F21, I had sex with a mutual friends Dad

I recently went to a birthday party at a random house, I was invited by a girlfriend but I didn’t really know the birthday girl that well. We were running a little late, the party started at 7pm but we didn’t end up arriving until about 9:30pm. By the time we arrived most people were already drunk and a few people were making speeches. I didn’t really know anyone there so I just sort of awkwardly sat in the background.

The birthday girl’s dad got up to make a speech, he was super cute, I assumed he was around 40yo. I couldn’t help but stare at him, he definitely noticed as he looked in my direction and smiled, I smiled back in sort of a panic. My friend had disappeared, she was talking to a few people but returned with a drink, I ended up getting roped into a game a beer pong which definitely got me very tipsy.

I thought inside to use the bathroom, as I was walking through the kitchen, the birthday girls dad was in there cleaning up. I tried to quickly walk past but he noticed me, he introduced himself and said something like “I don’t think we’ve met before” he introduced himself (Dallas) we had a fairly long chat together, I almost forgot I needed to use the bathroom so I asked him where to go. He walked me down the hall, however there was someone inside that sounded very sick. So he offered to let me use the toilet in his bedroom, he walked me upstairs and showed me through his room. I just remember it being really tidy and dark, I quickly used the restroom, before walking out of the room I had a little look around, there wasn’t any photos, I was curious is Dallas was married.

Then as I was look at his bedside table he walked in, I was super embarrassed, I told him I was just admiring his room. He offered to give me a tour of the house, we started talking again, as we walked around the upstairs area, I was a little flirty with him as I was a little drunk, I kept checking his body out, he was wearing a tight grey crew neck shirt, I think he may have noticed me staring a few times as I glanced at him. We ended up back at his bedrooms, I told him how comfortable he bed looked, I sat on the edge of the bed, he just stood there and smiled at me. I asked what he was smiling about, he said something along the lines of “I haven’t had a beautiful girl in my bed for a long time”

I started to blush, I was interested in him, I just had no idea how to make the first move. I asked if he could get me another drink, as he went downstairs I quickly ran back to the bathroom to freshen up. He came back up with 2 glasses of wine, I quickly drank my glass and sat back next to him, he placed his hand on my thigh, I wanted him so badly so I went in for a girl. His arm tightly wrapped around me, as his other hand squeezed my thigh, I put my arms around his neck as we kissed. He got up and closed the bedrooms door, locking it behind him. He came back to the bed and pushed me down, he pulled my shirt up a little and started kissing my stomach and ribs, I started moaning, I wanted him to know I liked it. He then pulled my skirt up over my hips and began kissing and biting my thighs, I was so wet at this point, I pulled my panties to the side and felt his tongue push inside of me. He kept sucking my clit and pussy lips, I could feel myself getting close, I reached down and pushed his head down as I climaxed.

He pulled me by my legs close to him the lifted my legs up in the air as he removed my panties. He unbuckle his pants and quickly push his dick inside of me. I didn’t get a chance to see it but I definitely felt him deep inside of me, he stayed on top for a little, until I pushed him back and turned around on all fours. I told him to fuck me as hard as he liked, he pushed back inside of me and strongly gripped my ass with both hands, he was going faster and faster, I started pushing back against him. I was so turned on, I wanted him to break me, then as I felt his hand squeeze my ass even harder he pulled out and shot the biggest load all over my ass and back. He then laid next to me, I stayed on all fours and continued to play with my pussy, rubbing it as I looked at him. I climaxed again while holding eye contact with him, I then laid flat on my stomach exhausted.

He let me use his shower to freshen up before returning to the party, he gave me his phone number before I left that night. I haven’t called him yet but I want to.

NSFW: yes

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