F 42. My son (M 22) rough fucked my ass in front of my husband and then took me to his room and showered me with love

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NSFW: yes

Read my previous story for a better understanding of the situation.

After reading the comments and messages in here I wondered I’ll distribute more about us. So sharing last weekend’s story about my son fucking my ass in front of my husband. My son had walked into my room with the libe bottle in his hand and in no time he was inside my ass and was giving it to me really rough and I was very vocal.

At this point of time my husband was back home and walked into us and he stood there and watched us. I tried to meet eyes with him but it was difficult for me due to the action that was happening behind and I was already on my edge with my son’s roughness. And that’s when I heard my husband telling “that’s not enough, do her harder” and I lifted up my head to see my husband who was laughing and immediately my son spanked me hard and increased the pace. This is a way which my husband teases me.

And I asked my husband to be quiet and he laughed even more and told our son to keep up the pace. Our son is someone who takes a real pride in fucking his mom as rough as feasible and for his such conversations are a booster and often leaves me sore and that’s what happened. He pulled out and made me lay on my belly and re entered in my ass again and wrapped his arms around my torso tight and started fucking me rough. And I got really vocal and looked at my husband and said “this is all because of you” and I couldn’t even complete my sentance and put back my head down. Finally, my son son cummed and filled up my ass. He got off the bed and I saw both father son fistbumping.

Then my husband walked upto me to make me comfortable after which my son too was back after cleaning up, as he usually does after a rough session. He got me up from the bed, cupped my face and gave me a passionate kiss and asked me if I liked it and I smiled and nodded as a yes. “I know you could take it mom. You are the best” he said and kissed on my forehead and looked at me. I still hadn’t recovered so he told his dad that he is taking me to his room and carried me to his bed in his arms. In there he loved me in every feasible way by kissing me a lot, my lips, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, scalp, nose, all over. I was on cloud nine from the gesture and felt so loved. He decided not to make me go back but had me lay over him and take a post sex nap as he caressed my scalp the whole time.

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