The Closer in Cairo Caper – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

It was the evening of December 31st, and the hours were ticking down towards New Year in the Egyptian capital. In the ballroom of the Nefertiti Hotel, Carmen Sandiego stood before the grand window overlooking the Nile. The view was magnificent, the reflected lights of the city dancing upon the water’s surface. Lifting a glass of exquisite red Moët to her lips, she silently toasted her recent success. While Carmen was enjoying New Year’s Eve here at the hotel, her efforts had ensured that a number of former V.I.L.E. operatives would be spending it behind bars.

It had been more than two years since the crime syndicate’s headquarters were raided and its operations dismantled, but the task of tracking down its remaining members — at least those who were still active criminals — was ongoing. This year had seen an up-tick in activity following a series of prison breaks, and while Carmen did not exactly relish the wondered of her former employers and associates being loose in the world and hungry for revenge, part of her did feel a thrill at the challenge they presented. The dangers of her lifestyle brought her no shortage of exhilaration.

Tonight, however, she was seeking a thrill of a different sort. Having bested several of her enemies during an attempted heist here in Cairo, she felt that she could allow herself the luxury of blowing off a little steam. She was certainly dressed to catch attention, attired in a sumptuous crimson satin dress which clung to all of her shapely curves, and whose plunging neckline fell to just above her navel. Thigh-high slits in the skirt showed flashes of her athletic legs, while elbow-length black opera gloves, stiletto heels and a golden filigree necklace completed her ensemble. As she enjoyed her wine and the view of the river, she could already feel the lingering stares of other party-goers upon her bare back. Some of the looks she received were envious; most were intrigued, and a few openly lustful. She smiled to herself, wondering if any would feel bold enough to approach her. But she was counting on one individual who would be.

It was no coincidence that she had booked herself a suite at this particular hotel. The Nefertiti was one of Cairo’s most trendy and luxurious accommodations, often utilised by celebrities, politicians and the extremely wealthy. Carmen happened to know that several diplomats from the French Embassy would be coming to the bar here this evening to celebrate, and there was one in particular whom she was looking forward to seeing again.

As an international thief with some very dangerous enemies, Carmen’s lifestyle did not lend itself well to romantic relationships. She often had to travel long distances at short notice, and settling down was something that she had barely even considered. Consequently, her sex life consisted almost entirely of hook-ups and one night stands, and she rarely saw the same partner twice. She had met individuals here and there who were interesting enough to keep her attention for longer, though it was telling that she tended to spend more time thinking about her missed opportunities than her conquests. Grey had flirted with her often enough, for instance, and she thought more than once whether it was worth indulging him, but in the end their relationship had never taken that direction. Having grown up alongside him at the V.I.L.E. Academy, Carmen saw Grey more as an adoptive brother than anything else, and not someone she desired to have sex with. She often wondered about Julia Argent, and had even promised herself that someday she would tempt the quiet, scholarly young woman into her bed, if only to see what lay beneath Jules’ adorably shy demeanour. But tonight, Carmen planned on taking the road less travelled, and having a second liaison with a previous partner.

In the glass in front of her, she caught sight of an approaching reflection. A smooth, Parisian-accented voice pronounced her name.

“Mademoiselle Carmen Sandiego. Fancy meeting you here.”

“Monsieur Anton de Richet,” she replied. “Fancy meeting you indeed.”

She turned towards the Frenchman and met his warm smile with one of her own. The pair of them swiftly hugged one another, sharing cheek-to-cheek kisses. Anton was the French embassy’s Deputy Head of Mission, and had served in that post for the past year. Carmen had first met him six months prior to that in Dakar, where he was overseeing the return of numerous cultural artefacts from French museums to the Senegalese government. There had been an attempted theft of the artefacts in question, orchestrated by Dash Haber. Carmen had thwarted that operation, and while it had never been her intention to involve Anton directly in that caper, he had joined her efforts and proven himself a more than capable ally. Before leaving Senegal she took him up on his offer of an evening drink. She found him smart, educated and extremely charming, and the two had wound up spending the night in his bedroom at the embassy in Dakar. She recalled the experience quite pleasantly.

Stepping back from their greeting, she looked him up and down. While she wouldn’t call him conventionally handsome, there was something strikingly attractive about his roguish features. The midnight blue suit that he wore was off-the-rack rather than designer, but it nonetheless looked good on him. Like herself, she knew that he kept in shape through a dedicated fitness routine, and she looked forward to reacquainting herself with his body before the night was over. He returned her gaze, his eyes wandering over her, lingering a little predictably upon her cleavage and the curve of her hips. She raised one eyebrow in a coy look, wordlessly asking if he was gonna just keep staring all night, before she extended one hand towards him. Remembering his etiquette, Anton took her gloved hand and placed a gentle kiss upon it.

“It is good to see you again,” he said with clear fondness. “I wish I’d known you were coming. I suppose those arrests two nights ago and a stolen sarcophagus being inexplicably left at the museum should have been a clue that you were in town?”

“It was business that brought me to Cairo,” she told him before taking another sip from her glass, “But given the time of year, I thought I’d stick around for a little pleasure. It’s been a while since I last stayed at the Nefertiti.”

“You have a room here?”

“I booked the Hatshepsut Suite. Thought I’d spare no expense for New Year.”

“You’ll find no greater luxury in Egypt, or so this place likes to claim.”

Carmen finished her wine, placing down the empty glass. For a few seconds, silence hung between the two, waiting to be filled.

“Would you care for a dance?” Anton ventured.

“And here’s me thinking you’d never ask,” she replied just a little facetiously, taking his hand as he led her to the dance floor. A string quartet was playing a gentle waltz, and numerous other couples were already partaking. Carmen quickly fell into step with Anton’s hand upon her waist. She was a very capable dancer, but it seemed that he was also very much in his element here, and she was happy to let him lead as they moved gracefully to the music. His deep brown eyes remained fixed on hers throughout, and despite her usually impeccable composure, Carmen felt the warmth of a blush creeping into her cheeks.

“I was quite certain that you’d be good at this,” he whispered to her as he leaned close to her ear.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” she teased him back. “And it seems you have too.”

“Well, I’d be a poor excuse for a diplomat if I couldn’t navigate a formal dance.”

“I hope we get to tango before the night is over.”

By the time the waltz came to its end, Carmen’s heart rate was up and her passions were stirred. Anton found them a table, where they sat and reminisced about their last meeting as the other guests partied on around them. Delicious wine flowed and inhibitions continued to lower. They chatted merrily about the exploits of the past year, while beneath the table their feet caressed one another in a provocative game. Hours fell off the clock until midnight arrived, and they welcomed in the New Year with a sweet, languid kiss. If Anton had any remaining doubts about Carmen’s intentions towards him this evening, they evaporated at the sensuous touch of her ruby lips.

After midnight, the string quartet played one last performance, accepting an enthusiastic round of applause from the guests before a DJ took over. The background music swiftly became less classical and more contemporary, and as the party progressed into the small hours of the morning, it became rather more raucous. The DJ took them through a plethora of disco, dance, trance, drum & bass, eventually veering into some classic rock and metal. Whether they were on the dance floor or talking with drinks in hand, Carmen and Anton barely left one another’s side. By four in the morning about half of the guests had crawled off to bed or passed out in their seats, but the two of them were still happily in the party spirit. When the dance floor began to resonate with the opening beat of ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails, a Cheshire Cat grin spread across Carmen’s face as she recognised the tune.

“You let me violate you,

You let me desecrate you,

You let me penetrate you,

You let me complicate you.”

She pulled Anton back to the dance floor, her lithe body already swaying to the music.

“Help me, I’m broke upon my insides,”

She turned her back to him, roundly sashaying her hips as she slowly lifted her arms above her head.

“Help me, I’ve got no soul to sell,”

His hands took a firm hold of her sides, slowly coursing their way down to rest upon her waist.

“Help me, the only thing that works for me,”

She began to grind the curve of her ass against his crotch, feeling a hard bulge stir within his trousers in response. Warmth was spreading between her own legs, her pussy growing wetter with need by the moment.

“Help me get away from myself.”

She spun towards him, meeting his gaze, her lips only inches from his as she mouthed the words of the next line;

“I want to fuck you like an animal.”

There was little holding back for them after that. They danced through the second verse, but long before the song finished they left the ballroom hand in hand, making for the elevator. By the time they arrived at the Hatshepsut Suite they were lost in one another’s arms, kissing wildly. The bedroom door slammed shut and Carmen shoved Anton back towards the bed, watching him topple onto the silk sheets. Her hands reached up to the back of her head, untying the neck of her dress and letting the rich garment fall to the floor. It lay about her feet like a crimson pool, and she wasted no time in sliding her lacy black panties down her legs, leaving her standing in nothing but her shoes and gloves.

Her body was undeniably magnificent. Anton gazed at her, his expression one of pure desire as he saw her naked for the second time in his life. Her beautiful figure was a testament to both her Latina heritage and her years of athletic training. Her muscles were toned and firm beneath her caramel skin. There was a short, trimmed covering of dark pubic hair around her pussy, whose lips were soaking wet and swollen with arousal. Her bodily contours were nothing short of hypnotic, from her gorgeous thighs and round hips, the hourglass curve of her waist, up to the swell of her supple B-cup breasts and their cappuccino-toned nipples. Anton could believe that he was staring at a goddess, and in this moment Carmen felt like one.

“Stand up,” she told him as she untied her auburn hair from its elegant bun atop her head, allowing it to cascade freely down her back. He obeyed her command and she placed her hands upon his shoulders, slipping him out of his jacket and letting it fall to the carpet. He had already removed his tie during the course of the night’s festivities, so his fingers quickly began to unbutton his shirt. As he did so, Carmen sank down to her knees and unbuckled his belt, before opening his trousers and freeing his bulging cock from his briefs. Her grey eyes gazed up at him lustfully as she eased back his foreskin and placed a tender kiss upon the tip of his erection, before planting more all the way down its length. Her hand caressed him along with her lips; she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and lifted it up, before running her tongue all the way along it, licking him from balls to tip. Finally she slid her lips over the head of his cock, enveloping him with her mouth, and she was soon sucking him hungrily as her hand pumped his shaft. When Anton pulled off his shirt and exposed his lean torso, Carmen reached up to place her free hand upon his stomach, never breaking eye contact as she bobbed her head back and forth. Eventually her hand relinquished its grip on his cock and she devoured him fully, swallowing his length as deep as she could. He was lost in pleasure at the sight and feel of her, and she was loving every moment of it as he nudged the back of her throat.

His head was thrown back and his hips were trembling when she finally released him from her mouth.

“Well this is familiar,” she remarked, looking up at him with a devilish smile. “You looked exactly like that the first time I sucked your dick.”

Anton laughed gently at the memory, one hand caressing her cheek.

“Lay down on the bed, Mademoiselle Sandiego,” he told her. “I want to taste you now.”

Carmen rose to her feet and kissed him sweetly, before climbing onto the bed. Laying back and parting her legs for him, she cupped her breasts in her hands and began to tease her firm nipples with her fingertips. While Carmen played with herself, Anton wasted no time in stripping out of his remaining clothing, joining her atop the bedsheets once he was fully undressed. She wrapped her arms around him as their mouths met in another passionate kiss, before he began to nuzzle his way down her body, mouthing and licking her delicious skin. Electricity tingled through her nerves and she purred with delight as he drew her left nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling the sensitive bud, before doing the same to her right. He continued to make his way downwards, his tongue dipping into her navel, before he planted kisses down both of her legs, arriving at her feet. Carefully he removed her shoes, placing them down off the bed and playfully sucking on her delicate toes, causing Carmen to giggle with delight.

Soon he journeyed his way back up to between her thighs, towards the centre of her warmth. He moved in close and his fingers gifted her labia and clitoris with tantalizing caresses, before he began to lick her in earnest. It was Carmen’s experience that women were usually better at cunnilingus than men, but Anton was certainly not lacking in skill. She moaned softly as he devoured her cunt, and her fingers clenched tightly upon the back of his head when he delved inside her, fucking her with his tongue. Shudders of ecstasy ran up her spine and her hips moved of their own accord, rubbing her slick pussy all over his mouth and chin. She could feel a slight burn from his stubble, but the sensation only added to her excitement.

The taste of her arousal and the movements of her body were too much for Anton to withstand. In moments he had climbed back atop her, pinning her head to the pillow with a rough, dominant kiss. His tongue entered her mouth and all that Carmen could taste was her own pussy, giving her a beautifully erotic thrill. The head of his cock rubbed against her nethers before finally sliding in, and she yielded to his touch as he filled her cunt. His hips began to rock in a steady motion, driving his cock deep into her, fucking her harder than she initially expected. She gave herself over to the sensation, allowing him to dominate her as she lay beneath him.


He groaned with pleasure and she writhed against him, their sweat-slicked bodies grinding together. Her soft breasts heaved against his chest as she gasped for breath, his chest hair rubbing upon her nipples. His hands gripped her tightly, groping and feeling her body, and she returned his hungry kisses with her own. She felt her way all over his back and his ass, her fingers tracing the contours of his muscles.

“That’s it, baby, use me,” she whispered. “Faster…”

At her encouragement he picked up his pace, plunging into her fast and hard. Her body shook with each wild thrust, her breasts bouncing atop her chest. She moaned, and mewled, and demanded more, thoroughly enjoying the hard fucking that he was giving her. Without warning, she wrapped her muscular legs around her lover and rolled him onto his back, straddling his waist. For someone of her lithe create, Carmen was exceptionally strong, and she pinned him down beneath her, a tiger’s hungry smile upon her lips. Anton returned her grin at the sudden role reversal, and he settled back into the pillows as she began to ride him hard, fucking herself upon his cock. As she rocked up and down she peeled off her opera gloves, throwing them apart and placing her bare hands on Anton’s body. Her scarlet fingernails pressed into him and she raked her hands down his chest, scoring lines upon his skin. He threw his head back, crying out with the exquisite mix of pleasure and pain.

“I remember how you liked it when I scratch you,” she panted as she clawed at him again, mauling his chest raw.


“And when I bite you,” she added, leaning in over him and licking his throat like a hungry predator, tasting his sweat and cologne. She nipped at him with her teeth, biting all over his neck and shoulders, biting hard enough to mark him with welts in places. The tip of her tongue danced along the scratches she had made upon his chest, and flicked teasingly against his nipples before she bit him there too, drawing more loud groans from his lips. His body shook beneath her, overcome with sensation. The tide of pleasure was rising within her as well, threatening to tip her over the edge.

“Are you close?” she asked.

“I’m… I’ll last a little longer yet…” he replied, and she hoped that he was being truthful. To Anton’s surprise, Carmen’s movements slowed to a halt, and she climbed off of him. Suddenly she was looking a little wary.

“I’m a little out of schedule with my birth control,” she whispered as she lay down on her side next to him. “Sorry darling, but I can’t let you cum in my pussy.”

Anton took a moment to catch his breath, nodding his head. There was a touch of disappointment in his eyes, though he did his best to hide it.

“That’s okay,” he reassured her. “What would you prefer instead? I can give your beautiful breasts a cum shower, if you like.”

Carmen’s gaze met his, and she bit down on her lower lip apprehensively. Intrigued, he thought what might be going through her mind.

“I do like the feel of hot cum on my boobs,” she told him. “But I thought that maybe you’d like to finish in my ass?”

If Anton had grinned any wider at that suggestion, Carmen wondered that the top of his head might have fallen off.

“I didn’t know you were into that,” he said, his eyes alight with excitement.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me,” she replied with a gentle laugh and another kiss. “But I know that I’d really like to have anal sex with you. Just promise me that you’ll be gentle back there.”

“Oh, on that you have my word of honour.”

“I should have bought some lube for tonight, but there’s a bottle of olive oil over on the minibar. We can use that.”

“Ah, doing it the Classical way.”

They shared one more kiss before Anton climbed off the bed and went to retrieve the bottle. He hadn’t known that Carmen was in to this because — usually — she really wasn’t. Her lack of experience in that area did not stem from lack of opportunity; she had been with plenty of guys who’d expressed a desire to fuck her shapely Latina ass. It was simply that the prospect of anal sex all the time made her nervous, and there had only been a handful of occasions where she’d felt brave enough to say yes. Even when she was very turned on, she often found that it took her a while to relax enough to properly enjoy it. While she knew that she could climax from it, and that her anal orgasms could be very intense, she just wasn’t fond of the initial pain of a cock pushing into her rear. She recalled one past experience with a very well-endowed partner who had refused to stop when she screamed that it hurt too much. For that, she had left him in hospital with a broken nose and a fractured jaw. Still, she expected things would go differently with Anton. She wouldn’t have made him the offer if she didn’t trust him to be considerate.

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