Meeting Lilith – Erotic Horror

This story is a work of erotic fiction intended for adults 18+.

All characters, names and events are fictional and are from the imagination of the author or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to businesses, organizations, events, people or persons living or dead is completely coincidental. This work contains sexual acts, group sex, adult language, adult situations, adultery, same-sex acts of sex and subjects not intended for underage audiences. All characters are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. If this is not the type of story you wish to read, please browse to another story.

Meeting Lilith

I lay in bed listening while the darkness enveloped everything around me. For years, I had periods of time between asleep and awake, when I was unable to move. The doctors called it sleep paralysis. When I told them that I often awoke in a cold sweat screaming, fighting something that wasn’t in my room, felt confused and as if I was not alone in my room, they called it night terrors. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and placed on antipsychotics.

I had consulted with mediums, parapsychologists, exorcists and occultists to understand if I was being plagued by something not of the mortal realm. Everyone wanted payment but not one helped. I had the house blessed time after time. I finally said enough was enough and decided to just live with whatever was happening to me.

Tonight, though was different. An anonymous letter arrived this morning in the postal mail inviting me to a Sleep Paralysis Support Group. At first, I took it as some scam but after thinking about it and not finding anything online, I decided to check it out.

The group was being held in a strip mall not far from my house. The store front had once been a Radio Shack but had been sitting empty ever since the electronic store had gone out of company.

I knew some odd was up the moment I stepped through the door. Incense and aromatic aromas filled the air. A woman in a gypsy looking dress with veils hanging from various spots on the dress. There was a table set up in the center of what had been the showroom floor. Chairs were placed in a circle around the table. The electric lights were off and candles lit the area.

“Please come in and have a seat. Madam Margo will be starting shortly,” A man in a gray robe said, gesturing with his hand to a seat behind the gypsy woman.

The chairs were almost all full, except a few scattered about the room. I took my seat and waited. Across the circle from me sat a man in his late sixties to early seventies from the look of him. He had a lengthy but well-kept beard and mustache. He had been looking around the room at the other attendees but as soon as I sat down, his eyes focused on me. Instead of feeling weirded out, I felt nothing. Not like I didn’t feel scared or even calm, I didn’t feel anything.

As soon as the group began, Madam Margo spoke to the group.

“I see we have a few new faces. Excellent. Before we get started, as those of you that have been to the group before, the first group session is free. Any additional groups are twenty dollars. Private meetings are a hundred and fifty. Shall we begin?” Madam Margo said.

A slight breeze entered the room as Madam Margo appeared to go into some type of trance. The candles flickered and a few went out. An eerie light appeared around Madam Margo but I could see that it was obviously a light shining down from the rafters.

“I see one here is under spiritual attack. Beware, the succubus will visit you for three nights before leaving you to seek another. But she will return within a fortnight to feast upon your soul for another three nights. This has been how she has feed for many years and will continue to feed. Only by charms and enchantments can you ward her off,” Madam Margo said in a heavy throaty voice.

She coughed and shook her head as if awakening from a dream. I watched as those around me were all attentive and hung on her every word. That’s except myself and the man that had not ceased staring at me, as if studying me.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I shook my head and got up out of the chair. I started for the door and the man in the robe intercepted me.

“Sir, you must remain throughout the support group or you may break the enchantments Madam Margo has put into place. You are endangering the others if you leave now,” The man said.

“I don’t have tie for this BS,” I told him and pushed past him, out into the night air.

I hadn’t notice anyone follow me out of the store front until I started to get into my car. The guy that had been studying me, approached me. The security light on the pole next to my car oddly flickered and went out.

“Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice that you are disturbed,” The man said in a heavy old European accent.

“Hey, dude. I heard enough inside. You can’t sell me on any charms, enchantment or potion,” I told him as I pulled my door open.

“Madam Margo is a charlatan. She a fake and steals from the weak minded. I am but a humble traveler that goes where he is led. I believe I was led here tonight to give you a warning,” The man told me.

“Ok, what is the warning?” I sarcastically asked.

“The succubus doesn’t visit for three days and then returns after fourteen to feed again. Once a succubus has attached itself to you, on you alone will it feed until you are too weak to go on or strong enough to drive it away,” The man said.

“And how can I be strong enough to drive it away?” I humored him.

“By standing up to it. Besides what many believe, a succubus is neither male or female even though they label a female as succubus and a male ass an incubus,” The man said.

“Neither female nor male? How is that and how can I stand up to it?” I asked, my skepticism waning.

“You must fight sleep at the height of the evening when the darkness of the night is strongest. That time is 12:59 a.m. If you are able to confront it when it appears, you can command it to leave you in peace. As long as you are awake but the succubus perceives that you are asleep, you will have the upper hand,” The man explained.

“What if I can’t command it to leave?” I asked the man.

“The only reason you won’t be able to command it to leave is that you want it to stay,” The man said. “This is a very dangerous undertaking. If you subjugate the succubus, you could bring upon yourself the wrath of Lilith, the cursed first woman and the mother of all demons.” The man said.

“I can subjugate a succubus?” I was enthralled by this revelation.

“Do not tread where you are not welcomed,” The man said before turning around and began to walk off into the darkness.

“How would one subjugate a succubus?” I called after him.

“There is only one way. You must dominate it at the moment it is about to begin feeding,” The man’s voice came from out of the darkness. “You must make it love you. Once it loves you, you must seal the Hellspring in your basement.”

I returned to my home. I don’t know if this will help but I have read that demons attach themselves to people or objects. I once had an exorcist come to my home. She had said that my house has a Hellspring in my basement where demons pass between the supernatural realm and our mortal realm. She had given me several odd stones from the Holy Land and said to place them around the well that was the physical manifestation of the Hellspring in my basement. I had taken the stones and placed them in a drawer, not believing what she had told me. Now this stranger was telling basically the same thing.

I rushed back to my house. I found the stones and placed them in the nightstand next to my bed. I called the Coast Guard time line to get the exact time to put it on the clock sitting on my night stand. I lay down to await the coming of my nightly visitor. I dosed off several times, awakening with a begin each time. I looked towards my clock. 12:55 a.m. I allowed myself to partially dose off but I kept my mind working as I counted down the minutes and seconds.

At exactly 12:59 a.m. a feel of paralysis over took my body. This time it was different. This time I was able to move my right thumb slightly. My room was dark before but now the darkness felt as if it were alive. Out of the darkness, a shadow drifted about my room as the specter it was.

“Hello, my sweet. I’m back. Did that support group help you? I think not. There is no power to drive me away. Deep down, you called for me. Deep down, your desired me. Deep down, you lust after me. You are mine, forever and always.” I heard a soft feminine voice come out of the darkness.

I lay perfectly still as if I were paralyzed. I felt its weight at the foot of my bed.

“You called me. I own you now, that is the agreement. Your very essence and soul are mine to feed upon. I will never leave you until you are nothing but the husk of the man you once were,” I heard its voice as it moved slowly up my bed, over my legs to stop over my groin.

“This is the payment I will extract every night. Three drops of your sperm on my tongue. Three drops on my breasts. Three drops in my slit,” The voice said.

Through half opened eyes I could finally see the creature clearly. She was gorgeous. She was beautiful. She was naked. She had long, black hair flowed down her back over her bare ass and a tail that protruded from just above her coccyx. The bat like wings hovered over her back, ready to take flight at the first sign of threat. Her breasts were enormous mounds of delicious flesh. Her slit rubbed against my left calf, her skin feeling rough against my skin. I could feel the hairiness of her slit. I felt its clawed fingers pulling my underwear down to expose my manhood.

My clock switched to 12:59 a.m. The succubus bent forward to start feeding. I decided at that moment to strike. I sat up rapidly, my arms encircling the succubus. Pulling her face up to mine and holding it tight. I grabbed its long hair to hold it in place as it thrashed about to escape. I pressed my lips against its lips, hard and commanding. I forced my tongue into its mouth, feeling its long pointy, split tongue. I pulled it closer to me, lining up its slit with my exposed manhood. It fought, clawing at me to release it.

“Let me go. I will eat your soul for this,” It screamed, forcing my head away from it. “Release me now!”

I lifted my ass off the mattress as I pulled it down, impaling it on my rigid manhood. All thrashing ceased. Her eyes, once crimson red, were now bright blue. She tried to move but I held her. I began lifting my ass up as I drove into her before pulling almost all the way out. I repeat the motions all the while holding her tight.

After several up and down, in and out movements, it softened against me, relaxing into me. It dropped its head to my shoulder and began to kiss my neck. I eased my hold on it, to test if it was feigning submission or if it would begin to fight once more. To my delight, it remained against my chest, its lips on my neck, softly kissing.

I rolled, taking it with me until I had it pinned to the bed on its back. I impaling it once more on my manhood. I reached over and turned the bedside table lamp on. Beneath me lay a gorgeous woman. Her long black hair spread out over my pillows. Her bright blues eyes gazed up at me with adoration and love. Her breasts heaved as I began sliding in and out of her. Her skin was silky soft. I touched her cheek with a hand and she covered mine with hers.

Then I realized something I hadn’t expected. I was looking down at her as she was looking up at me. I had to admit it to her and myself.

“I love you,” I told her and I really meant it.

“I love you, too.” She replied.

I made slow passionate love to her until the sun came up. By the time the sun was streaming through the window, the deed had been done. I had subjugated the succubus and made her love me. The best part was that I loved her in return. We lay in bed all day, just holding one another.

“I have never seen the sun come up before,” she told me. “I have lived my entire existence in the dark.”

“We will have many more mornings to wake up to,” I told her.

“I love you with all that I am. I will never leave you. I am yours for now and forever,” she told me.

“What is your name?” I asked.


I kissed Anna, unashamed of what I had done nor that I loved her.

I awoke suddenly from a peaceful dream. Anna lay on my arm, her head and left arm on my chest as snuggled against my side. I smiled at her gorgeous face. I was content for the first time in a very long time. Her breathing was like a soft purring sound.

I had offered her a t-shirt to sleep in until we could buy her pajamas, but refused it. She said that she had never need a garment before, why would she need one now. Her rational was that as long as she was naked, I could make love to her at any time. I couldn’t argue with her logic, therefore I tossed my underwear apart and slept next to her naked as well.

I looked over at the clock. 12:58 a.m. It had been almost twenty-four hours since I had subjugated the love of my life and she had subjugated me in return. I hadn’t captured her. She had allowed herself to be captured. If she hadn’t fought as hard as she had, we would never have been together. Instead, I had won her entire essence by loving her before I subjugating her.

“Anna!” A booming feminine voice rocked the house to its foundation.

The voice came from the basement. I froze, trying to think then I remembered the stones. I pulled my arm from under Anna, awakening her. The voice boomed again calling Anna. I grabbed the stones from my night stand along with a flashlight and rushed to the basement, followed closely by Anna.

I tried to turn on the lights but they weren’t working. I switched on the flashlight and spotted the old well in the far corner of the basement. The lid was still in place but a mist was rising from around the edges. I handed Anna the flashlight as I started placing the rune stones around the edge of the well. As soon as I placed the last stone, the mist began to dissipate.

Anna moved close to me, wrapping her arms around me in fear.

“It’s ok. I’m here. Nothing will ever harm you as long as I am around,” I told her and she smiled up at me.

We walked back to our bedroom, still clinging to each other. We stopped just outside the bedroom door and kissed.

“I love you,” Anna told me.

“I love you,” I told her in return.

We kissed once more before moving into the bedroom. We froze a few steps from the bed.

“Hello, my lovelies.” A naked female sitting on the side of the bed greeted us.

The female did not appear as Anna had as a succubus. This female was completely physical and no misty shadow. She had large bat wings on her back and fangs. Her eyes were bright green but the irises were slits like a serpent’s. Her long black hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders to cover her breasts. Her forked tongue would occasional dart out of her mouth. Her long tail curled up into the air, flicking back and forth as a cat’s just before it pounces on its prey.

“Mother,” Anna said, a tinge of fear in her voice.

“Why have you not returned home, Anna? I was worried,” The female said.

I stepped forward, pushing Anna behind me, shielding her.

“She’s staying here. She wants to be with me. Leave her be,” I told the female.

“I like how you are trying to protect my little daughter but I am not here to harm her or you. I am here to feed,” The female said as she stood up and moved towards us.

I don’t know what came over me but I lunged forward. With my sudden reaction, the female was unable to react. My momentum carried us onto the bed where I pinned her to the mattress. My lips descended to hers as I forcibly kissed her. I felt Anna behind me, her delicate hands grasping my manhood. As I kissed the mother of the succubus, her daughter was lining up my manhood with her slit. When I felt the tip penetrate her slit, I put all my weight into forcing my manhood in.

The female went crazy with rage, slicing my chest with razor sharp claws and biting at me as I kissed her. I dropped my head to her neck and continued to kiss her. I was beginning a slow rhythm, pumping in and out. I felt Anna rubbing her demon mother between the legs and saw her head next mine. I kissed the demon mother’s neck as her daughter kissed her lips. It took longer to subjugate the demon mother than it did Anna but when the sun came up, the demon mother ceased all her struggling. She lay on the bed as I made slow love to her all the while her daughter was kissing her.

We sat at the kitchen table for lunch. I had prepared ham sandwiches for us and I was watching as the females slowly bit off a piece and chewed it as if it was the first time, they had never eaten something before. I looked lovingly at the two women.

“What is your name?” I asked the demon mother.

“I am called Lilith but you may call me yours,” Lilith said with a smile, looking from me to Anna, for we had subjugated the mother of all demons together and all together we were one.

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