[F22] Freeuse bet led to me being fucked infront of my best friend

Throughout studies I was living in a shared flat with several mates, but since some of them were seniors they moved out one by one after graduating, until I was left with a single mate in my age. He was a fun guy and we all the time got along well. With having a bit more air to breath in the flat while still having the same thin walls we found out soon enough that both of us were needy. At first we treated that with alot of humor and your occasional sass, but soon we realized that we were thirsty enough for some games. We hid our (pretty clear) intentions behind naughty bets and turned almost every sort of household work and any round of couch gaming into little competitions. Loser had to do stuff like performing a stripdance, walking around naked for a set time or even things like going handjob or oral on the winner, quite kinky, but still not the real deal.

It became obvious that we wanted alot more, but because we were constantly afraid of the other drawing a line at any moment, we decided to turn it into a big kink game aswell to give us some extra motivation. Rules were very simple. It was a full freeuse scenario, no holding back at all. We´d both pay a decent sum of money (at least decent for broke students like us) into a pot every two weeks, and whoever gave up and denied the freeuse first, would surrender the pot to the other.

To say the least, the following weeks were a blast. We lived out alot of stored heat and fucked around wildly. I kept him on pussylicking duty like about every second TV evening while he had no single smoking break on the balcony without me kneeling there and sucking him off. Nudity was state-of-the-art dress code, because clothes really would just get in the way when we would casually grab each other for sex several times a day. The place was reeking of sex after some time and random pillows on the floor marked places where one of us had decided to grab and use the other before. Naughty me didn´t mind this at all, it might looked and smelled like a cheap sex den, but more than that it just gave me that feeling of rebellious freedom.

Still that had to change some good while later, because my best friend [F23] was about to visit me and it needed alot of tidying up, ventilating and roomspray for me to feel comfortable about it. When she arrived, everything seemed to be okay and we had a great time chilling together. At some point we were sitting in the kitchen with some fresh cups of coffee when my flatmate walked in. I immediately became nervous as I saw the cheeky bastard getting an idea, and yes, that fucker really went for it without hesitation. He walked up to me until he was right next to me and whipped out his dick right into my face – all infront of my friend. Him having the guts was mindblowing alone, but the actual situation hit me pretty hard. My friend sat there, completely frozen in surprise. If I hadn´t given her some faint hints about our special relation from time to time, she probably would have left out of shock. I saw him gesturing at his cock and forming the words „Freeuse or pot“ with his mouth. I was thunderstruck. The regular pay-in had been hurtful for me throughout the last weeks and I could not possibly lose the whole pot to that dickhead. I felt like my head was gonna explode and I felt outright dizzy with shame, but I finally leant towards him and swallowed his cock. My friends eyes got even bigger and she yelled:

„Woah, really now?!“

On which the guy told her:

„Don´t worry, it´s just a little agreement between us.“

I believed my whole life to be over. That man had bombed my whole reputation with my best friend into pieces within an instant and here I sat sucking him off while I could see her staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I tried to finish him off as quickly as efficient (which then again surely made me look like a slut even more) and during that I felt how much I got turned on by the situation. He came quickly and made sure to spare me no humiliation in that. Despite the sluttiness of it, I would gladly have swallowed to not cause a mess, but the fucker pulled out and jizzed all over my face. With an honest death wish I turned back to my friend to somehow – anyhow – covering up what just had happened with acting casual and ignorant, but of course it failed miserably. I wished so badly for her to stop staring at me, but her eyes were wandering over all that cum on my face relentlessly. My worst fear came true as I realized he was not done. With my whole body pulsating out of shame and excitement I moved along as he was gently making me stand up and follow him out of the kitchen. I only stared at my friend unable to say a single word, so he simply said to her:

„Sorry, could you excuse us for a moment? Won´t take too long, I hope.“

And, what to say, she didn´t excuse us. She stood up and I couldn´t blame her for wanting to leave. But the truth was just so much more cruel. She actually walked along, doing nothing but silently witnessing what was happening. He led me into the center of our living room and made me take off every last piece of clothing, he pointed out my hard nipples and how fucking wet I was and finally he had me got on all fours on the couch – with my best friend watching everything of that with a mix of disbelief and fascination. After getting out of his pants he placed himself behind me and didn´t hesitate the slightest bit to pound his rock-hard cock inside me.

„You know what a huge asshole you are right now?“, I whispered after I´d overcome that first shock and he replied:

„Yes, and am sorry, but you wouldn´t believe how hot being that asshole feels right now.“

Oh, I could believe it alright, because his cock ramming into my pussy never had felt harder and more throbbing before. On top of that he just went on me like an animal. I tried my best to keep quiet, but that man was violating me with such deep, fast thrusts that I ended up moaning like a little bitch. All of it felt like a fucked up dream, me getting slammed like that with my best friend watching. All of a sudden I saw her pulling out her phone to make fucking pictures(!) and that additional shock made me clasp so hard it made the guy groan.

„Is – is it okay?“

Those were the first words she had spoken since the whole sexcapade had started and it brought my humiliation to a whole other level, because she addressed the question solely to him. Of course that bastard let it pass and even got turned on further by it. He was ravaging me so fucking hard, I gave out short loud moans in the rhythm of his balls smacking against my clit.

„Oh, gosh, those sounds …“, I heard from my friend – who was slowly circling us by now, watching and taking dozens of pics – and that opinion was enough to make me cum hard. Everything felt totally electrifying and growingly surreal. Her stare was but 100% fascination by now and she kept taking photos which fueled his twisted bravado enough to go on long enough to make me cum a second time before throwing me on my back and unloading an unholy amount of sperm all over my front body. At this point I was just too thorougly done to care about anything so I kept laying there while that supreme dickhead simply dressed up and left and while my friend took some last pictures of my mess. At some point she turned to leave aswell and said:

„Uhm, I´ll let you take a shower and/or a nap now, you look … like you need both. We, uh, we talk later, I suppose …“

And she just left like that without any further ado, so there I was: naked, cumstained and alone, utterly humiliated and feeling way too aroused by it.

NSFW: yes

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