Drunk in the Movie Hall

Him: I have never heard about a virgin who is so good at swallowing

Her: But you took the picture of the hymen being broken.

Him: Yeah I am not saying that you were not virgin

Her: Then what do you mean to say?

Him: I just wonder how come you swallowed. Most girls probably cannot do it even after multiple times. But you did it the first time. How?

Her: Hehe… I dunno.

Two people were talking in low voice sitting alone in the entire back-row of a cinema hall watching a movie. It had been about 2 weeks since they first had sex. The girl had found the perfect man who liked her for who she was, understood her deeply and was respectful of her wishes. The guy had gotten (in his words) the perfect girl not just by figure but also by attitude. It was a rare combination.

I am of course writing about myself and my boss. We both were super excited after the first sex and except P no one else knew. Sir suggested that we do not spend too much time or else because of the excitement we both have, it might be too obvious for others to guess about things. So to spend some time together, we had come out on a date at a mall with a movie show mixed in. We did it on a weekday so that no one in my home gets suspicious. I already knew that boys sometimes do want to touch a girl in a movie theater. I was a bit afraid too (about what if the theater is crowded) but it wasn’t (thanks to it being a weekday).

The movie had run about 10 minutes and neither of us had an idea what the story was. In the beginning it was the anticipation on my end – waiting for a touch and he was being hesitant about what I might think about this setting. We hadn’t discussed about what we would do in the movie hall. I guess we both wanted to do something and movie was not at all a focus. And this conversation is how he had started. He wanted to know why I was not repulsed by his cum on the first day.

I told him that I had read about the taste factor before the sex and that I had read about a lot of what all happens so I was ready. He still wanted to know how it was that I just did not feel repelled. So I told him the secret. After it was sure to me that the taste and smell was not too good but guys wanted it a lot, I wanted to make sure that on the day it happened, I don’t puke up. So I ordered a herbal juice trendy for its health advantages and more importantly its extremely bitter taste. I started taking it everyday in the name of health advantages but I was actually training myself to take in the cum without puking. I did that for at least 2 weeks before we did it!

He was intensely looking at me in whatever light that was getting reflected off the movie screen. He said… you really wanted me that much? I said… yeah and I still do. I felt his hand on my thigh. I knew what was coming. I separated my legs by very little. His hands were reaching for the love-point. I too wanted someone else’s hands to touch it while I just enjoyed the sensation. I slouched a little bit, closed my eyes, relaxed my head resting at the head-rest. My legs opened up just a little as the excitement was going, the air conditioning started failing at cooling and sweats were on my face.

My left hand automatically went towards his crotch area which now had a tent. I grabbed it lightly and started playing. I was enjoying the feeling. He was too. With time my jeans was unbuttoned. My hand was in his jeans and his was in mine. He was enjoying my wetness (not too much wetness though) and I was liking the feeling of skin sliding over a very hard material.

We both were controlling the super-difficult-to-control urges and just playing with each other. We had no idea that we had been doing that since an hour. I had been looking at him since some time. I noticed that his eyes were half open, the eyes had gone up and his body was more like vibrating. I had half the idea about what was ‘cuming’.

I asked him if he was gonna cum. He said… yeah… and I was worried he will wet himself again creating an embarrassment for both of us. So I unzipped fast and took it out from the zip. It was leaking with precum. I held on the balls from over the jeans using the right hand and pressed very lightly. I knew it was the right time given the moans.

My mouth surrounded his dick and in about 20-30 seconds hot cream shot in my mouth. I stroked it a bit again and extracted that last drop of cum too from his thing. With the cum still in my mouth I very carefully removed my mouth from around his dick. His dick was mostly dry but I had a mouthful.

He said… “did you really take it all!? you are an angel!”

I nodded and smiled. He was a little surprised and asked “still in mouth?”

I opened my mouth carefully to show him his juices in my mouth without letting it fall outside the mouth.

And then I gulped it.

And I opened my mouth to show it to him too. He wanted to kiss me. But i felt a bit gross. I went out to clean my mouth. Came back to the theater to discover him sitting calmly with peace in his eyes.

We didn’t do much more on that day and went back to our homes. It was absolutely hot for me to have done what I did that day. Of course he had released but I had only been aroused. Do I need to tell what I did after reaching home or can you gonna imagine me naked and fingering myself without being told? 😉

NSFW: yes

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  1. nilay_0298

    Wow the most wonderful part in this story is this is a NON FICTION. 2nd best part is how you swallowed.

    I experienced something like that for the first time in a movie hall. I still remember ki usne mere haath pakad ke apni jeans mein daal diya. I was feeling her wet panty this was the first time for me. I quickly removed my hand from there and smelled that sticky juice and tasted it. The smell was so so good like really good but the taste was not that.

    Usne fir se haath pakda aur iss baar seedha panty ke andar daal diya. The first time was placing my hand on her pussy. It was a little hot inside or maybe my heartbeat was up. Mein first time kr rha tha yeh sb kuch idea nhi. I started rubbing her pussy with my index finger. She laughed a little.

    Fir usne purey apne pair failaye aur apne pair aur thighs chaudi kari. Aur meri index finger aur middle finger ko leke andar daal diya in her pussy hole, and started rubbing continuously. Though she was quite shy in real life but that day damnnnnn.

    Aur mera toh poochho mat underwear tight ho gyi thi puri she removed my belt. And made my cock out after some time. She smiled a bit looking at it. And then she holded it firmly it was so tight. I still remember 10-12 strokes kiye honge usne bss I ejaculated. It was so damn embarrassing lol. But yeah that was my first movie hall experience.

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