F 35 years old teacher’s first gloryhole experience

I’m 35 year old teacher, with blonde hair 165cm height and about 55kg’s. I’m married and we have a child.

A week ago, me and ladies went a bar. We just drinking and enjoying. I needed go to the WC. As I arrived here, I’ve realized that there was no empty cabinet. Just the end of the hallway was empty, but it designed differently. It looks like wood, but it isn’t. Very similiar to it. I entered here. I’ve done my job here and I saw a hole in wall. It didn’t took so much to find out what was that. I just started waiting curiously, and took a look from hole. I came eye to eye with a stranger man, I’ve panicked and closed hole with my hand. I heard he laughed. I took my hand back and, around a minute, a cock popped out from hole. I was really excited and scared a bit. I wondered about my husband but said how can he know that? I was really curious and excited at the moment and it was too late.

I grabbed the dick, it was bigger than my husband’. I started to jerking it, then I started to suck it with my cherry lips. He started to moaning and came fast, he suddenly started shooting his load inside of my mouth. I wasn’t expecting that and I cough. I couldn’t swallow the load and some cum dropped to my black dress. Then a dick popped out again, I understood now, I’m on the hell but I was enjoying it. The dick wasn’t too big. I started to suck it, felt growing up in my mouth. I sucked it till he comes in my mouth. I swallowed it. Then again, a cock popped out. My pussy was very very wet. I started to suck it again, this was a big one. I sucked him and made him finish in my face. A minute ago, some guys were saying me open the door, they were knocking and trying to open it, but it was locked. I was scared, my legs was shaking but I was fucking enjoying it. I couldn’t count but after 6th or 7th cock, I was really sloppy and cum covered. There was so much cum, on the ground, on my dress, in my stomach, so much. I didn’t want to rip my dress, and I took of it. I got naked, only heels on my feet. I’ve spent time here around 2,5 hours. I used every part of my body, hands, mouth, feet, tits, ass and even my pussy to make cocks cum. I was really really tired and I went out of cabin. I was really fucked up. My mascara, make up was ruined, cum trails in my dress. I didn’t went home tonight, phoned my husband and said I’m really sick, kiss our child for me. He wanted to see me but no. I convinced him and stayed on my friend. After a day, I went home. Later, I’ve learned a man there found out there was a woman inside, and people were paying him to use me. It was fucking perfect experience. I love my family but I’m sure I will go here again

NSFW: yes

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