfilling me …

NSFW: yes

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