Desire of the Day – Day 1 Part 2 [MF30+][POV][Coworker][Story] – Short Sex Story

[Part 1](

The hours drag on, interspersed with cig breaks and conversations with colleagues. It’s a very male environment, conversations generally shift to sports, video games, cult films and TV show discussions. It’s fun, and I partake where I can, but I’m constantly thinking of “when”.

On lunch break I stand outside hoping you’ll come out and we can chat again. Anything, purchase order requests, emails about supply issues, gossip about retirements, the weather. At this point I’m just hooked on speaking with you, but you don’t come. I console myself with cigarettes.

As my break ends I head back inside, as I do I see you walking out.

“Hey, where you off?” I ask as you approach.

You’ve ditched the jacket and bag, your dress sways around your legs as you walk. Smiling at me, looking into my eyes you say,

“sitting in my car for a bit, I’m just going on lunch now”.

My heart sinks. not that I could have known, but I should have waited and gone with you. ‘And done what? She’s not interested’ a voice in my head screams at me.

“Shame” I respond, “I’m heading back up”.

“Maybe next time?” you say as you pass and keep walking.

You seemed to move to brush against me but at the moment we’d meet I turned slightly out the way in politeness and I feel the air move in your wake. Heading back upstairs I collapse into my chair and overthink every detail. Did you intend to brush against me? What did you mean maybe next time? Why won’t this bloody computer work! I snap back to the task at hand and for a couple blessed hours I drown myself in my work.

At three pm I head down for another cig break to give my brain a chance to process a issue I’ve got. The solution seems close but I just can not connect the dots. On my way down the stairs I hear steps below me and you round the staircase and pause as you notice me.

“Cig break, stressed” I say, my brain whirling with work too much to think anything else.

“I’ll come with, fill you in on my issue” you say and as I get near, you turn on the spot and head for the door.

As the fresh air hits me I calm slightly and breathe in an exaggerated deep breath with my arms wide and say
“ahhh much better”.
We walk across the courtyard and stand in the rusty smoking shelter which, at this time of year, is almost completely covered by the horse chestnut trees’ leaves and branches. As I light up and let out a sigh you say,

“that smells nice, it’s been a year since I’ve had one”.

“oh well done” I say genuinely, “tastes good too”.

“Let me taste it” you say, looking intently.

“Are you sure?” I say as I cautiously raise my hand with the cigarette in it. Your eyes are locked onto mine with a small smile I take as “no, not the cig.”

My hesitation and nerves are clearly visible and you laugh saying “Only joking, I shouldn’t, it might make me want more”.

Again eyes locked on mine. I’m trying to work out if you mean cigarettes or more… me. I decide to go for the joking, but I’m hoping you see through it, response of,
“Huh, they always do”,
and pull a, what I hope is, exaggerated confidence stance with my eyes slightly squinted, my chin raised, hand on my hip.

You laugh but say nothing so I continue.

“So” I say in what I hope is a smooth tone, “what can I help you with milady?”.

“I’ll explain when we go in, it might take a while, have you got time?”.

“Sure,” I say, back in work mode, “how long?”.

“It might take us a few hours, do you need to rush home?” you query.

“No, all good”.

After a few more pleasantries we head back inside, I hold the door for you and we head to my desk. You grab a spare chair and pull it into position behind me at my desk and we start.

Over the next couple of hours we brainstorm, I tap away at my keys and you point at different items on my screen and occasionally lean close to take control of my mouse and keyboard, brushing my shoulder and swatting my hands apart as you do. As time passes you maneuver your chair next to mine so we’re both blocked in my small bay from moving. I can smell your perfume in the close proximity.

We stay late working away. There’s been lots of laughter, flirting and innuendo. It gets to where we’re one of the few left in the building.

As we work, our hands and legs occasionally brush one-another. At one point you lean forward to look closely at something on the screen and rest your chest on my hand as it holds the mouse. Maybe you don’t notice, maybe its intended. Neither of us let on.

As we get close to finishing work talk ebbs away. Looking at each other with a mixture of tiredness and ‘the unspoken thing’.

Nervous to make any move my hands shake. I hide the signs of an erection under the desk as I imagine what you’re thinking. I imagine your hand slowly sliding down my leg and resting on my crotch feeling my hard nob twitch in excitement through my pants.

But my imagination all the time gets the better of me.

Giving you excuses to look away I rearrange myself and stand up. You look a little deflated. I put my memory of your chest resting on my hand to one side. I then realise we’re alone. I point this out and as usual my a retort of,
“what we could get up to” I say cockily.

You laugh, as I partially intended, but give me a vibe of “not gonna happen”. Deflated I put any sexual thoughts apart again.

You’ve made your point.

As we head outside you hang around as I get my bike gear ready. You seem different but I don’t know why. I know what I hope the reason is, without believing it.

You half heartedly poise “fancy a drink?”

I agree and your face lightens up.

“Let’s go the Pub” you say, “follow me there?”.

“Sure” I respond enthusiastically.

As I wait for you to leave the car park I sit in an internal conflict. Is this a more serious invite or am I over thinking it? We leave the car park and turn towards the pubs direction.

As we travel my semi erect nob constantly rubs against the tank. Suddenly my phone rings through my helmet.

“Follow me, I just need to pick something up.”

I oblige, you hang up and we turn down a familiar street. As we go along I realise we joked about coming down here for ‘naughty time’ a few weeks ago. Before I know it you’ve turned down a disused path near an old abandoned derelict building and pulled up.

I pull in behind and see you looking at me in your mirror. A moment passes and you signal me. I dismount and approach the window,

“get in” you say.

A little confused, and jokingly commenting that you’re trying to steal me away for some fun, I get in. You seem very calm. I’m a bag of nerves.

You turn to me and say “I need to know”, before grabbing my shirt and pulling me towards you as you kiss me.

NSFW: yes

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