(F22) Being groped on the bus

When i was 18 and in uni, i went home by bus at one night.
I had late night classes that day but i didnt mind them, it was the beginning of the summer, the air was warm and the night was calm. I waited at the bus station alone in the dark and texted some friends.
Then my bus finally arrived but it was empty inside — until the next stop— where a middle aged man got on the bus and started walking toward me. I didnt mind it much, just look out of the window. But then i felt that he sat next to me. I creeped out from this.
For a few minutes he sat there in silence, i didnt know what to think of this.
Then i felt a soft touch on my thigh, this freaked me out but i didn’t dare to say anything. That soft touch then evolved into a stronger one and climed up more and more on my leg. Mind me that i was in a light summer dress so there was nothing to stop him. He continued and reached my panty. At this point i was already so scared i was shaking but no word could come out of my mouth.
He didnt stop there, he continued to touch my panty and what scared me even more is that i became wet. I became wet from a stranger groping me on the bus.
He them slid his hand in my panty stroking my freshly shaved pussy and finally reaching my vagina.
I couldn’t belive what was happening, he started to finger my dripping pussy. I felt so turned on, and i was so ashamed of it. He continued to finger my wet pussy and eventually i couldt stop myself from having a enormous orgasm, he put his hand on my mouth while doing this, so that the driver wont notice. I never felt like this before, like a dirty cheap slut that anyone can use.
I just had my orgasm when he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me hard down to his lap. I literally had no time to withstand, he grabbed his erected cock and shoved it in my mouth deep. He didn’t didn’t released my head, i was gasping for air, barely could breath cuz his shaft was so deep down in my throat. He did not care, i choked on him, but he continued to fuck my face there on the bus. At the end he fasted up so much i couldnt even breath and came in my mouth so intensly that cum drooled out of my mouth and nose. I couldn’t help myself either, i had a second orgasm, and felt like a whore in shame.

NSFW: yes

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