Diaries do not lie – Part 6 The Games We Play (Chris)

The boundaries between Alex and Chris continue to shift. Chris certainly enjoyed Alex’s blowjob, but what’s next?

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Chris diary (excerpts)


When Alex visited me tonight, I wondered I was dreaming at first. The way she stood in front of me. Her breasts right in front of my face, her nipples visibly showing her arousal. Then the thong that showed more than it covered. Only when she pulled down my shorts, I was sure to be awake. Her hands tenderly played around my cock and her lips caressed my head and her tongue hit just all the right spots. As a result, I would moan loudly. Alex took this as an invitation to suck my cock. This in combination with her hand made me cum in no time at all. I shot my cum into her mouth and was amazed to discover that she swallowed it all, only a small drop ran down her chin. Alex stood up and wiped the drop from her chin, licked it off, put her T-shirt back on and left. I would have loved to return the favor, first of all her pussy looked totally hot and secondly she smelled incredibly exciting. With the wondered of licking her, I finally fell asleep.

Today I was the first to wake up and already made breakfast. Alex and Mark’s kitchen had a hatch and I could see the dining table from the kitchen. Alex came into the kitchen and greeted me. She was wearing a short kimono. When she bent down I saw her little thong. She picked up some fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. I approached from behind. And whispered a “thank you for yesterday” in her ear and continued “I would return the favor when I get a chance”. Alex nodded. I stroked her ass and when Alex then thrust her ass towards me, I grabbed her pussy from behind. She moaned and spread her legs a little aside. “Don’t, Mark is about to come down” she whispered. When my index finger felt how wet she was I went full risk. I crouched behind her, spread her butt cheeks aside and licked her first left and then right along the hem of her thong before pushing it apart and dragging my tongue deep through her slit. She tasted divine and her scent blew my mind.

At that moment I heard Mark coming down the stairs. I quickly stood up and wiped her juices from my mouth. Alex looked at me accusingly, adjusted her underwear and finished preparing her smoothie. Mark sat down at the table and was happy to see the table was set. I took the coffee pot from the kitchen, covered my hard-on with it and sat down with Mark. He was in a really good mood again. When I asked him about his good mood, he happily admitted that Alex woke him up every night and that they had great sex. He speculated that Alex had been inspired by my Tinder dates. At that moment, Alex came out of the kitchen and turned bright red.

“Speaking of Tinder,” Mark commented. “What’s going on with you? You haven’t met anyone in days”. I noticed how I was blushing. Spontaneously I developed a plan. I told him that tonight I finally had a date again, and I would therefore need the car later. I apologized to Alex that I could not go running with her and asked her to go running alone. I gave her a wink. I suggested that she walk the same route as at all times.

The day flew by, especially because I whispered to Alex at every opportunity that presented itself to me, how good she had tasted this morning and how I wanted more.

Around five, I grabbed a picnic blanket and headed out. At the next corner I stopped and waited for Alex. If she understood my hint, she should come by at any moment.

NSFW: yes

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