Dry Spell Pt. 02: The Handyman

Short introduction:

Cherry is a perky witch with voluptuous figure and intensely red hair. Some years ago another witch drunkenly cast a dry spell on poor Cherry, and she hasn’t had any dick ever since. Luckily, Cherry and her best friend Jane found a magical amulet from a fair, and encouraged by the prospect of finally getting laid, Cherry has already matched with a few promising gentlemen on the dating app Ember.

Her first date was Mark, who was all he promised and after the sun set upon the satisfied couple, even more.

Cherry’s second date with new Ember match, Simon, takes place on a famous park near Cherry’s place. As they get to know each other little by little, Simon turns out to be quite extraordinary fellow.

All characters are adults.

In the morning I laid down on the bed, exhausted and sore in the best sort of way. The sheets were spotty and wet with all the cum- Mark had fucked me for a good while before he left, kissing me goodbye with an massive, wolfish grin on his lips. Everything in the bedroom- including me- seemed to have turned out to be a complete, utter mess. I touched my pussy and winced. It was swollen, tender and wet as the ocean. Some cum dribbled out to my fingers and I gasped. How can I still feel turned on after being fucked since dusk? I dipped my fingers in my cunt, took them out and licked them a little. Sooooo good. I repeated the dipping and this time spread the cum to my tits and lips. With the last night in my mind and Mark’s cum all over me I masturbated until one of the most intense orgasms of my life crashed through me.

I showered without any haste, letting the warm water follow the lush curves of my body. My tits were perky despite being size DD- something that I just might have helped with a spell or two. Slowly and longingly I washed all the cum off my body, used my favorite mango-scented shower gel and closed my eyes as the sweet, fruity scent filled the small bathroom. Finally I turned the shower off, grabbed a soft, plush towel and dried my body. I had just stepped out of the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam, as somewhere in the living room my phone rang. I had a faint memory of dropping it to a sofa when Mark carried me to the bedroom, and- oh yes, there it was. Somehow it had managed to end up between the sofa pillows, and I ended up dropping the towel altogether, and using my both hands to discover the phone. The weather outside was sunny and the sunshine reflected to my apartment from the windows across the street. I stood stark naked by the sofa, my skin soft and warm from the shower and answered the phone.

“Hi Jane, what’s up?”

“Well apparently you are, finally. I’ve called you twice already and was just about to send for a search and rescue.”
I smiled- Jane can be a bit over the top at times but she exacerbates the things she worries about it on purpose, to make them sound more ridiculous.

“Oh honey, I was just in the shower and didn’t hear my phone.”

“Alright then. Listen, I’m absolutely starving for breakfast and news on Mark. Meet me at the Oak and Ivy?”
My stomach growls so loudly that before I can say anything Jane begins to laugh.

“I take that as a yes then. I’ll be there at twenty, see you soon!”
She hung up and I begun gathering up something I could wear. I quickly decided on a breezy, yellow summer dress with a generous neckline, and nice white panties with a matching bra to go with the dress. I quickly put some make up on, grabbed my handbag and added a cute pair of kitten heels.

Soon I met my friend Jane at Oak and Ivy, my favorite café.

“So how was your date?” She asked as we sat down- she a bit easier than me.

“Straight to business huh?”

“Well my best friend has been living like a nun for years and now she might have had a chance of action, so obviously I’m interested.”

“It was..” I say and feel a stupid smile spread across my face. My cheeks blush as I think of Mark’s both sides and obviously, the dicks of those sides. Jane new something about my witchy side, but she had no idea that I was the real deal and not just in the craft for some candle burning and aesthetics, so I couldn’t tell her about Mark’s transformation.

“It was quite nice.”

Jane grinned.

“Quite nice eh? You’re whole face tells a different story. Was he good? Will you see him again?”

“He was really good. Like, r e a l l y good. But I doubt I’ll see him again, he travels quite a lot. But that’s okay, I have another guy I’ve been chatting with and we are meeting on the weekend.”

“Look at you, back on the saddle! I’m really glad the amulet works.”

We talked and laughed for an hour before Shelly had to get going.

The days flew by and I texted with Simon through them. He seemed like a typical, witty guy and even though Mark gave me a lot- of both action and girth- I was really looking forward to meeting Simon. As we met at a park near my place the weather was warm and I was wearing the same outfit I had when I met Jane the other day, and Simon had a t-shirt and cargo shorts and a very lovely smile. We bought ice cream (passion fruit for me, chocolate for Simon) and wandered aimlessly around park, the conversation flowing like we’d known each other forever. As the dusk fell we sat on a bench without a backrest but with a view over the city, watching as the sun set behind mountains and the light dimmed.


As the full moon shone brightly I shiver, as the wondered of my last date’s special feature crosses my mind. Simon misreads my shivers and uses them as a perfect opportunity to wrap his arm across my shoulders.

“No need to get cold, let me warm you up” he says and squeezes me close to him. I smile and cuddle happily to him. He starts stroking my arm and it sends tingles down my spine.

“Looks like we’re alone. Is the park often so quiet in the night time?” He asks, peering to the area behind us.

“There’s usually more people around, but there’s a music festival going on downtown and it clearly takes it’s toll. I guess most of the usual park dwellers opted for some partying instead.”

He nods and moves his hand to the side of my neck, caressing lightly. The tension in my body melts away and I feel the lust raising. He places his hand gently to my jaw and kisses me- tentatively at first, then more intensely. I’m doing my part as eagerly and feel his hand wandering to my waist and hips. And then to my breasts. And my thighs. All at the same time. My eyes widen as I pull away trying to grasp what’s happening.

“What- how-”

“Steady now my little witch, everything’s fine” Simon answers in a velvety voice.

“Witch? What are you talking about?” I haven’t told him anything about being a witch- I never tell.

“You don’t have to hide with me Cherry, I’ve know from the start what you are. And your secret is safe with me, I have no intention of telling anyone.”

“But how- and what’s with the hands?”

“I’m a magical creature just like you. And these hands are- if you don’t mind- quite handy” Simon grins and I feel one of the hands mentioned dive between my tighs. I gasp- the audacity on this one! And then I gasp again- audacity AND the skill, apparently. His fingers move slowly on top of my pants teasing my clitoris. One of his hands (how many are there?) moves from my waist towards my left breast, caressing it. A third arm joins in and fondles my right breast as Simon moves closer to me. Fourth arm draws circles to my inner tight, fifth arm follows my jawline with it’s fingers, sixth arm tangles itself to my hair and Simon’s kisses turn my doubts into muffled moans.

His fingers work swiftly and marvelously and before I know it I’ve soaked through my panties.

“What are you?” I pant as I take a small break.

As a reply he kisses me again and I suddenly I feel the cool evening breeze on my breasts. I pull free from the kiss whispering

“But what if someone sees us?”

“Would you like that?” Simon asks and stares into my eyes with a glimmer in his eyes. His fingers choose that particular moment to slip underneath my panties and I feel my concentration slipping.

“Hmm? I think you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmmno, of course not” I moan my eyes closed, as his fingers play with my right nipple, one hand gropes my left breast, and two hands explore my pussy inserting finger or two on their turn. He laughs.

“You’re such a terrible liar. You’d love to be exposed like this and you know it. I think you’re just the kind of slutty witch I prefer” he says and inserts his tongue on my mouth and four fingers to my cunt. After a while he pulls his head back and murmurs to my mouth:

“You’re soaked. Your pretty dress is soaked. Your lips are puffed, cheeks are flushed and the lust just floats around you. Even if you’d leave now everyone on your way would see what a slut you are.”

One more finger joins the party downstairs.

“You’re clearly enjoying yourself. So why don’t you just give in to the hunger and embrace it?”

I can’t think clearly with his fingers slowly penetrating my pussy and then retreating, only to repeat it again and again. My legs are spread, my breathing is heavy and my boobs are completely exposed.

“Now I’m going to stand up and when I do, you’ll lay down, open your mouth and suck my cock as it would be the sweetest thing you’ve ever tasted.”

I bit my lip, smile and nod. Obediently I lay down on my back, lick my lips, open my mouth and push my tongue out.

Simon positions himself over me and penetrates my mouth. This position is a gigantic turn-on for me and as he focuses on fucking my mouth I slowly hike my hems higher. The shear thrill of being exposed like this in a park where anyone could see me, yet alone being facefucked by a guy who seems to know my kinks and uses them very skillfully is almost enough to make me cum.

“No you won’t”, says Simon and stops mid-thrust. He pinches my nipple.

“You are not allowed to cum until I give you permission. Do I make myself clear?”
He pinches again. I answer as clearly as one can with a cock in their mouth and Simon thrusts his whole dick in my mouth and smiles.

“Now that’s a good little slut. If you behave nicely you’ll get your orgasm tonight, I can guarantee that.”

My eyes roll backwards and I force myself to grab the sides of the bench so intensely that my nails sink into it’s wooden surface. I pace my breathing to Simon’s pushes, let my mouth relax and just enjoy the ride. Simon holds my head with two hands, my chin with one as he plays with my nipples and gropes my breasts with another pair. I blissfully drift into the blowjob and focus on being a very fuckable hole meant just for Simon. As he penetrates my mouth over and over again my jaw relaxes and he can push his entire length to my throat. The whole concept of deep-throating has intrigued me ever since I heard about it, but never before have I been able to take in the whole thing without violently gagging- until now. Simon’s dick slides deep down and my nose sinks into his pubic hair as I slip into a state where everything else looses meaning and there is only this wonderful, amazing cock in my welcoming mouth. I forget all about our surroundings, and common decency vanishes entirely from my vocabulary. Somewhere outside my happy little blowjob-bubble I hear Simon’s heavy breathing and feel his hands work their magic on my boobs.

I have completely lost track of time when Simon picks up the pace. His dick gets even harder and his breathing becomes rapid, and then finally he grunts, pushes his whole length into my mouth and loads an impressive amount of cum to my throat. I swallow it all. Simon withdraws his dick just enough to give me room to breathe but leaves most of it in my mouth. I lick and suck it as it pumps the last of his load and slowly starts to soften.

I come to realize the situation- I lay there on the bench, with my tits and pussy all bare and available, with a dick in my mouth, and I feel reckless, horny and oddly powerful. Simon’s breath settles as his dick softens. He plays with my boobs gently, slowly, occasionally pinching my nipples.

“You’re such a good little slut. That was an amazing blowjob, truly a work of art”,
Simon says. I give his limp dick a gentle suck in response and he moans quietly.

“It’s almost a shame you haven’t turned this into a highly profitable career. Imagine, you could just suck dicks as much as you’d like and men would fight over the privilege of paying you for it.”

My eyes roll backwards and my pussy pulses just for someone suggesting something like that. Simon laughs.

“Oh that turns you on doesn’t it? You like the thought of sucking random dicks and getting paid for it too? Like a good little slut does?”

I wriggle underneath him and suck and lick his soft cock with passion. He laughs again with this low voice of his and says

“Oh you’re a treasure aren’t you. And so keen on pleasing too. Suck me hard again and I might just fuck you somewhere before I allow you to cum.”

I give a muffled, willing moan and focus on the dick in my mouth. It stays limp for a while and then I feel it slowly stiffen again. There’s nothing else that feels like this- a lovely erection forming inside my mouth, reaching all the way to my throat. Simon stays still and enjoys the moment and I move my tongue along his shaft as well as I can under the circumstances. Just when it’s getting a bit uncomfortable to breathe with the whole, immobile length of his cock he pulls it out. I gasp for air, already missing the feeling of just succumbing to his needs.

Simon stands up and stretches his body. His dick glistens in the moonlight and stand up nice and tall in front of him. He grins and helps me up with a few of his hands. My legs are all wobbly, lips feel swollen and my pussy’s practically dripping with lust.

“Of dear, you seem absolutely spent. I think it’s best if we just take things slow and sit down for a bit to admire the view”, says Simon and sits on the bench.

Before I have time to go through all the confused and frustrated feelings about the turn of events- I mean he DID just fuck my face vigorously and compliment my skills and apparently NOW it’s time for chilling out- he grabs my hips and nonchalantly places me on his lap. On to his dick. Which slides effortlessly in my soaking pussy, on a one, determined push. It takes me by surprise- I did NOT see that coming. I let out a small sound, a combination of a gasp and sharp inhalation. Simon cuddles me like there’s nothing odd about this situation. He adjusts himself a bit, holding a pair of hands on my hips so I won’t fall.

“There. Much better. We can enjoy the view and you can just rest for a while.”
Simon says and brushes my hair from the right side of my neck.

“Are you- are you serious?” I stutter.

“Shhh. Just enjoy the view.” He answers.

I taste his cum in my mouth. I feel how sore my lips are. I have his dick inside me and now, apparently, we are enjoying the view.

I begin moving my hips tentatively. Simon tuts.

“Oh my, what are we going to do with you? Such impatience. You’re not going to get a permit of cumming tonight if you misbehave.”

I groan with frustration- it’s easy for him to talk, I just sucked him a lovely orgasm. I could stand up and walk home to my trusted army of dildos and play with myself.

“And yet you stay.”

My eyes widen.

“Are you reading my mind?”

“Shhh. Enjoy the view.”

He brushes my hair with one hand. I sigh and steady my breath. The soft summer wind blows by my nipples and leaves them yearning for touch. One of Simon’s hands starts stroking my inner thigh. Two of them claim my tits, groping them gently. One hand finds my labia and trails it’s moist folds. And everything happens in an agonizingly slow, gentle and frustrating pace, with Simon completely in control of things. I’m giving in and letting myself to be his plaything, just as I did before when he was fucking my orally. His hands get a bit more demanding, groping harder, moving faster, giving a bit more pressure on the touch. But still, his dick remains still, like I’d be sitting on a dildo mounted on a bench. As he adds more strength to his moves his fingers sink into my thigh and boobs with force. They grope and pinch and are bound to leave marks. They grab my hair, holding my head still. They move from my labia to my clitoris and when my pussy tightens around his dick he stops all movement and mutters to my ear

“Oh no little witch. You have no permission to cum yet. Tonight you are mine to play with, aren’t you?”

I whimper and nod.

“Say it.”

I close my eyes. I’m probably gonna regret this but what the hell.

“I’m yours to play with tonight.”

“And you’re not allowed to cum until I say so.”

I bite my lip and force my pussy to relax. I’m so gonna regret this.

“I’m not allowed to cum until you say so.”

“Wonderful. I knew you’d behave eventually”, he says and I can hear the smile in his voice. His hands begin moving again and this time when one of them reaches my clitoris I’m prepared and instead of following my urges I sink into some kind of subspace where good little sluts get played with. And he surely does. I’m going crazy with lust and just want to beg him to fuck me but instead I sit still, floating in my heat and be his plaything.

As I embrace my role he starts lifting me up and down slowly. I stare in the city lights without registering any of them. His hands are strong and they’re everywhere. He penetrates me with force until he stops promptly. He places one finger in front of my mouth to tell me to be quiet. Then I hear it too.

People talking.

“Come on mister Buttons, you don’t need to sniff every tree in this park.”

Oh holy fuck. I know that voice. It’s my neighbor with his annoying tiny dog. Of course they just happen to pass this particular spot in the whole park. I feel Simon grinning against my neck.

“Just play along”, he whispers to my ear.

He turns me a little sideways on his lap so it looks like we’re just a regular couple having a sweet moment in the summer evening.

Mister Buttons growls. Simon makes tiny movements with his dick and I’m on the verge of not giving a single fuck about who sees me being screwed in public. Simon gently presses my head to his shoulder.

“Oh mister Buttons, there’s a young couple there, we are imposing their privacy. Come along now. How wonderful that the romance isn’t dead in this modern world..”

He babbles on and as they walk further his voice eventually drifts away.

“You did well there”, compliments Simon as he rocks me in his lap, his dick sliding in and out of my pussy without resistance.

“It seems that the park isn’t that secluded as we thought. Might be a good idea to keep a better eye on the possible intruders, don’t you think?”
He says, grabs me tightly, raises up, walks to the other side of the bench and sits down.

“That’s better. Now we can see if anyone comes.”

And now anyone can also see me, cheeks flushed and being fucked.

At this point I just don’t care. Simon continues to fuck me slowly and the subspace swallows me. When he lifts me up and positions my eager body as he wishes, I end up with my belly on the bench, knees hanging on the air wide aside and tits flowing over the other side. Simon kneels behind me and pushes four fingers in my pussy.

“You are delightfully wet. Very good.”

He adds a fifth fingers. I have no idea how that’s efficient but in they go.

“And very welcoming too.”

He fucks me with his fingers for a while and then switches to his dick. My gasps pace with his pushes and the only thing I focus in is not cumming.

Then the haze of being a plaything is pierced by another human voice. A male, adult, talking on a phone.

“So how about it? Would you like me to come over now that I’m in town?”

A booty call. He’s making a booty call. And then he sees us.

“- hold on. I have to call you back in a minute.”

He ends to call and stares at us. Then he takes a tentative step towards us. And another, until he stands quite close. Simon has fucked me all this time.

“Is.. is everything alright?”

The stranger ask, his voice more hoarse than before.

“Superb, thanks mate”

Answers Simon between thrusts. The whole situation is completely absurd.


“Mm-hm” is the only thing I can muster.

The stranger adjusts his dick that just went full boner. Simon notices and asks him

“She’s wonderful isn’t she?”

“Mm-hm” says the stranger, unable to remove his eyes from me.

“Would you like to sample those breasts while you’re at it?”

“Could I? Miss?”

“Oh she’s ok with it aren’t you love.”

“Mm-hm” I answer, which is apparently the only sound I know.

The stranger sits awkwardly on the ground and touches my boob shyly. Simon slows his pace a bit to give the newcomer some workspace. The man in question grows bolder and starts groping. He lays on the ground so he’s right underneath my tits and I see him open his zipper and pulling his cock out. He starts stroking his cock and pinching my nipples. The sense of humiliation overwhelms me- how could a promising date turn into this? And more over- why am I enjoying this so immensely?
Simon leans over and whispers in my ear;

“Because you’re such a good and obedient girl.”

And yet again I melt into a puddle of lust freely at his use.

“Good work mate. How did you like them?”

“Perfect. Just perfect” the stranger answers with breathy voice. “Could I, you know, could she-” he tries to ask, pointing at his erection and my mouth.

“Sorry mate, not this time. Go and make that phone call and save your hard-on to that lucky lady” Simon says to my surprise. I was certain he’d allow full use of
my body but instead he chose otherwise.

“Oh man, not even a tip?”

The wondered of a guy masturbating into my mouth while another fucks me from behind is unbearably hot. I open my mouth instantaneously.

“No can do. Maybe some other time.”

The stranger groans and gropes my boobs for the last time before getting up. He looks longingly at me when he struggles his dick back into his pants, zips up and walks away. I hear as he repeats his booty call, now with a more commanding and rough manner:

“I want you and I want you now. I’m going over, get undressed.”

Simon laughs, reaches down to my clitoris, starts toying with it and picks up the pace. His breath quickens and soon I feel him unloading his cum inside me for the second time. He pants and holds me close, all sweaty and hot. Slowly he pulls his dick out of my pussy, a bit of his cum leaking out to my inner thighs.

“Now is your turn. Lay on the bench and use your fingers. You can clean me up at the same time.”

I obey his instructions. Soon I’m in the position, my mouth eagerly open and my fingers ready. Simon leans over me, pushes his softening dick in my mouth and says

“You have my permission to cum.”

His cock tastes like cum and my pussy and I lick it like my life depends on it. My fingers begin rubbing my clitoris and all the bottled up lust turns into a mind-melting orgasm. I let out an animalistic yawl which is luckily muffled by Simon’s dick. He laughs and says

“Such a good little slut.”

Later on we cuddle on the bench, his fingers idly playing with my nipples and sinking into my pussy now and then. A wondered arises in my mind and I ask

“Did the stranger see your hands?”

“Only two of them. I can hide them from sight quite easily.”

He inserts three fingers in my pussy and pulls them away. I continue

“Why didn’t you let him fuck my mouth? I’m just confused- you had just told me how it’s a shame that I don’t give blow jobs to some randos and then you deny it.”

“I told you before- you’re mine tonight to do as I please. You can go around and suck cocks any other night if you wish but tonight you’re all mine.”
Simon says an inserts four fingers. I gasp and mutter

“What are you Simon”

“I’m someone with a wonderful plaything” he says and gently leads my head towards his dick.

NSFW: yes

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